Handybook Expands Into Furniture Delivery and Assembly for $49

There has been consolidation among home-cleaning services from startup companies on the rush. One company that has the top in mind is expanding. Handbook, based in New York, has raised over $64 million as an active member of 28 cities in the United States. The company has launched another service, Handy Deliver, to assemble and deliver furniture.

While it first started in NYC (https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york), they had the first items selected on offer for bedrooms and living rooms which you can buy securely through their website. Handybook says that they can deliver every item mailed to them directly. While you have to pay for the quotation first, you get the most convenient service from them. While they have a two-hour delivery window, the items come within two days.

For other developments in the company, Handy Delivery has propelled its services to the next level. According to Bloomberg report, Handy has raised over $50 million. When the raise is closed, the actual value can be higher than stated. According to other reliable sources, the company is about to acquire Homejoy.

While this new service will market and deliver the expensive furniture on behalf of Handy, their main idea is not to found an e-commerce website. However, they want to make their brand more popular. The company intends to lessen the hustle of purchasing furniture for their customers. While their online-sold items will offer an option for assembly and delivery, Handybook will undercut the costs. They want to make a one-of-a-kind service-delivery company. While their customers continue to choose them, they spend sleepless nights to ensure that their plan is kept.

Hanrahan, the founder and CEO of Handybook, says that their main aim is to make their highly-esteemed customers happy and satisfied. This is about making their services reliable, buying and assembling furniture to prospective homes, and makes it a great experience for homeowners. For this reason, the same price of furniture in Handy is same as Ikea. Delivery, assembly and mark-up taxes will determine the end price. According to Hanrahan, the CEO and founder of Handy.com, the company is not working with Ikea on this service. However, the company is looking forward to expanding its services by opening new stores countrywide. The service will propel the company in two ways. The company will increase its customer contact points. For their improved shopping services, the company will attract more loyal customers to their end. While you keep out of the house, your interest may be putting up with Handy furniture.


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Doe Deere and the Lime Crime Cosmetic Scene

Doe Deere is a cosmetics superstar and she is only getting started. With her unique background and surreal pastel version of life, her Lime Crime lifestyle is taking the beauty world by storm. Born and raised in Russia, she moved to the U.S. when she was 17. She began a career in the music industry before becoming a makeup mogul but her business savvy dates back to her elementary school days in Russia when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. Since those days, her makeup company accomplishments have earned her the title of one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.

Her makeup company, Lime Crime, is one of the first digitally native beauty brands ever. It continually sets new trends that put the Internet on its ear. Blue lipstick, their most famous trend setting technique was seen on lips all across the country, as well as fashion runways and photo shoots. Doe Deere’s main goal is to give their customers a way to express themselves in cosmetics they have never before been offered.

Being an Internet-based company has given the self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns (she calls her fans unicorns) a wide range of opinions and experiences on the matter. Doe Deere has said in interviews that the purely online basis of her company has shown her the Internet’s good and bad side. She names the instant feedback as the best part and the ease of malicious behavior as the worst.

When asked about her unusual company name, she recalls the early days of Ebay stores and how they weren’t thought of as brands so much as just a name for registration. Lime Crime reminded her of her favorite color and the rhyming nature was a throwback to her musical career. Keeping the name Lime Crime has made her distinguishable among many new makeup companies and easy to find on search engines.

Lime Crime began with that Ebay store where she sold her fashion line. Bright colors of makeup were part of the look and she had trouble finding quality makeup in bright colors. In 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was born and there really doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop Doe Deere and her unicorn posse.

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Anyone Can Obtain Wireless Services From FreedomPop

FreedomPop is offering so many different services that it may be overwhelming to do a full FreedomPop review. Along with having cell phone services that vary in cost and size, there are also Internet services that can all be obtained for a low cost. First, the cell phone service is the most important and most popular service from FreedomPop. Anyone needing wireless services from FreedomPop can choose to buy a phone from the company or to bring their own phone. Those who are bringing a phone to FreedomPop must make sure it’s a Sprint CDMA phone or an unlocked GSM phone.

