Strength of a Woman

Malini Saba, head of Saban Company is one of the prominent and most remarkable philanthropist, investor and business person in South Asia. She began her lifelong career in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. Before establishing her own venture, Malini invested in a number of firms. This gave her an ample opportunity to develop experience and passion for investment and so she went ahead to establish her biggest investment, Saban. Saban company operates in China, United States, India and Australia, specializing in a broad spectrum of business activities and services. This firm operates in real estate in Australia and oil and gas industry in China. Additionally, Saban also has a big interest in the technological industry in the United States of America.


Her Career as a Philanthropist


In addition to being a phenomenon business woman, Saba is a passionate philanthropist. She makes effort to donate and contribute money to different charities with an end goal of transforming the society to a better place. In 2001, Malini Saba founded Stree:Global Investments in Women.This firm was privileged to be inaugurated by Bill Clinton who is the former US president and Jordan’s Queen Noor. This non-profit organization was started with a mission to provide quick and easy access for children and women from low income backgrounds and at risks to education and health care services. Stree: Global Investments in Women offers proper legal empowerment to all women in Africa, Eastern Europe Central America and India.


Malini Saba has played an important role in helping people stroke with different tragedies. In 2004, she pledged $10 million to Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka. A year later, she made a significant and big contribution of $1 million to the Elcamino Hospital in California.


About Malini Saba


Malini Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was raised in Australia and later on went to study in Perth. Upon completing her studies, Malini moved to the US. Here she resided in San Francisco and took business classes that enabled her sharpen her skills in investment. She attended several conferences that investors also attended and this gave her a good opportunity to learn important details on investing. With over 25 years in business, Malini has successfully excelled in business due to her commitment in adopting new market trends and capitalizing on profitable future trends.


She is one of the business persons that advocate for diversification of risks to avoid big losses. Additionally, she strongly opposes corrupt business activities and this has enabled her progress.

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Tips to Eliminate Hair Frizz

A lot of women have curly hair and this can lead to a lot of unwanted frizzy hair. However, there are many things that you can do to eliminate frizz. Here are some tips to help you calm your frizzy hair.
One thing you should do to eliminate frizz is to use conditioner. You should try to find a conditioner that has Shea butter in it. This hydrates your hair and will prevent frizz from occurring.

Another thing you should do to eliminate frizz is to find a shampoo with quality ingredients. There are several ingredients you should look for when picking out a shampoo so it can help you eliminate frizz. You want to make sure that the shampoo does not have sulfate in it. You want to make sure that it has glycerin added. You should also find one with Shea butter.

Another way to eliminate frizz is to brush your hair frequently. This way you can use your naturally occurring oils that are in your hair. By brushing your hair you can spread these oils to the roots of your hair which eliminates frizz.

Another way to eliminate frizz is by using hair oils. There are many different kinds to choose from. You can use Moroccan oil. You can also use Jojoba oil. These will help tame your frizzy hair.

If you are looking for a great hair care brand on Amazon that helps eliminate frizz then you should check out Wen by Chaz hair care. These products are great at keeping your hair healthy. They have a whole line of products that help tame your hair.

They have a anti-frizz styling creme. This creme helps to strengthen your hair so that it doesn’t break off. It offers eight hours of frizz free hair after you use this product. Visit the Wen YouTube channel to watch testimonials about the brand. For more info check out:


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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Answers in a Recent Interview

Doe Deere -the owner of Lime Crime makeup company- recently gave an interview to GaloreMag. She discussed herself and the Lime Crime company she started from the ground up. Here is a compilation of the questions and the answers she gave.

When asked about her upbringing and how it inspired her to start a makeup company, Doe stated to Galore Mag that she would put as much color into everything she did when she was young. She would dress her dolls in colorful outfits and she would draw with as many colors as she could.

To the question of what her first memory is, Doe said that she recalls having a slumber party with two friends. She said they were acting witchy to conjure up spirits. She decided to do witchy makeup to really get into character to conjure the spirits.

Doe Deere admitted that her worst makeup moments were when she would try out really strange makeup looks. At the same time she still thinks those strange makeup looks she tried out were important for her to understand what looked the best on her and what looked bad. She insists that everyone has to try different looks to really understand makeup and what works for them or for other people.

Her answer to where she came up with the name Lime Crime was simply that she had an eBay store that was named Lime Crime. Doe’s eBay store was initially for her fashion she created. However, she began to sell her makeup products on her eBay store and the name stuck since her customers recognized it. She chose not to change the name since it seemed like such a memorable name for customers to be able to easily refer to it when suggesting their friends try the makeup. Lime Crime is also a very unique name that immediately pops up for any Google search of the company.

