Helane Morrison: Taking on the Compliance Challenge

The term compliance speaks of meeting certain regulations and guidelines. In the world of business, regulations have to be set and a body mandated to make sure they’re followed. Compliance allows organizations in an industry to streamline their business practices.

Failure to harmonize practices in business leads to the emergence of unfair or illegal competition. In a way, compliance also protects the consumer as well as other firms in the market. It involves internal controls established by a company relating to the education, audit, investigation, and mitigation of risks. A compliance officer’s duty, therefore, lies in implementing programs mean to find, fix and prevent ethical imbalance and regulatory issues.

Therefore, every company needs a compliance department to makes sure it’s internal and external practices and culture remains healthy. The profession of conformity started about two decades ago. The field has grown massively over the years and become an integral part of every industry.

For instance, most firms in the U.S are multinationals. They possess a need for compliance since their penetration into international markets relies on their adherence to local cultures, government regulation, and ethics. According to the CEO of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Roy Snell, the rules are there, but somebody must make sure they’re followed to the letter.

Indeed, some compliance professionals start their purebred careers after training in college. However, some stem out of the practice of law such as Helane Morrison. She attended the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California. Before her career in legal studies, she graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Her Journalism and Legal skills served her well during her studies as well as her work experience. For instance, she was once the Chief Editor of the California Law Review.

She has practiced law extensively as well as exercising her skills in media through every organization she has worked. In 1999, she received an appointment as the first female Regional Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Here, she handled regulatory obligations, litigation, securities enforcement and internal investigations. While receiving her appointment, she vowed to keep investors on their toes. Click here to read morehttp://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Helane-L-Morrison-San-Francisco-s-newly-3069650.php.

Today, she works with a Bay Area, San Francisco-based asset management firm named Hall Capital. She doubles up as a member of executive committee, Company Lawyer, Managing Director and the senior officer in charge of compliance. The company makes use of her diverse skills and expertise.

Keep up with Helane’s work and news about her advances in the field on her Crunchbase profile.