Any unlocked GSM phone that is brought over to FreedomPop must be accompanied by a FreedomPop sim card, which must be purchased. The cost of the sim card will vary at times, but it’s possible that the sim card may be at the low price of $0.99. The sim card must also be shipped to its new owner for them to start service. Since the sim card has three sizes that are all included in one card, anyone with any sized sim card slot will still be able to use the FreedomPop sim card.

Before any sim card can be used in a GSM phone, the user must activate service after they’ve chosen one of the plans that FreedomPop has. Although the unlimited service plan is the most popular from FreedomPop, many choose the paid plan as well as the free plan. The unlimited plan will give all the 3G data that a person can use as well as 1 GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited talk and text. A person can still get unlimited talk and text with the paid plan for only $10.99 each month but will have limited data.

The free plan has limited data, talk, and text but is free of charge. Anyone interested in the Internet service from FreedomPop can choose from Wi-Fi service that is accessible through millions of hotspots, portable hotspots, and home Internet service. Both the portable hotspots and the home Internet service receive free data each month. The Wi-Fi service can be used by anyone who downloads the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application and pays the monthly fee of five dollars for the service. The Wi-Fi service is also unlimited, so anyone who pays for it can use it as much as they want to use it each month.

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Securus Rises To Prominence With BBB Accreditation

This is the tale of two telecommunications companies. But these companies are not like any telephone companies that you have ever dealt with because they exclusively serve prison and jail facilities. These telecommunications giants both bid for government contracts to in order to be the exclusive provider of telecommunications services to these facilities. Once they secure the contract, they have no competition being the sole provider and they are free to treat prisoners how ever they want in order to turn a profit.


Once of these companies is called Global Tel-Link. They are notorious for terrible customer service and have even been accused of price fixing. They take in over $500 million per year by charging inmates over $1 per minute for a phone call. The average 15 minute call can cost a family over $17. And there’s nobody to complain to. Global Tel-Link keeps a very thin staff that are not very helpful when you call in with a concern.


But then there are companies like Securus. Renown for its quality service for prisoners and their loved ones. In fact, they go above and beyond the call of duty to bring prisoners video chats. This allows families to virtually bring their prisoner into their living room in order for multiple people to visit all at once.


Securus is by far the superior company and the proof is in the pudding. They have recently received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have even achieved the BBB’s accreditation. Accreditation is given only to companies that agree to pay for an in-depth look at their business practice and they must agree to constant monitoring. This accreditation is big news as these two companies battle it out for telecommunications superiority within the criminal justice system. In this case, it’s pretty clear cut who’s the good guy.


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Devco Knows How To Make New Jersey Development Work

Devco is very well attuned to the development that cities have to do in New Jersey. The whole state has to be sure that they can get more development done, but they have to have information and loans to make it happen. The loans that are offered by Devco are not just loans that will pay for some large building project. These are loans that will help the cities build something that will change things completely. They can look out and see how bad some of these neighborhoods are, but they can fix them if they want to.


The Press of Atlantic City talks about this in some of their stories, and they want people in New Jersey to know that every city could potentially do some new development that will help create jobs and better places to live. It works for the communities where the work has been done, and it also brings in better places for the people in the area to live. They get jobs that they can work while still living in their community, and they will be able to choose from a whole host of jobs that will stream into the area.

The jobs that people are looking for will be in retail, and they will be able to work in commercial or industrial spaces if they want. Hotels and casinos are doing very well because they will attract other businesses, and it shows the city that they can open up a new neighborhood where everything is lovely. The choices that cities make with development are very important because they will change the way that a city earns money, provides services and makes sure that all their citizens are happy. Devco’s loan and planning model will help turn around any community in the state of New Jersey.


