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Fresh flavors and natural ingredients from EOS

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EOS lip balms are a fun and refreshing way to care for your lips. Manufactured with organic ingredients with no unnecessary or harmful chemicals. EOS lip balms come in different types and flavors. One of the best things about EOS is that it is dermatologist tested and proven to be hypoallergenic and safe to use for individuals with sensitive skin. All of the lip balm product lines from EOS are meant to moisturize for softer and healthier lips. One of the lip balm flavors is Medicated Tangerine. This lip balm contains Phenol and soothes and restores moisture to your lips. Medicated Tangerine is a product from the “organic smooth spheres” line along with other great flavors such as Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, and summer fruit along with several others. Another great product line from EOS is their “visibly soft smooth spheres”. It consists of three lip balm flavors containing vitamins C and E and enrich and soften lips instantly. The line consists of Coconut Milk, Vanilla Mint, and Blackberry Nectar lip balm flavors.EOS has a line of lip balms that add a hint of color to your lips as it moisturizes and softens. The “shimmer smooth spheres”, unlike the other EOS lip balm lines which are clear when applied, add a touch of color and shine. You can find sheer pink and pearl “shimmer smooth spheres.” EOS even has SPF lip balms in the “active protection” product line. You can choose from Fresh Grapefruit with SPF 30 or Lemon Twist SPF 15. If the smooth spheres are not your style, EOS makes three popular flavors in “smooth sticks.” Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla, and Sweet Mint are the soft stick flavors. No matter the occasion, style or flavor, there is an EOS lip balm product just for you. All the products are available on Amazon or via the website:

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Inmate Communication Technology

Video Visitation for the Holidays

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When thinking about Christmas time, one thing that is on the top of the list is being with family. Spending time with them, exchanging gifts, and sharing a meal are just some of the things that Christmas is all about. When a family is separated, this time of year can be hard. This is something families with a member incarcerated goes through.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based technology company and they have created a video visitation system that connects families no matter where they are. All that is needed to use this software is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. More and more families are taking advantage of this software and are connecting with their loved ones from all over the country.


With the video visitation software, families no longer have to drive long distances to see their family. There is little cost involved and they are able to stay in touch more often. On Christmas morning, family members can watch and communicate and see everything that is happening. It is the next best thing to actually being there. Fathers can now see their children open up their gifts. Mothers can be there for the family meal. Staying connected, especially during the holidays, has never been easier.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that has been in business for over 30 years. They work with law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities all over North America. Securus Technologies has 3,450 agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates that they continue to create new technologies for.


Their latest creation, video visitation, has been highly successful. No matter where the prisoner is, they have an opportunity to see and speak with their family and friends no matter where each side is. Visits can be done more often and families are able to be a part of each other’s everyday lives. This technology has allowed families to stay close even over long distances.


Video visitation is a wonderful creation and has been working well in corrections facilities. Holidays are no longer sad times as families are able to be there for the big events. Families now have one more way of staying in touch.


NBA Franchises

Bruce Levenson Not Giving Up Right To Insurance Claim

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Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) are taking a fight with their former insurance company, AIG to court regarding a claim they filed when the Atlanta Hawks were sold. According to, Levenson and AHBE sold the franchise in early 2015, and as part of that sale they were going to buyout then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. According to AHBE, this transaction fell within the stipulations of AIG’s policy and their attorneys claim that AIG was obligated to honor the claim filed, but AIG has refused to pay compensation. AHBE is not about to let this go easily, and the fight is being taken to court where Levenson and AHBE want to sue for damages.

Bruce Levenson bought the majority shares of the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, and owned the team for about 12 years. Prior to that, he co-founded and ran Unified Communications Group (UCG). Levenson started UCG in his own apartment back in the 1970s, and he and his friend Ed Peskowitz started buying up other newsletters. The industries UCG has compiled journals for over the years include energy, healthcare and mortgage banking. Levenson also helped launch a subsidiary, TechTarget which helps clients with market research on IT developments.

Bruce Levenson is also an active philanthropist who has sponsored many projects in the Washington D.C. area. He founded the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership to educate young people on the importance of philanthropy in the business world. He also is involved with the Holocaust Memorial Museum, a cause that hits close to home due to his mother-in-law’s own account of her survival of the event. Levenson also sat on the board at Hoop Dreams Foundation, and also helped the Anti-Defamation League launch the Concert Against Hate just this last year, an event aimed at condemning bigotry and racism.


