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How George Soros has contributed to the United States

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The early life

George Soros spent most of his early life In Hungary, where he was born in 1930. He then relocated to England to pursue his degree in economics. In England, George worked as a waiter to support his education. Later, Soros moved to the United States where he started his business. By the time he was launching his hedge, he had a capital of about $10 million. With his knowledge of economics and business, he developed his capital to his current net worth of $30 billion. He has several records of influencing the direction of the market. In 992, Soros broke the Bank of England where he shorted the British currency. With his position, he has been very influential in the work of philanthropy as well as in shaping the American politics. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Soros in Philanthropy

George uses his wealth to raise the living standards of the people. He ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to live their dreams. When the Nazis were mistreating the Jews, Soros was there to witness. He is of the Jew origin. Currently, there are groups of people who have been neglected. These groups include the drug users, the disabled, migrants, orphaned and the minority tribes. In many cases, the minority does not have an equal chance to make an impact on the society. With his influence, Soros has spent over $12 billion to ensure that these groups get a fair life. He has equally contributed to the quality of education, especially by supporting different activities as well as poor students.

One interesting thing about George is that he does not support anything because he has the money. He considers what he is needed to support and looks at the worth. He does not seek public attention with his philanthropic work. Soros believes in honesty. He is bold when he wants something or when he is against it. He enjoys his social work, especially when interacting with the minority groups.

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Influence on the American politics

Being one of the richest people in the United States, George Soros should be naturally interested in shaping the American politics. Surprisingly, he has always tried to stay clear of the political arena. He believes in the individual contribution without having to involve the politicians. In the concluded American elections, Soros played a major role for the first time in his life. He has been a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton since the two have had a long history of friendship. The friendship between Soros and Hillary has lasted for more than two decades now. Soros also believed in the ideologies of Mrs. Clinton because she has always opened her doors of consultations. For the first time in his life, he pumped $25 million to sponsor different candidates in whom he believed. Know more on about George Soros.


Dick DeVos: work History/Experience

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Dick De Vos is a well known businessman and author who was born in Michigan in 1955. De Vos has quite an interesting work history. He held a position as CEO for a consumer goods company for a period of nine years.


De Vos began working for Amway Corporation in late 1974. While at Amway, De Vos held various marketing and management positions. The last position that De Vos held while with Amway was Research and Development.


After 10 years Dick De Vos became the president of Amway. Therefore, his 10 years of hard work certainly paid off when De Vos became president of the Amway Corporation.


In 2000, De Vos founded Alticor Corporation. Alticor Corporation was founded by DeVos after he completed some internal restructuring of Amway. It seems everything De Vos touches turns to gold.


In 2005, it was learned that Dick De Vos would become part owner of the National Basketball Association franchise. Ownership of this franchise came about when De Vos father decided to split the ownership of this enterprise equally among his children.



In 2006, De Vos made the decision to run for Govenor within the state of Michigan. De Vos was not successful in winning the race for Govenor however he did enjoy the experience of running for office within his home state.


It is well known that Dick De Vos has a father who was quite successful in the business world and is presently worth over 5 billion dollars. De Vos did have a privileged life growing up in Michigan.


De Vos was always ambitious and he did graduate from Northwood University with a degree in Business Administration. In addition, De Vos later attended Harvard Business School as well as the Wharton School. De Vos received several honorary degrees throughout his life. One school in which De Vos received a honorary degree was Grove City College.


In 2016 Dick De Vos founded the Windquest Group. Windquest Group is currently a privately held company however they may one day go public. This company focuses on manufacturing as well as technology.


It seems Dick De Vos shows no sign of slowing down. He seems to be a man with great ambition and high expectations. Dick De Vos ambitious nature served him quite well within the business world.


Dog's Health/Business Consultancy Expert

Beneful Brand Dog Food Making a Difference in Your Pet’s Life

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When you care about your pet enough to only feed them the very best foods, you have to take the time to really look at all the ingredients in the foods you feed them. Just because packaging reads wholesome and all-natural, does not mean everything inside the bag is as such. This can simply be an advertisers twist on words that fool many pet owners who are actually feeding their pets very inferior products. If you want to feed your pet foods that contain the most nutritious and healthy ingredients, you need to start feeding them Beneful brand dog food.

