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Talos Energy has Strong Global Alliances to Enhance Energy Production

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Traditionally, one can assume that a successful business is one that is often humming along with huge sales, productive meetings as well as a series of presentations including PowerPoints and client calls. While all the stated aspects sound dandy, the core value of every successful business lies in teamwork. Without which, a company will be subjected to hard-pressure with the intention to produce results. Talos Energy has illustrated the value of collaboration in business.Talos Energy is a privately held oil and gas corporation that is manned by a team boasting of decades of experience in the exploration and production. Also, the company is an expert at acquiring operated shelf as well as developed deepwater assets within Mexico. After that, the exploration, then optimization takes place. What is more, the team applies innovative techniques to achieve excellent results.

Without a doubt, Talos Energy embraces teamwork to foster a cohesive group that focuses on exceptional service delivery. Prior to 2012 when the company was rebranded, the team built two significant Gulf of Mexico oil as well as gas companies; Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Company delivered noteworthy returns to their investors. Because of the cohesion at Talos Energy, the team is building a strong foundation for growth, world-class orientation in businesses and a strong dedication to environmental safety.Moreover, based on the solid foundation, the energy manufacturing company has strengthened its ties with international corporations.

One such alliance is between Talos and Stone Energy Corporation. The companies have been working hard to actualize the dreams of their investors by capitalizing on extensive and selective deep-sea explorations for healthy cash flows.First announced in late November, the managing directors for both companies accepted the all-stock transaction thereby creating a merger entity for the business. The partnership will operate under Talos Energy’s point of sale material. Moreover, the merger has a new ticker to symbolize the partnership. TALO is the name of the ticker, and it shall be included in the list on NYSE.Talos Energy commits to helping its clients meet their demand for energy through environment safety policies. The company upholds corporate social responsibility.

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Hussain Sajwani Welcomes Eric And Donald Trump Jr. To Daughter’s Wedding

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Amira Sajwani, the daughter of UAE tycoon and businessman Hussain Sajwani had a great celebration just a few weeks ago when she got married and had some of the finest foods served at the dinner and some of the most esteemed guests in attendance. Among those in attendance were members of the US’s first family including Donald Trump Jr’s family and his brother Eric’s family. The president, first lady and Ivanka did not make it, but still the Hussain Sajwani family was honored to have the two first sons there. Along with the celebrations and socializing at the wedding party, the Sajwanis and Trumps paid a visit to the Trump International Golf Club on its one-year anniversary and also took a look at the progress of the Trump World Resort.


Hussain Sajwani’s partnership with the Trump organization goes back a few years, but his DAMAC Properties portfolio goes way beyond the years he’s known President Trump. His first job after graduating from the University of Washington was directing contracts for Abu Dhabi’s National Oil Company. Sajwani then founded a catering company that served hotel chains and even the US military during the Gulf War. He started buying other companies like Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and Al Amana Building Supplies along with his private equity investments, and the revenue generated from that eventually led to the buyout of smaller hotels and eventually forming DAMAC.


Hussain Sajwani has made sure DAMAC Properties stays cash efficient and eliminates operating debt. The first property they built was an oceanside freehold housing lot known as Marina Terrace. But the first extraordinarily high luxury unit was DAMAC Tower which had designs inside done by the Versace and Bugatti companies. The Roberto Cavalli Group has also done several of his properties including DAMAC Hills around the Trump International Golf Club. The most magnificent project Sajwani has been bringing to completion is the DAMAC Maison in the middle of AYKON City by the Dubai Canal. Sajwani’s magnificent buildings and real estate acumen have won him many awards over the years such as Arabia’s Top CEO and his most recent “Real Estate Legend” award.

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Hussain Sajwani is an Excellent Role Model for Emerging Entrepreneurs

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Life is better and more comfortable when you are in charge of most of your activities. In business especially, life gets better when clients flock into the interface in search of products. While these are fundamental facts for entrepreneurs and their success, it is also factual that for an individual to succeed in business, he or she must face all the impending challenges head-on. There is no better individual to tell this story than Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner because for the years he has been in business, a lot of what he touched succeeded. More than that, he built an empire through his entrepreneurial networks. To understand his success story, let us highlight his early life and career journey.