Doe Deere is pleased that her makeup company has been so successful as an online based company. Galore Mag asked her if she viewed it as completely good or if she wishes Lime Crime had more success in store sales. Doe Deere says she views it as convenient that so many people can shop online at her store from everywhere in the world. She does point out that Lime Crime is sold in some beauty stores and at Urban Outfitters. Overall though she believes that it is positive that the company is mainly online based with their sales. She does think that being an internet based company has some drawbacks since customers can see both the positive and negative reviews.

Galore Mag asked what she meant by negative reviews. Doe replied that she felt the internet is a good thing because it allows people to communicate their opinions. She does think everyone should be cautious about assuming all negative reviews are true, since people can make up whatever they want to or try to put businesses under by making up a scandal about them.

Galore Mag asked why Doe Deere calls the fans of Lime Crime makeup “unicorns”. She calls them “unicorns” because she thinks anyone who uses Lime Crime has to have a deep love of color. Therefore they are like the unique, mythical unicorn which is typically depicted to be colorful and one of a kind.

Doe Deere cites her inspirations to be Dita von Teese and her friends Elena and Stella Rose. Doe Deere herself was recently listed as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepenuers, which she calls a dream come true.

Follow her on Twitter @doedeere

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A New Lovaganza Announcement Specifies The Event’s Date

Lovaganza has been hotly anticipated for at least four years now, since the website launched in 2012. The website’s launch signifies probably a year or more’s planning beforehand, meaning that a lot of effort has been put into this coming event. PRNewswire recently released information that nailed down Lovaganza’s final unveiling in 2020. Originally planned for 2015, the event will feature live performances, interactive displays, cutting edge technological demonstrations, and IMMERSCOPE, the crown jewel of Lovaganza.

IMMERSCOPE is a 3D experience unlike any other. It requires no 3D glasses, and therefore no subsequent cumbersome headaches. It works by utilizing a 180 degree screen on Imagine all the intimacy of a Shakespearean play and all the Hollywood brilliance of modern cinema combined together into one place. Lovaganza will be touring this concept via the convoy, which is a traveling caravan that will visit locations around the world and showcase IMMERSCOPE.

There are set to be three films released between now and Lovaganza’s main event. These films are the first part of a three part saga that will ultimately incorporate nine total movies. The hope is that the convoy will help drum up interest and support in the main event four years from now.

The themes of Lovaganza involve music and dance that is culturally centric to diverse populations the world over. Designed to be a unifying event, Lovaganza will simultaneously deploy for four straight months in eight separate locations at strategic points across the globe. There will be locations in America, Africa, Oceania, The Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

The ultimate goal is a kind of Bohemian life celebration of mankind. Truly, the event is unprecedented in modern history. Consider its scope. When has there ever been anything beyond a war that has brought together the entire world? Lovaganza seeks to do just that thing without any violence. Quite the contrary, in fact: it’s the goal of Lovaganza to facilitate unity. But three films are already in the works, with six more on the way. These films are to be top-tier productions, meaning individually they will cost millions. Implementing a four month festival simultaneously worldwide will likewise cost millions–likely billions, when all is said and done. There are substantial interests in Lovaganza, and the ultimate result of their continual support will be an event that is truly groundbreaking. Lovaganza is set to begin tantalizing the populace in 2017 with its convoy, and many are already excited to see the show.

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Stephen Murray, CEO of Financial Company, Is Remembered

When a notable figure passes away, it typically affects many people around them. That is no different with the legendary Stephen Murray. He was the CEO and founder CCMP Capital, a large New York investment firm that was part of the JP Morgan family. He had some health issues recently, before his passing. These caused him to step down, and soon after he was found dead. A PR person confirmed that he had died but refused to release any further details about the matter.

His coworkers and family members were asked for comment and they expressed their sympathy and shock. He was seen as a tiger in the field of finance. The company he founded, CCMP, was bought out by JPMorgan Chase not one, but twice until 2006 when he split off to form his own company again in order to protect the interests of conflicting client needs. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He built it from scratch, which carries a unique story with it. In fact, he managed to acquire $3.6 billion in investments through the firm alone last year. They average around $200 million to $400 million per transaction when they invest.

But just because Murray finished at the top, doesn’t mean he started there. He was a bootstrapping young professional when he got out. He had to work his way up. He graduated Boston College in 1984, where he earned his BA.

Then Stephen Murray went to New York and attended Columbia University to get a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Business was also his primary focus and passion. Stephen Murray paid the dues necessary to move up and eventually become the vice president of the industrial manufacturing company he worked for. He started out as a lowly intern there.