Don Ressler’s venturing into the E-commerce and Branding Businesses

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Don Ressler is a top entrepreneur who has established various innovative e-business companies that have been successful. was the first firm that he created. Intermix Media noted the excellent progress of and bought it. Don Ressler the co-founded Alena Media, and his partner was the COO of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg. The firm was devoted to providing quality online business and marketing advertisement. Intermix Media was performing well in the market, and the News Corp bought it in 2005. However, it failed to manage it efficiently, and this led to the lowering of its productivity.

The poor performance if Intermix Media made Goldenberg and Don Ressler start venturing into other businesses. They used their outstanding e-commerce and online marketing expertise and were focused on founding a branding firm that they could run without being recognized. The worked with the former Alena Media staff and came up with Brand Ideas, which was later transformed to Intelligent Beauty. The branding company created DERMTORE to offer products that deal with weight loss and also founded SENSA two years later to deal with weight loss solutions. Intelligence Beauty was headed by the founder of Intermix Media, and Dr. Alan Hirsch managed product production. The two affiliates of the company, DERMSTORE and SENSA, have been highly profitable. Adam and Don funded the businesses that they started before the Technology Crossover Ventures invested $43 million in them.

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In 2010, JustFab became the next enterprise that Intelligence Beauty created. The firm was a third party business, and the Matrix Partners gave $33 million to start it off. The creativity of the company was headed by the renowned designer Kimora Lee Simmons. It grew fast, and in December 2010 4 million individuals had subscribed on its website. The number rose to more than 6 million by April 2012. Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures noted the progress of the firm and invested $76 million.

The online company has also created subsidiaries. Don Ressler include FabKids that was founded in January 2013. It acquired the Fab Shoes, which has a significant number of clients in Europe, and it has assisted the company to gain more members in the region. JustFab got more than three million members from Europe by the close of 2013, and most of them were from Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, and France. The enterprise also started Fabletics, which is an expert in offering athletic wear. JustFab has spent $250 million in starting its businesses.

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NTC Makes Property Reports Easier By Revamping Their Website.

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In response to calls for action concerning title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing has made property reports easily available through online ordering. In the recent years, title defects have become a major cause for concern in the real estate market. This has caused wrongful foreclosures and has substantially contributed to the stagnation of what would have been otherwise easy transition of assets in the secondary markets. According to NTC (Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.), property records are very crucial in ensuring a clear title transmission as well as reduction of the risk of buyback and the inability to foreclose. NTC has therefore taken the necessary steps towards ensuring that the property acquisition process is simplified.


Title defects occur most commonly when an individual or an entity claims a property which that is owned by another person or entity. However, so some other factors that may lender a title invalid. They include issues with wording in the document not compliant with real estate standards, exclusion of a signature of an important party in the transaction, unresolved previous encumbrances, and the failure to adhere to the recording and the filing procedures during the recording of real estate documents. Due to the above reasons, NTC said that title defects should be outlined thoroughly before any transaction related to the property.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a privately run firm that specializes in research and document processing services in the residential mortgage industry. The company, which is based in Palm Harbor, Florida was founded in 1991. This firm provides its services mortgage lenders, investors, and service providers as well. NTC serves eight of the top ten residential mortgage companies across the nation. National Title Clearing is known for its high levels of accuracy in services that require research. Their high-quality document processing has set the pace for the sector while protecting homeowners at the same time.


NTC has land records as well as documentation experts who have competently tracked and fulfilled county document necessities in all the recording jurisdictions across the nation. NTC as a company majors in final document tracking, property reports, land records research, lien release services, document retrieval, assignment services, among other custom finance solutions. NTC’s expansion is attributed to by their remarkable contribution to their sector and the local community as well. They ranked at position 26 on the Fast 50 Awards list of the fastest growing firms in 2013 in Tampa Bay.



Whistleblowing To The SEC Can Be Lucrative

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Recently, a jury awarded $12 million in a civil case related to the fallout of the Penn State whistleblower scandal. The person awarded the judgment had to file a lawsuit to receive the judgment. In the world of finance, whistleblowers may discover their path to receiving compensation for shedding light on illegal activity to be easier.


