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NTC Makes Property Reports Easier By Revamping Their Website.

Posted by JacobT on

In response to calls for action concerning title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing has made property reports easily available through online ordering. In the recent years, title defects have become a major cause for concern in the real estate market. This has caused wrongful foreclosures and has substantially contributed to the stagnation of what would have been otherwise easy transition of assets in the secondary markets. According to NTC (Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.), property records are very crucial in ensuring a clear title transmission as well as reduction of the risk of buyback and the inability to foreclose. NTC has therefore taken the necessary steps towards ensuring that the property acquisition process is simplified.


Title defects occur most commonly when an individual or an entity claims a property which that is owned by another person or entity. However, so some other factors that may lender a title invalid. They include issues with wording in the document not compliant with real estate standards, exclusion of a signature of an important party in the transaction, unresolved previous encumbrances, and the failure to adhere to the recording and the filing procedures during the recording of real estate documents. Due to the above reasons, NTC said that title defects should be outlined thoroughly before any transaction related to the property.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a privately run firm that specializes in research and document processing services in the residential mortgage industry. The company, which is based in Palm Harbor, Florida was founded in 1991. This firm provides its services mortgage lenders, investors, and service providers as well. NTC serves eight of the top ten residential mortgage companies across the nation. National Title Clearing is known for its high levels of accuracy in services that require research. Their high-quality document processing has set the pace for the sector while protecting homeowners at the same time.


NTC has land records as well as documentation experts who have competently tracked and fulfilled county document necessities in all the recording jurisdictions across the nation. NTC as a company majors in final document tracking, property reports, land records research, lien release services, document retrieval, assignment services, among other custom finance solutions. NTC’s expansion is attributed to by their remarkable contribution to their sector and the local community as well. They ranked at position 26 on the Fast 50 Awards list of the fastest growing firms in 2013 in Tampa Bay.