Murray wanted to keep growing the company, so he formed CCMP Capital. They specialized in middle-market financial investment vehicles, which they still do today. This was interesting to larger institutions who wanted to diversity their investments. This led to a number of mergers, eventually ending up with JPMorgan buying the company and keeping Stephen on to run it.

It’s not every day you hear such an inspiring story as that of Stephen Murray. It’s hard to believe in today’s world that some kid from a suburb outside of New York (Westchester County) could still make it big without a leg up. However, Stephen will always be remembered by his loving family – Tami (his wife) and their four boys – and his colleagues who understand how hard he had to work to achieve such great success in finance.

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CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

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Learn Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre

The world of the ancient sages has long fascinated people. What people thought about during biblical times has been a subject of enormous fascination for centuries. Today, it is easier than ever to see how the sages thought about nearly any subject imaginable. People can seek out wisdom that is clearly written into texts of all kinds. One of the most famous of all such texts is known as kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a collection of texts that were written many centuries ago by some of the most famous names in Judaism. Today, it is easier than ever to understand what was meant by such texts and how they can offer all people important and lasting insights.

Places To Study

Studying kabbalah can be rewarding when studied alone. However, it can be even more rewarding when it is studied with the help of a skilled guide. Such is the case for those at the Kabbalah Centre. Here, experts offer specific help for those who want to look at the texts in the original language with the assistance of a highly trained guide who really understands the importance of the message inside the lines. An expert can help any person here learn what it was that the ancients knew about so many subjects.

Relevant Today

Many people who choose to study kabbalah are delighted to discover that it is often still relevant today. They are pleased to find that doing so can be useful and can be a great way to learn about their own lives in the process. This is why those who study the subject find that they can make time as needed to study it. The centre offers highly flexible hours that are designed to help any possible student make time for their it whenever it is convenient for them to start learning. They know that doing so can be a great way for anyone to help them work through their problems and find a possible solution in their lives from the texts. Those here want to help people use the texts in the way that is helpful.

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Madison Street Capital, Having A Reputation For Excellence

Madison Street Capital (MSC) has released a report detailing 2015 hedge fund deals. The company is optimistic that hedge fund Merger & Acquisition transactions in 2016 will be stronger than in 2015. Apparently, the 42 hedge fund deals closed in 2015 was 27% higher than the 32 deals in 2014. The report also highlighted factors that push hedge fund managers to seek other strategic alternatives. One reason is that smaller hedge fund managers struggle to acquire new capital. The institutional investors, on the other hand, strive to match up liabilities and returns by investing in alternative assets that raise the returns. The other factor is because managers have to deal with high operational costs and relatively low fees and thus search for alternatives.

The international investing banking firm is seeking ways that can accommodate buyers and sellers. It also acknowledges that the hedge fund industry will experience consolidation to bridge product offering and distribution. Other than the traditional M&A, transactions will be structured as PE Stakes, seed or incubator deals, PE Bolt-ons and revenue share stakes among others. The article is available on

Madison Street Capital serves the financial service industry and has an investor base of money managers, state and local government, mutual funds, corporations, foundations, pension funds and endowments. MSC services include capital introduction, financial restructuring, goodwill and intangible assets valuation, fairness and solvency opinions, debt placement and M&A advisory. Under the leadership of CEO Charles Botchway, the company oversaw the acquisition of the steel detailing and structural engineering firm, Acuna and Asociados, by the Dowco Group of Companies.

The World’s premier investment banking firm has been partnering with middle-market companies in information technology, health, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunication, agribusiness and media among others. The high-level professional standards have been maintained since its foundation in 2005 earning it a reputation for excellence. The industry leader has its headquarters in Chicago Illinois and offices in Africa, North America and Asia. MSC is committed to delivering top-notch services to its clients in the public and private company. The services are executed by highly qualified professionals such as the Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. Some of the clients who can testify of profitability from dealing with MSC include Medial Group Inc., Fiber Science Inc., Bond Medial Group Inc., and Central Iowa Energy.

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The Financial Law Enforcers

Laws are there to be followed by those they are set for and they are enforced by superior officers among other law enforcers. I am a supporter of laws more so the ethical code of conduct in businesses and laws that govern the corporate world. Many people hide under the cover of law abiding people and take advantage of the vulnerable persons. It’s hard to trust the financial sector, especially after all it has put you through, but who doesn’t deserve a second chance. Laws a have been put in place to protect the consumers, and the enforcers haven’t lagged behind in their work. For instance, Officer Morrison has risen against all odds to advocate for the protection of all consumers, and she has brought right and faith in the financial world.