Early Life

In 1954, two lovers gave life to a baby boy and named him Hussain Sajwani. The parents raised him in a modest family where responsibilities were often shared amongst themselves. Besides, his father owned a shop where he sold stationery and other items that were more relevant to men. While growing up, Hussain Sajwani closely worked with his father. Moreover, he looked up to him not only as a father but a role model in business. As such, the child who was a teenager at that moment drew leadership skills and managed to incorporate these skills into the same industry. Therefore, he had learned a lot about business at his tender age. For a person who grew up working with his father in a shop, it was only reasonable for him to aspire to be like his father. However, Sajwani the current DAMAC owner decided to pursue a sole proprietorship away from home. While this sounds easy when written, it was a difficult choice for him to make as his father partly relied on his son’s expertise to run the business while he retires.


Nevertheless, Sajwani insisted on pursuing his dreams by enrolling at a medicine school situated in Baghdad, his neighboring town. Of course, that was a blow to his father as he was meant to stay at home and run the shop.However, being a self-made man with dreams to chase, he focused more on the outcome rather than the impact of his decisions on his father.

The Career

Sajwani was studious. However, he dropped out of the school of medicine to pursue economics at the world-class Washington University. Moreover, he passed with honors and managed to secure a job at an oil and gas firm called GASCO where he worked as the credit manager.

The Outline of his Career

After working from GASCO for some time, the DAMAC owner decided to quit and start a business in food catering. His decision to start the business relied on extensive market research indicating that the business was more viable than others. While the DAMAC owner was hesitant at first, he garnered the courage to invest in the business. Luckily for him, it fetched millions that he used to establish DAMAC Properties.
Over the years, the DAMAC owner has displayed the value of staying on the right course of business even when facing challenges. Moreover, he has shared critical information on the importance of cultivating the virtue of patience and resilience.

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Sheldon Lavin: Award-Winning Executive, Loving Husband And Father And Commited Philanthropist

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Global food processing giant the OSI Group’s CEO Sheldon Lavin has enjoyed the type of sustained business success many people only dream about. Since earning degrees in accounting and finance, Lavin spent years as a banker, built a successful accounting firm and transformed the Chicago based meat market Otto & Sons into a leader in the global food industry. He has done this while being a loving, attentive husband and father and creating policies and procedures that have led him to win awards for environmental management, worker safety and food quality. Sheldon Lavin has lived an amazing life.

Lavin’s consistent and determined work recently led the World Vision Academy to choose him for their Global Visionary award. He is a fitting choice because few business executives can match the achievements Sheldon Lavin has attained. When he took over at the OSI Group 40 years ago, the company was providing prime cuts of meats for supermarkets and restaurants in the Midwestern United States and processing meat patties for McDonald’s. Under Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group has expanded its reach and is now serving customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

Growing the OSI Group has required vision, innovation and a deep understanding of the many different markets the company now serves. Sheldon Lavin has been able to work with a vast array of foreign governments, international suppliers and customers each with their unique needs and desires. Plus, he has been able to keep his workforce of over 20,000 happy by creating some of the most thoughtful and generous benefits packages seen in any industry. Add the warm, loving, family atmosphere he has maintained throughout the OSI Group even as they have become a global company and it’s easy to understand why Lavin receives lots of praise, adulation, accolades and awards.

Just as impressive as his work as a business executive is Sheldon Lavin’s activities as a philanthropist. For decades he has supported charitable organizations of all kinds throughout the U.S. and worldwide. His work with Rush University Medical Center, where he serves as general trustee, and the years he spent with the Fish & Wildlife Foundation as its director, are just two examples of his commitment to sharing his time talent and energy. Lavin has also given generously to Ronald McDonald House Charities, the United Negro College Fund, several Jewish organizations and the Boy & Girls Club of Chicago.

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ClassDojo Helps with the Overall Learning and Development of Students

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The education system has undergone tremendous change in the past decades. With modernization, the need for future skills by employers has also changed. It is the reason why schools today are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their students are well versed with new technology and develop skills that will be useful for them in the future. The truth is that the burden of teaching is on the teachers and it is the reason why using edtech products have become increasingly beneficial for them. In the last decade, the demand for such edtech products has been on the rise. It is essential for teachers and school to pick edtech products such as ClassDojo that will help the students prepare for success.