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The Magnificent Benefits of Magnises

Magnises is now considered one of the most magnificent memberships in existence. If you haven’t heard about it, now is the time to listen to what is happening with this black card that represents major change in your social life. The Magnises membership platform is now one of the top offline social networks in the world, and the membership base is growing quickly.

What does it take to build the social life you desire? Young professionals on indeed.com can now get access to private events like the hottest concerts, fashion shows, and last minute reservations at those hard to get into restaurant in big cities like New York City, San Fransisco, and even Washington D.C. This is where social life is a big deal, and these cities are home to thousands of elite millennials.

Founder Billy McFarland discovered the way to bring these millennials together is to give them a membership they can use for entertainment purposes on crunchbase, and it will give them an opportunity to connect with other young millennials that are looking for ways to expand their circle of influence on a professional level as well.

McFarland founded Magnises at the age of 23, and since that time he has continued to grow the membership base to more than 10,000. The big draw is the elite access to private events, but these young professionals can also get discounts for some of the most luxurious getaways. Additionally, desks that are rented out for work space at $500 a month are now available to members of Magnises for only $99 a month.

The perks are endless for members of Magnises, but most of all it’s the status that now attracts the millennials to each other. There has never been a membership more coveted than the membership that is a part of Magnises. The young professionals have access to McFarland’s New York penthouse, and they often gather on weekends to eat 5-course meals and party with the best crowd in NYC.

The little black card can be taken anywhere and it can be linked to a bank account or a credit card as a way to pay for everything. It’s the convenience that makes the membership look even better to millennials, because it allows them to keep up with a fast-paced social life.

As a tech entrepreneur, McFarland became the CEO and Founder of Spling prior to Magnises. Spling was designed to be a tech driven ad platform that would help brands of all kinds get better media engagement. McFarland focused in on their content and how it was presented in order to either help them tweak it or change it for better overall marketing revenue.

McFarland was already in the process of changing the world one platform at a time when he founded Magnises and the metal, black membership card that goes with it. McFarland also created a mobile app to use with the membership.

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Keith Mann Giving

Running a business takes a lot of time and capital. Keith Mann has started a variety of companies during his career, and he has enjoyed a lot of success in the process. If you want to take things to the next level in your business, learning from his example is a great idea. Keith Mann always starts out small with his companies, and he never takes on a lot of risk. Another aspects that he concentrates on is giving. No matter how busy he is, Keith Mann always finds time to give back to other people. Over the long term, this has earned him a lot of goodwill in the community.




Keith Mann is passionate about education. He believes that every child should have basic access to education for a variety of reasons. He credits his success to being able to attend quality schools where he grew up. Although his parents were not rich, he did have parents who encouraged him to study hard. In many areas of New York, the schools do not have the proper funding to function at a high level. If you want to take things to the next level in your area, start getting involved in the school system.


Running a Business


Keith Mann is great at running a business. He understands all of the implications of his decisions. When he first started out, there was a lot of pressure on him to borrow money to get started. However, he always thought that this was a bad idea. Although it would have been easier in the short term, over time it adds a lot of risk to the equation. He tells people to start out small and build the business with the profits that it generates. This is the most conservative way to build a business, but it also eliminates a lot of risk from the equation.


Future Plans


In the future, Keith Mann plans to continue to help others in the community. He has always been passionate about investing in the lives of others, and that is why so many people look up to his success.

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Insight on Measures Taken to Cure Sleep Apnea

Ample sleep is among the top human requirements to productivity. Sleep apnea is a common illness known to hinder us from getting sufficient sleep. Do you experience short pauses during your sleep that are followed by a loud snort or snore? This article will look at the measures being taken to cure sleep apnea.


There are some serious conditions related to sleep apnea. Some of the illness include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. Such serious conditions are the main reason why there is an urgency to find a cure to sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the pioneers who is fighting to find a cure to this disease.