Morrison is one of the leaders that has brought significance change in the financial and economic world. After the economic crash of 2008 many people lost faith in the financial sector of the economy, this led them to withdraw a lot of money and keep it for themselves. However, a new dawn came upon the rising of Hall Capital Partners. It changed this by bringing a more integral, accountable and reliable enforcement sector. Morrison is currently the law enforcement officer and she never lets anything get to her and her work for the people. She has put strict measures on the selection of employees who they adequately vet before allowing them to handle clients’ money. On the other hand, she emphasizes on ethical and solid investments for their clients. They enhance investments for their clients by vetting brokerage firms, mutual fund, and financial advisers before allowing any investment be made.

Everyone loves a return on their investment. However, there are times when things happen without our knowledge, or by us looking on the other side, and everything else changes. The compliance officers, among others, Officer Morison, works every passing day to ensure that accountability and responsibility are embraced in all investments. Having headed among others the Securities and Exchange Commission, in San Francisco, where she represented it in business relations, legal issues as well as the financial communities. The officer, Morison has adequate knowledge and experience in the financial world and hence makes a great leader. She, however, works alongside a team of professionals who go extra miles to ensure that all clients are well represented and catered for. With her wide range of experience and expertise, you can be sure you have the best at your disposal.

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The Success of Darius Fisher

For anyone or any business that is constantly within the public eye and relies heavily on public opinion, one criteria that has been made in order to make sure that these businesses or individuals keep a positive reputation is to make sure that they also have an online presence that not only promotes, but also encourages a public opinion. Especially for businesses, it has become important to invest heavily in the online reputation management industry as this industry can not only be used to have a positive online presence, but can also be used to negate any negative content such as reviews or comments that can lead to the downfall of a company. The industry of online reputation management can make sure that the customer or the client gets up to date information of the product and service and that the customer also receives excellent quality customer service.
One individual in particular that is one of the leaders of the marketing and online reputation management industry is Darius Fisher, an individual with marketing experience within both the public sector as well as within the private sector. As an experienced individual, Darius Fisher co-founded a reputation management firm that is known as Status Labs which offers the best quality services that exceed expectations among any customer. Darius Fisher and his expert team at Status Labs have already helped over 1,500 loyal clients that are located within 35 different countries all over the world. Within just four years of starting this business, Darius Fisher grew Status Labs exponentially by 939 percent.

In recent news, Darius Fisher received an award that is known as the Business Development Individual of the year which is an award that is given to an innovative individual that has created new marketing and digital strategies within the industry. Darius Fisher, though a young business owner, earned this award through his hard work and his patience. Darius Fisher is also known to be a quality leader within the marketing industry that emphasizes trust as being the key component to build and to expand any reputation management business that wishes to thrive.


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The Whistleblower Program Empowers Whistleblowers to Report Possible Securities Violations

The Dodd-Frank Act is a U.S. Federal law, which tasks the government with the responsibility of regulating the financial sector. The legislation was passed in July 2010 to avoid another major financial crisis by coming up with a financial control process that imposes accountability and transparency while executing rules for protecting consumers. One of its important reforms is the creation of a whistleblower program, which offers financial incentives as well as job security for people to report potential misconducts and federal securities laws violation to the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow

Labaton Sucharow reacted to the sweeping legislation and became the first law company in the nation to create a practice focused on protecting the rights of SEC whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Representation Practice was built on a strong foundation of industry-leading securities ligation. It has an excellent in-house team of financial analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators. This team of specialists has long-term experience of enforcing state and federal law hence provides unmatched representation for Whistleblowers. They work tirelessly to ensure whistleblowers can report possible violations without fear of losing their jobs or being discriminated in workplaces.

Jordan Thomas, practice manager

Jordan Thomas is the head of the Whistleblower Representation Practice. Previously, he served as the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Deputy Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. At the SEC, he pioneered the creation of the Whistleblower Program.

About the Whistleblower Program’s rules

The rules require the SEC to pay qualified whistleblowers between 10 and 30 percent of the money collected after successful implementation actions whereby monetary sanctions surpasses the $1 million mark. If this threshold is achieved, whistleblowers may be entitled to additional awards depending on the collected monetary penalties in similar actions reported by other law enforcement organizations. The rules protect employees who report misconducts or securities laws violation from any form of retaliation and discrimination from employers. Additionally, the rules allow the whistleblowers to bring forward securities violation anonymously through an attorney representation.

The Whistleblower Representation Practice provides an opportunity for interested whistleblowers to request for a case evaluation. Case evaluation requests can be made via telephone, electronic submissions via their website, and email. The representation team handles calls, email, and online chats from clients in a professional manner. Initial case evaluations as well as consultations are offered free of charge and are confidential. While the provision of names of potential securities violators is highly encouraged, individuals are allowed to do so willingly.


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