ClassDojo is a user-friendly tool that helps teachers assess the students and also be in regular contact with the parents. Constant supervision helps the students in getting better grades. When teachers and parents can identify the problems that the children are facing, it becomes easier for them to start intervention to improve the situation. ClassDojo helps teachers give points for good work and can deduct points for bad behavior to every student profile created on the platform. The parents are free to open the app at any time and see how their children are doing in school. It allows students to be responsible for their actions in class and make them more pro-active.

ClassDojo is one of the few edtech that wants to bring ground-up change in the education system. Instead of forcing the students to learn, it aims to make the education system not just fun but also responsible. One of the features that schools and teachers look for in edtech products is the way they can use for the benefit of the students. ClassDojo is quite easy to use and allow the teachers to make assessment reports in minutes without wasting much time. Teachers can also send messages to the parents regarding their child’s performance in school helping in creating a positive culture. It has led to a decline in the number of appointments that parents make to meet with the teachers at school.

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Why Do People Prefer AvaTrade Review?

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Established Early On


Business has a term called “Prime Mover.” You might think of Coca-Cola, Amazon or Barclays as Prime Movers. They dominate a very specific market sector because they offered the first product or service.


While AvaTrade was not necessarily the first Forex Broker, it was one of the first opening its doors in 2006. Many of the other current brokers only got going after the 2008 Credit Crunch. This early start allows for AvaTrade broker reviews to offer more assets, features and plug-ins than the newbies.


Customers trust AvaTrade. They know that they can find the famous Meta Trader 4 Trading Platform here. They can download an Android or iPhone app and trade using their smart phone.


AvaTrade is open to customization. You can configure their API to improve execution speed. You can also use ZuluTrade on AvaTrade. This Binary Options Platform offers a little bit for everyone.


Choose from a standard, mini, managed or Islamic account. You will find plenty of educational materials on the website.


Commodities & Currencies


AvaTrade has branches in Mongolia, along with Paris and South Africa. This has made it a truly global Forex Broker. People from many countries use AvaTrade.


Besides currencies and commodities, customer can trade indices, ETFs and cryptocurrencies here. The AAA Customer Service Award from Broker Notes praised its phone, email and live chat response.


FX Empire Awards


If that was not enough, AvaTrade also won annual awards from the FX Empire for its innovation and features. AvaTrade added Bitcoin before others.


AvaTrade has made it easy for people around the world to trade Forex. There are 200,000 members of this Forex company. From Mongolia to Paris, members are executing trades on indices, ETFs and commodities using AvaTrade.

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Waiakea Water – A Healthy Source of Antioxidants

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Water is not produced in similar ways. And Waiakea Water shows why this is so starting by presenting why it is essential to drink 8 glasses of alkaline water every day.

Often we do not analyze or merely do not understand how pH influence the stuff we ingest along with our bodies. But it is vital to know that the pH content of the water we drink daily is significant in the maintenance of appropriate tissue and cell health. pH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14, and the lower the scale of the pH, the substance in question is likewise more acidic. And it goes true that the higher the number on pH scale the substance is considered more alkaline.

Hence, 0 is totally acidic and 14 is wholly alkaline. When the scale registers 7 then the substance is considered neutral. The various parts of the human body have various pH balances, which is regarded as normal. Although as a whole, the body must maintain an equally neutral pH, which is 7.4 on the scale to fend off illnesses and to be properly healthy.

When buying a bottle of drinking water from the grocery, most of us would have the higher possibility of purchasing a very acidic drinking water since most water products have a pH scale of 4 to 7. Waiakea holds a new concept about pH. Since Waiakea water ph is sourced out organically or naturally, its bottled waters contain an alkaline pH of 8.8. The natural pH content makes Waiakea bottled waters a great source of antioxidant that helps the body detoxify by utilizing the present electrons to free the bloodstream of diseases.

Waiakea is not your average company engaged in bottled water production, since the water is not just sourced out naturally but the company is participates in numerous worldwide sustainable programs. The CEO and founder of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons established the company in 2012. He was raised in the beautiful states of Hawaii and California where he learned how to appreciate healthy living through a clean environment. And the idea to create Waiakea happened after he learned that his family can obtain one of the world’s most sustainable, pure and healthy volcanic water benefits for everyone’s advantage.

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Shafik Sachedina Biography

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Anyone can see, that Shafik Sachedina is a Spiritual leader who puts his faith first and his occupation as a dental surgeon afterward. His main agenda appears to help his Islamic Community by providing a wealth-based forum consisting of Islamic publications and journals.