It is estimated that about 90% of patients suffering from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed. Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his team have taken upon themselves to try and find a cure for this illness. A device such as the TNH Sleep Therapy has been permitted by the Food and Drug Administration for testing in medical trials. The device was developed by ImThera Medical.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel contribution to fighting sleep apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who takes his time in helping patients with sleeping disorders. He founded Dental Sleep Masters. He also founded and managed his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. Dr. Weisfogel formed Dental Sleep Masters with an aim to aid dental patients using oral appliances to treat sleeping disorders.


In 2010, he left his general practice and opened a company which he dedicated to sleep. Dr. Weisfogel has created a system that helps about 250-300 patients per month. His dedication to sleep disorders has lead to improvement of health care distribution in the world of sleep medicine. Dr. Weisfogel’s model will profit a broader population through finding solutions to sleep apnea.



Emphasis on creating more awareness about sleep apnea are underway with physicians and sleep physicians joining with dentists to offer medical help to individuals that are in distress from sleep illness. More alternatives that are smaller and easy to use will give confidence to more patients to seek treatment for sleep apnea.


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Evolution Of Smooth Is Taking Care Of Dry Lips For Everyone

Many people know what it feels like to have dry or chapped lips, especially when they are cracking or peeling, which is painful. Most will just try to lick their lips, however, this almost always ends up in the lips becoming more dry. A better alternative would be to use something that has been specifically designed to moisturize the lips, like a lip balm. Evolution of Smooth provides high quality lip balms to help keep the lips hydrated and looking healthy.

Some people may think that they don’t have nice lips, but this is hardly ever the case, as all lips can be moisturized and gain the benefits of a good lip balm. Evolution of Smooth’s products are made with the highest quality ingredients, which allows them to be used regularly to nourish the lips. There’s no need to feel the pain associated with chapped lips any longer, regardless of the cause, with such a convenient and readily available product. With regular use of a quality lip balm like Evolution of Smooth, the lips will start to become fuller and look healthy after repairing built up damage. Evolution of Smooth products can be found on Walmart and online merchants such as Ulta and Racked.

Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms come in a round applicator that can be taken anywhere without worrying about melting or leaking. Women can especially take advantage of good lip balms because many women use lipsticks and colors on their lips, which can actually be harmful and dry them out. Even better is the fact that Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are affordable to pretty much everyone, coming in at only a couple bucks per balm.

To meet the varying tastes of their consumers, Evolution of Smooth has produced many different flavors and scents for their lip balms, which also come in different forms. They have balms for active protection, which have SPF protection, and even organic balms, containing all natural ingredients only. For more info, watch the YouTube infomercial by Evolution of Smooth. Visit the official website: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


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The Best Banking Solution in Dallas

I have banked with other companies in the past, but I have had the best luck with Nexbank. This has become my core bank, and I have been rather impressed with how this company has helped me make better money decisions.

I have online banking with Nexbank, and I think that the bill pay option is something that has helped me pay my bills on time. I have been able to use the Nexbank Platinum Checking, and I have been very pleased with this. People that want to have the ability to save money will see that this is the best account for doing so. They can get some interest in the money that is saved because a minimum of $2,000 must be kept in the bank at all times to avoid the fees. I have no problem doing this because it allows me to get interest each month on this $2,000 that is in the checking account.

Nexbank helped me save by giving me access to a high yield interest earning account. I like the fact that I can keep my funds liquid without tying up my money in a CD. I have been very pleased with the rates that are some available with Nexbank. I tried a couple of other banks, but I realized that Nexbank had the best interest rate. The tiered earning structure has allowed me to set up multiple accounts to stagger the investments and build a much better portfolio.

The Nexbank accounts that I have is what I use to pay my mortgage and my bills. I used to have my mortgage through Bank of America, a much more well-known bank, but I switched to my local Nexbank because the rates were better here. Lower interest rates are what I like most about Nexbank.

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