Don Ressler’s venturing into the E-commerce and Branding Businesses

Don Ressler is a top entrepreneur who has established various innovative e-business companies that have been successful. was the first firm that he created. Intermix Media noted the excellent progress of and bought it. Don Ressler the co-founded Alena Media, and his partner was the COO of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg. The firm was devoted to providing quality online business and marketing advertisement. Intermix Media was performing well in the market, and the News Corp bought it in 2005. However, it failed to manage it efficiently, and this led to the lowering of its productivity.

The poor performance if Intermix Media made Goldenberg and Don Ressler start venturing into other businesses. They used their outstanding e-commerce and online marketing expertise and were focused on founding a branding firm that they could run without being recognized. The worked with the former Alena Media staff and came up with Brand Ideas, which was later transformed to Intelligent Beauty. The branding company created DERMTORE to offer products that deal with weight loss and also founded SENSA two years later to deal with weight loss solutions. Intelligence Beauty was headed by the founder of Intermix Media, and Dr. Alan Hirsch managed product production. The two affiliates of the company, DERMSTORE and SENSA, have been highly profitable. Adam and Don funded the businesses that they started before the Technology Crossover Ventures invested $43 million in them.

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In 2010, JustFab became the next enterprise that Intelligence Beauty created. The firm was a third party business, and the Matrix Partners gave $33 million to start it off. The creativity of the company was headed by the renowned designer Kimora Lee Simmons. It grew fast, and in December 2010 4 million individuals had subscribed on its website. The number rose to more than 6 million by April 2012. Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures noted the progress of the firm and invested $76 million.

The online company has also created subsidiaries. Don Ressler include FabKids that was founded in January 2013. It acquired the Fab Shoes, which has a significant number of clients in Europe, and it has assisted the company to gain more members in the region. JustFab got more than three million members from Europe by the close of 2013, and most of them were from Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, and France. The enterprise also started Fabletics, which is an expert in offering athletic wear. JustFab has spent $250 million in starting its businesses.

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