Why is this so? The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) positively does want people to come forward. Additionally, there are SEC whistleblower attorney firms set up to specifically handle this type of representation. Sadly, many people who know about illegal activities in the world of finance do not come forward. No one informed these persons that protections and rewards were written into the law for them via the expansive Dodd-Frank legislation drawn up by Congress and signed into law in 2010.


Some worry about popular Dodd-Frank whistleblower protections being rolled back. After all, there has been talk of repealing aspects of the Dodd-Frank legislation. The idea Congress would repeal any sections that deal with whistleblower protections would be balmy. Legislators do realize that law enforcement and regulating agencies do need to entice those who might be worried or scared about coming forward with information. The reward clause in the legislation is positive sure to help with this cause.


Rewards have been in the millions. Since there are privacy issues with the levying of fines, the sanctions do not receive the same amount of news coverage as would be the case with a high-profile civil suit. One press release about a whistleblower judgment revealed the unknown citizen received well over $15 million for his or her work. That means the full fine levied against the financial entity was in the tens of millions of dollars. Clearly, the entity was involved with doing something seriously wrong.


The high-volume of money directed towards whistleblowers is telling. The reason whistleblowing is so important in the financial world is whistleblowers have the potential to protect those who may be scammed or harmed by hedge fund managers and others who do not have the clients’ best interests at heart. Whistleblowers may even be completely self-serving in their motivations. Honestly, this is fine. Anyone can choose to do what they wish for whatever reason. In the end, if the decision to blow the whistle helps others, then something good has been achieved.

Information Posted Online

Why Big Businesses Must Proactively Manage Their Online Reputations

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The cover up is more offensive than the crime. Online reputation management is always seeking to find ways to restore or improve the standing reputation of a company or brand. For this reason, they have developed numerous ways in which the help brands and corporations to manage their excellent reputation in case of poor reputation. They have achieved this through the creation and promotion of positive material that counters or eliminates the negative sentiments spread all over the internet. For this reason, a business hopes to improve its overall reputation and credibility through online reputation management.

Unfortunately, most of the startup companies do not consider the benefits of online reputation management until they are at a standstill. At this point, they reputation is so costly to repair. Moreover, most of these businesses would have ruined their online reputation permanently. Online reputation is critical when the tide swells. When you get your business swapped ina tide of negative online posts, there is always a remedy to the situation. However, prevention is better than cure. According to research, these popular posts where people comment badly about a company can be swept with better online reputation management skills.

In the recent past, one of the most important pivots in marketing is online reputation. Your brand can sell quickly if it has enough support. In the modern age, active and negative conversations are taking place in the company. For this reason, the company will ensure that business records associated with online reputation are kept safe.

Take part in a Conversation

Conversations about your brand happen everywhere from social media to personal conversations in the streets. For this reason, you must allocate your time to take part in these discussions. Your brand will suffer great damage if you fail to provide answers to certain questions which are raised concerning your products and services. For the negative customer feedback, you should struggle to make them realize the reason which made them experience certain failures. In the end, ensure that you come up with some steps to curb future failures. You will take care of the conversations. Moreover, you will make your customers ever happy.


Household Services

Handybook Expands Into Furniture Delivery and Assembly for $49

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There has been consolidation among home-cleaning services from startup companies on the rush. One company that has the top in mind is expanding. Handbook, based in New York, has raised over $64 million as an active member of 28 cities in the United States. The company has launched another service, Handy Deliver, to assemble and deliver furniture.

While it first started in NYC (, they had the first items selected on offer for bedrooms and living rooms which you can buy securely through their website. Handybook says that they can deliver every item mailed to them directly. While you have to pay for the quotation first, you get the most convenient service from them. While they have a two-hour delivery window, the items come within two days.

For other developments in the company, Handy Delivery has propelled its services to the next level. According to Bloomberg report, Handy has raised over $50 million. When the raise is closed, the actual value can be higher than stated. According to other reliable sources, the company is about to acquire Homejoy.

While this new service will market and deliver the expensive furniture on behalf of Handy, their main idea is not to found an e-commerce website. However, they want to make their brand more popular. The company intends to lessen the hustle of purchasing furniture for their customers. While their online-sold items will offer an option for assembly and delivery, Handybook will undercut the costs. They want to make a one-of-a-kind service-delivery company. While their customers continue to choose them, they spend sleepless nights to ensure that their plan is kept.