Your dog may love the foods they being fed, despite it not being healthy for them. With Beneful brand dog food, not only will they love the taste, they will thrive off of the ingredients. Rip open that bag of grain free with real farm-raised chicken dry dog food, your pet will rush to their bowl to gobble down every piece. You can not help put notice the huge chunks of real chicken, the colorful blending of fruits and vegetables, all without compromising nutritional value while getting your dog 23 essential minerals and vitamins and learn more about Beneful.

The reason that Beneful brand dog food is such a healthy choice, it is without gluten, wheat, fillers, or corn. Al you have to do is to head over to any of the US-based Purina manufacturing plants and factory workers will tell you what they feed their own pets, having seen it from each step of the production process through all the quality checks and more information click here.

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President of OSI Group: David McDonald

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Education and Background

David John McDonald was born in 1902 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David childhood education was spent in Catholic school. He graduated from high school in 1912 and soon after enrolled at Carnegie Institute of Technology. This may be a surprise to most, but Mr. McDonald educational background is in dance and theater. The talented young man was known for his singing voice “subjectively” obtaining a vocational technology diploma.

The President of OSI seems to be all over the place becoming a professional typist for Wheeling Steel Products Company while focusing on an Accounting Degree at Duquesne University. Later on, David McDonald was introduced to a close friend by the name of Phillip Murray. He became a part-time secretary for United Mine Workers because of his impressive typist skills. David McDonald struggled most of his young career trying to determine if he wanted to be an entertainer a business professional.

Being very talented as an entertainer, David McDonald OSI Group was invited to Hollywood by Warner Brothers. After denying his acting career, he later arrived as a strong force in the steel industry. He became an American labor leader and President of the United Steelworkers of America from 1952 to 1965. Today David J. McDonald is the President of OSI Group.

OSI Group

OSI Group is the number one International food service supplier for retail nourishment. They operate in 17 countries and employ over 20,000 employees worldwide. The company deals with custom food service for the needs of various retail food markets. They pride themselves on the skill of being diverse to company needs. OSI is a professional food solution organization, “which” lives by the words, “make it custom.”

Baho Food

Baho Food is a food production company that operates overseas and was recently acquired by OSI Group. The company is established in Germany plus the Netherlands. The products are biased to deli meats and convenience foods. David McDonald feels that this will be a great move for the company.

David McDonald President and COO of OSI believes that it will increase their opportunity to grow. Also, he suggests “The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” To sum it all up, OSI is headed in the right direction.

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Eric LefkofskyAnd Tempus Help Improve Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment At The University Of Chicago

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Breast cancer patients seeking care at the University of Chicago now have the opportunity to improve the future of treatment plans in addition to improving their own outcomes. The University of Chicago recently announced that it will partner with Tempus to collect and use data for improved planning and keeping patients better informed about their options. Tempus was founded in 2015 by Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofsky and his long-time business partner Brad Keywell. Since then, the company has collected extensive data about many cancer patients to use in an innovative new platform.

How Tempus Works

Tempus works on the premise of recognizing that each person’s cancer is unique. Also, each person’s molecular makeup is different. However, some people have similar genetic profiles cancer mutations. Genetic alterations determine how effective a treatment will be for a person. For example, a treatment that has a high overall success rate for breast cancer patients may not work well for several people who have similar genetic profiles to one another but not to the majority of patients who had success with the popular treatment.

Tempus studies each person’s cancer and then uses several bits of information to match the person to similar profiles. It helps determine treatment worked best for the majority of those people. The technology then suggests treatments for better outcomes for individuals, and doctors at participating health facilities have access to that information. Also, they have access to more detailed data about past studies and other information that is useful to their patients.

How Tempus Started

In recent years, Eric’s wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer. Eric spent less time working to support his wife by attending treatment sessions and appointments with her. During her treatment, he noticed that there was little available information about successful breast cancer treatments. The physicians seemed to have limited information as well, and treatment plans were decided based on cumulative success rates rather than success rates connected to individual factors such as a person’s genetic makeup and the cancer’s specific mutations.