Shafik Sachedina’s role in his community has given him a passion to lead his people. His passion has led him to keep the people aware and enlightened through informative books and teachings in the Islamic religion and its culture. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a man in charge at the Ismali Institute which serves as a religious Islamic library. The wealth of information is so vast it stores Islamic literature in sixteen sectors of the world.

Sachedina’s role in Sussex Healthcare, where he holds a seat as the joint chairman, is located in the United Kingdom. Here, he has performed numerous dental surgeries. Currently, he also holds a seat as head of the department in Jamati Institutions, as well located in France.

The Sussex Healthcare system has earned many awards through the efforts of Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s contributions. Dr. Sachedina has gained work experience in the numerous organizations which have honored him as Head of the Department because of his accumulated knowledge in the last 25 years. He has also worked closely with the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Central Asia promoting Islamic literature.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a true philanthropist and humanitarian giving back to the community in such a charitable way to keep his community informed.

Shafik graduated from the University of London, at Guy’s Hospital and Dental School in London, England in 1975. This is where he followed his dream to become a professional dental surgeon. Where he continues rendering medical services to his alma mater.

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Ara Chackerian, Angel investor and friend of nature

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Very few doubt that natural resources are vital to human life and the economy.Sadly, few business manage to replace what is taken from nature. Ara Chackerian is a forestry professional who manages to balance the two—sharing his knowledge with clients and colleagues.


The idea of knocking down trees in the forest scares many of us nature lovers, but it isn’t always bad. Careful planning can help us use resources while strategically creating new ones for us and the animals we share the world with. Ara Chackerian has dedicated much time and effort learning about forest life and resources while helping others do the same. He understands that newer trees and plants are preferred by and more convenient to forest life. By resourcing from older plants and growing new ones, a better home is created for wilderness inhabitants to move to, while clearing the forest of older woods and using them to our advantage. Everyone wins.




Forestry is a big passion of Ara, but not his only proficiency. He currently holds a position as the Managing Director at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC where he invests in new healthcare companies that are striving to change the United States’ healthcare system. The Chackerian family has a history of giving back to communities in need, founding nonprofit organizations aimed at youth development and schooling. It’s worth noting that Ara currently also serves as the president of Limoapa Teak, a Nicaraguan farm that’s creating new jobs while using practices friendly to the environment.


Ara Chackerian is a Florida State University graduate, currently based in San Francisco, California. Although he’s been involved in many projects, his admirable career has been mostly based in healthcare technology related fields. He has held positions such as Executive Vice President at PSS, a distributor of medical products, Executive Chairman at PipelineRX, and Chief Executive Officer at BMC Diagnostics.


As an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Ara’s success is a product hard work and his desire to make the world a better place. Helping the environment, animals, and human life is what fuels his drive.



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Importance of Globalization and the Digital Age with Kamil Idris

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The world is rapidly changing thanks to the effects of globalization. It is now convenient to speak with someone from the other side of the planet because of the prevalence of technology that can be used to communicate. Information can also be shared instantly because of the internet. Globalization made the world smaller, and the digital age is just the beginning. Another factor that can be assessed during the digital age is the prevalence of intellectual properties, but it is slowly becoming a problem especially for the creators to protect their works. Intellectual property is the term used to describe an artistic creation or an invention that needs to be copyrighted, trademarked, or patented, and people are paying just to protect their rights on the things that they are creating.

Kamil Idris is one of those who claims that if a state is ready to protect their intellectual properties, then they are headed for growth and prosperity. For him, intellectual property is part of a country’s culture and identity, and the state must do everything they can to protect it. The development follows after the citizen knows that their government is ready to protect their intellectual property. One of the main issues that the creative people are facing today is the stealing and the copying of their inventions, and if the government could really prove that they can help their citizens to protect their creations, many will be inspired to create a new one because they have the confidence that the government would never let someone steal their work.

However, the motion from Kamil Idris is only realized in a few countries, as only a handful of state has laws concerning the protection of their citizen’s intellectual properties. Another problem revolves around the fact that globalization made it possible for things to be sent in just a matter of seconds, and this is the problem facing creators who make music, movies, and the likes. This is where organizations like the WCT and the WPPT comes in, as they are doing their best to counter internet piracy to protect intellectual properties, and they wanted to bring back the confidence to creative people who keep on making new things.