Hanrahan, the founder and CEO of Handybook, says that their main aim is to make their highly-esteemed customers happy and satisfied. This is about making their services reliable, buying and assembling furniture to prospective homes, and makes it a great experience for homeowners. For this reason, the same price of furniture in Handy is same as Ikea. Delivery, assembly and mark-up taxes will determine the end price. According to Hanrahan, the CEO and founder of, the company is not working with Ikea on this service. However, the company is looking forward to expanding its services by opening new stores countrywide. The service will propel the company in two ways. The company will increase its customer contact points. For their improved shopping services, the company will attract more loyal customers to their end. While you keep out of the house, your interest may be putting up with Handy furniture.


Women in Business

Doe Deere and the Lime Crime Cosmetic Scene

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Doe Deere is a cosmetics superstar and she is only getting started. With her unique background and surreal pastel version of life, her Lime Crime lifestyle is taking the beauty world by storm. Born and raised in Russia, she moved to the U.S. when she was 17. She began a career in the music industry before becoming a makeup mogul but her business savvy dates back to her elementary school days in Russia when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. Since those days, her makeup company accomplishments have earned her the title of one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.

Her makeup company, Lime Crime, is one of the first digitally native beauty brands ever. It continually sets new trends that put the Internet on its ear. Blue lipstick, their most famous trend setting technique was seen on lips all across the country, as well as fashion runways and photo shoots. Doe Deere’s main goal is to give their customers a way to express themselves in cosmetics they have never before been offered.

Being an Internet-based company has given the self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns (she calls her fans unicorns) a wide range of opinions and experiences on the matter. Doe Deere has said in interviews that the purely online basis of her company has shown her the Internet’s good and bad side. She names the instant feedback as the best part and the ease of malicious behavior as the worst.

When asked about her unusual company name, she recalls the early days of Ebay stores and how they weren’t thought of as brands so much as just a name for registration. Lime Crime reminded her of her favorite color and the rhyming nature was a throwback to her musical career. Keeping the name Lime Crime has made her distinguishable among many new makeup companies and easy to find on search engines.

Lime Crime began with that Ebay store where she sold her fashion line. Bright colors of makeup were part of the look and she had trouble finding quality makeup in bright colors. In 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was born and there really doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop Doe Deere and her unicorn posse.


Anyone Can Obtain Wireless Services From FreedomPop

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FreedomPop is offering so many different services that it may be overwhelming to do a full FreedomPop review. Along with having cell phone services that vary in cost and size, there are also Internet services that can all be obtained for a low cost. First, the cell phone service is the most important and most popular service from FreedomPop. Anyone needing wireless services from FreedomPop can choose to buy a phone from the company or to bring their own phone. Those who are bringing a phone to FreedomPop must make sure it’s a Sprint CDMA phone or an unlocked GSM phone.

Any unlocked GSM phone that is brought over to FreedomPop must be accompanied by a FreedomPop sim card, which must be purchased. The cost of the sim card will vary at times, but it’s possible that the sim card may be at the low price of $0.99. The sim card must also be shipped to its new owner for them to start service. Since the sim card has three sizes that are all included in one card, anyone with any sized sim card slot will still be able to use the FreedomPop sim card.

Before any sim card can be used in a GSM phone, the user must activate service after they’ve chosen one of the plans that FreedomPop has. Although the unlimited service plan is the most popular from FreedomPop, many choose the paid plan as well as the free plan. The unlimited plan will give all the 3G data that a person can use as well as 1 GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited talk and text. A person can still get unlimited talk and text with the paid plan for only $10.99 each month but will have limited data.

The free plan has limited data, talk, and text but is free of charge. Anyone interested in the Internet service from FreedomPop can choose from Wi-Fi service that is accessible through millions of hotspots, portable hotspots, and home Internet service. Both the portable hotspots and the home Internet service receive free data each month. The Wi-Fi service can be used by anyone who downloads the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application and pays the monthly fee of five dollars for the service. The Wi-Fi service is also unlimited, so anyone who pays for it can use it as much as they want to use it each month.