Eric thought about Echo Global Logistics, which was a startup of his designed to help personalize and improve logistics for truckers. He thought that a similar structure with a detailed database of information about breast cancer survivors, their extensive genetic information and their treatment plans could be used to devise personalized treatment plans for other cancer patients. He worked with Brad Keywell to develop and launch Tempus. Eric was so confident in success of Tempus that he funded it himself and serves as the CEO. As a self-funded company, Tempus holds advantages over other cancer technology companies. Eric said that Tempus will change cancer treatment for patients the same way Google changed searching for consumers.

How Tempus Will Help University Of Chicago Breast Cancer Patients

Professors, doctors and researchers at the University of Chicago are excited about the new partnership with Tempus. Over 1,000 breast cancer patients will be treated using the advanced technology of Tempus. Patients will be tested to build genetic profiles, and their tumors will be analyzed for specific mutation and growth data. Each person’s combined genetic and cancer data will be matched to existing similar profiles for better treatment options. When physicians present the options to patients, they will also have more detailed information to explain procedures. This will help patients make more informed decisions. Also, breast cancer patients at the University of Chicago will become part of the database of information, which will help future breast cancer patients receive personalized plans for improved outcomes.

The idea is that the database will grow so large over time that genetic and cancer growth profiles will be matched to more specific sets of data, and this will help researchers track trends for fine-tuned research as well. Eric and Brad hope that the technology will assist researchers in finding a cure for breast cancer as well as other forms of cancer. A professor of genetics at the University of Chicago said that although breast cancer is one of the most common cancers, there is only a small amount of information about past successful treatment plans and extensive genetic data for survivors. Researchers at the institution also said that they hope other universities will partner with Tempus to improve personalized cancer care. Northwestern University, the University of Michigan and Rush University Medical Center are just a few of the teaching facilities that are also working with Tempus.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky lives in Chicago with his wife and three children. Eric and his family members are known for their selfless philanthropy, and he is also known for being a successful entrepreneur. He started his career as a carpet salesman while he was attending college at the University of Michigan. After earning his undergraduate degree there, Eric went on to graduate from the University of Michigan Law School. In the 1990s, he and his business partner Brad Keywell started a promotional product company called Starbelly. They sold it in 1999 and moved on to other business ventures.

For the first decade of the 2000s, Eric spent most of his time at InnerWorkings. He co-founded the company, which provided print procurement services for midsize businesses. In 2005, Eric and Brad partnered to start Echo Global Logistics. A year later, the duo founded MediaBank to help advertising buyers plan, finance and execute their programs with a special software program. Eric is most known for being the CEO of Groupon, which was founded in 2009. He did not become CEO until 2013 after the company was sold to investors. Groupon is an online platform for local merchants in various cities to offer discounts and coupons for products or services, and the successful idea has spread across the country quickly.

Eric and Brad started Lightbank in 2010. The company is a capital venture firm for Chicago-based startups. The two also started Uptake in 2014, which is a predictive analysis company. Brad is the CEO of Uptake. Eric stepped down as CEO of Groupon in 2015 but still holds the role of chairman. He now spends most of his time as CEO of Tempus. In his spare time, Eric enjoys spending time with his family. Brad and his wife Elizabeth started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The organization supports scientific, educational and charitable causes around the globe. There is special funding for human rights and education groups that improve the quality of life in needy communities, and the couple donate a considerable amount of money to Chicago-based education and science programs each year.

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Nick Vertucci has Years of Experience with Real Estate– Here’s How He is Teaching Students Everything He Knows

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Realty is, if not a science, an essential knowledge that many individuals looking to enter into a valuable investment type should learn since their student’s age. The real estate market is treacherous and full of hidden gems and misses if you are not educated enough to understand how to delve into the world of property commercialization. This is why Nick Vertucci founded the NVREA Workshop and an academy to help individuals delve into the industry in the right foot.

The Real Estate Academy is currently one of the top educations for students who want to learn more about how the industry work and how to start investing in realty with such little money available at Nick Vertucci developed classes to teach all of that and more.

The Academy already has thousands of students and was rewarded with prizes and recognitions in many news outlets and blogs about the subject at Among its positive feedback, many students have left the Academy stating that they were applying the teachings of their professors from the institute, and it was earning them valuable lessons and experience that would have possibly led to a short-term failure if they had gone into it blindfolded.

Definitely, Nick Vertucci has an extensive amount of experience when it comes to the real estate industry. He did not start a life with a lot of capital to back him up or guarantee a stable future, and his family was working hard to maintain a sustainable low-class lifestyle. It changed, however, when Nick Vertucci stopped depending on employment and decided to start working on his own rules, beginning by selling computer parts and ending as a millionaire of the realty market on There were, however, many bumps and falls in the route he took. According to the specialist himself, he experienced many hard moments because he was not aware of the importance of investing in the future, and was spending too much of his wealth during easy times and was left with nothing after a few months, already married and with a family to sustain.

Through a workshop, however, Nick Vertucci learned the basics of the industry and fell in love with the different possibilities and the broad horizons that realty could offer. For the next few months, he would dedicate himself immensely into becoming one of the best experts in that area in his age.

It all led to the foundation of the Real Estate Academy on, which has the philosophy of teaching young students all of the knowledge and experience of some of the best masters in the craft of realty.

Real Estate Industry/Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Investment with JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto

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Commercial properties in Brazil are developed by many real estate companies like JHSF. JHSF also develops residential properties since it opened its doors in 1972. In a bid to grow its business, the company now develops shopping malls and airports in Brazil. It is a force to reckon with in real estate commercial market acquisition.


The hub of JHSF’s operations is in Salvador. The company also operates in Manaus and Sao Paulo. The main source of its wealth comes from its restaurants and airports. Now, with the development of hotels and shopping centers, the company is rapidly growing. JHSF restructuring plans carried out in 2006 brought to the fold companies like SAES, Vista, Santa Cruz and CPIC among others.

JHSF, in a big to grow its influence in the hotels and catering business acquired majority of the Hotel Fasano shares. Later it bought the hotel. The subsequent acquisition of all Hotel Fasano’s hotel chains propelled JHSF into the front pouches of the catering and development hospitality industry in Brazil. These chains were acquired at a pretty penny: ’53 million reais’.

Jose Neto

Jose Neto is the principal executive authority at JHSF. As the Chief executive, he is also charged with commercial development oversight. He supervises and follows all residential development plans even as he sits as chairman of JHSF ‘board of directors’.

Complexes such as ‘the Cidada Jardim and the Metro Tucuruv have been put up under the keen scrutiny of Jose Auriemo Neto. These complexes are based in Sao Paulo and Manaus respectively. Other complexes being developed are the Manaus based Ponta Negra and the Bela Vista. The expansion plans by Jose Neto also purposes to increase shopping complexes in the company’s portfolio.

Academic Achievement and Work

Like many successful Brazilians, Jose Auriemo Neto graduated from ‘Fundacao Armando Alvares Panteado (FAAP) University’. It was in 1993 that he started as an employee at JHSF. After some time, he rose to the position of a board member from 1999. He is also an YPO member. In order to grow the company, he introduced service departments. The Parkbem, a company dealing in parking, was quite successful resulting in JHSF’s board to allow Neto’s further expansion plans.

Advertising Executive

Lori Senecal’s Exclusive Career

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Lori Senecal has been the Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B since March 2015. She had been the CEO and president of MDC Partners Network which she did not drop even after her new position. Chuck Porter, Co-founder and Chairman of CP+B, stated that Lori had assisted the foundation to become a flexible global agency with an exemplary entrepreneurial foundation. She made a remarkable achievement in October 2015, when she landed American Airlines. Chuck continued to say that Lori has highly contributed to the agency through her smart and effective leadership skills. They are both aiming to develop a leadership team for the next generation. More details can be found on Forbes.

Recently, Danielle Aldrich has been promoted to the position of President of CP+ West. Aldrich was one of the managing directors at CP+B Boulder, alongside the other director. The entrepreneurs who lead the ten offices of this industry are individuals who are passionate about developing the company. This has enabled resources to be well distributed in each region, and this has enabled creative and strategic talent to grow among their client partners. Senegal stated that appointing Danielle to that position was as a result of her ambition to solve business challenges in the boldest, toughest, and most inventive methods.

Lori Senecal is commonly associated with a great personality, alongside her marketing and advertising knowledge. When it comes to the creative advertising methods, she is identified as a pioneer. She solves entrepreneur challenges using innovative technology based solutions. Formerly, she held a position at the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal as the Global Executive Chairperson. A great trait about her is that she never settles at her comfort zone and she is always seeking to do more. This is one of the factors that result in her success and achievements. When she was the Chairperson of KBS, her skills highly contributed to the company’s growth as she broadened the global vision of the corporation.

Lori Senecal grew up in Montreal and was a last born in a family of four girls. This resulted in much of her parent’s attention being focused on her, as well as from her elder sisters. She later obtained her degree from McGill University. Her exemplary style, unrelenting ability to solve challenges and creative talents are few of her many potentials.

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Law and Education

The Research and Experience of Sujit Choudhry in Comparative Law.

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Comparative law is a study that is done to analyze particular fields of law. Its primary aim is to compare the similarities and differences between legal systems that are used across the globe. The discipline mainly focuses on analyzing how various existing legal environments relate to each other. The types of law that it studies include common law, Hindu law, Chinese law, Canon Law, Islamic law, civil law, Jewish Law, and socialist law. Comparative law is made up of various sections that analyze laws that deal with administration, business organizations, constitution, criminal activity, and commercial procedures. The study of this field is crucial in the current dynamic world since there is a lot of interaction and communication involved between countries.

Internationalism, democratization and economic globalization have made the field to be given a lot of attention. The main reason why scholars specialize in comparative law is to change the effectiveness of the of the current legal system and make it perfect. The discipline is also focused on to ensure uniformity of all the legal environments in the best way possible. Comparative law can significantly benefit businesses and interactions. Companies they will be able to understand the laws of various nations, and therefore, the can operate without legal glitches. The study of the field will also reduce misunderstandings between people of different countries since legal systems will be able to function uniformly.   Check this law blog about Sujit on

Sujit Choudhry is a leading comparative law expert who has been recognized internationally. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law and later attended the University of Toronto for his Bachelor of Laws degree. Choudhry further enrolled at the Harvard Law School and graduated with a Master of Laws. One of his major accomplishments is being designated as a ‘Rhodes Scholar’ at the University of Oxford. He currently serves as I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the law school of the University of California. Sujit is the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and he is a Faculty Director at the institution.  For Sujit contact info, visit

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According to, Choudhry has been recognized for compiling various research journals and books. Most of the research that he has conducted is based in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He is focused on creating a legal method that can change furious political engagements into diplomatic democratic forums that can unify communities that have been separated due to various reasons. Click on for extensive reading.

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Capital Group Following the Right Path to Success

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According to a MSNBC article, Warren Buffett has put $1 million dollars on the line, saying he could make better investment returns by only investing in a S&P 500 passive index fund, instead of following the status quo, which many hedge fund managers do. The gamble is expected to be decided this year, and Warren Buffett looks to be the winner. Warren Buffet believes that expensive funds end up costing investors in the long run. Warren Buffett and Tim Armour favor low cost and simple investments and to hold them for a long time.


Warren Buffett has attributed his success to “bottom-up” investing, which works by analyzing companies and compiling a strong portfolio. Warren Buffett is becoming concerned with Americans who are not saving enough for retirement. He’s also encouraged Americans to invest and to continue to stay invested. Warren Buffett does not support the “active versus passive” debate, telling shareholders that it hurts more than it helps investors. Warren Buffett does not invest in mutual funds because they offer poor returns because of high management fees and are traded too much and learn more about Timothy.


Warren Buffett can produce positive investment returns, which creates a positive retirement. Buffett can filter out the strong investors from the weak investors by analyzing those with low expenses and those who use a large amount of their own funds and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


Timothy Armour is Capital Group’s chief executive officer and in 2015 became chairman of the Capital Group Management Company. He has been at Capital Group for over 34 years and has gained extensive knowledge of investing. Tim Armour started his time with Capital Group as a proud participant in The Associates Program. Tim Armour started his investment work with Capital Group as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group, where he covered global telecommunications and American service companies.


Tim Armour calls Los Angeles, California home. He earned his economics bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. While at Capital Group, he has managed to appear on CNBC and MSNBC. He’s also been featured in numerous magazines including Bloomberg and the Financial Times and resume him.


Tim Armour has been part of some of the major corporate mergers of the last decade. Tim Armour has been successfully guiding Capital Group through turbulent times in the market. He continues to help those who need to invest and read full article.


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