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Israel American Council under Adam Milstein

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When it comes to uniting people, an organization is best suited for the purpose. There is also need to have a leader who can inform and lead his people. Adam Milstein is one such leader who has done a lot in uniting the Americans and Israelis through the Israel American Council, an organization that is chaired by the successful real estate developer. He was the one who came with the idea because he wanted to establish a connection between his Jewish people and the Americans. It is also an opportunity for Israelis to excel in their endeavors because through the organization they now have someone who can listen to their grievances and advise them accordingly.

The good part is that Israel and America enjoy a good relationship and because of their peaceful interaction, Israelis are moving to America for various ventures such as furthering education and also venturing into business. Since life in America is not the same as Israel those who relocate to America meet a lot of challenges and as a result, they need a platform where they can be heard, and that is why Adam Milstein took the initiative to start Israel American council to help his people who may meet challenges.

There is a close association between the government of Israel and American government, and that is why Israelis are free to move to America and start businesses or look for jobs. However, if you visit America for the first time, you will find that life is not comfortable there because you are new here and you need the basics things in life. Such are reasons that made Adam Milstein start an organization that can help Israelis to settle in America.

Adam Milstein has achieved various things in life apart from running several organizations that help the needy in society. He is a successful businessman, and because of his entrepreneurial skills, he has managed to shape the real estate business in America. He has also started various foundations that help the needy in the society. Adam Milstein has unmatched skills in real estate development.


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Atlantic City Residents Excited by Boraie Development’s Plans

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There will be a new development in Atlantic City. Atlantic City has been in decline for the past ten years. It has been hurt by developments of casinos in other cities surrounding it. This has hurt the gambling industry in Atlantic City. however, this new development, which is going to be worth eighty one million dollars, will surely start the way up for the city.

The new development will be built by Boraie Development. Boraie Development is well known for their projects in New Brunswick, where they have improved the city and turned it from a city that was rapidly declining to a city that started flourishing. Now they are bringing their magic to Atlantic City, and the people in Atlantic City are excited.

Boraie Development knows what people these days look for in apartments. They keep up with all the latest trends in real estate. They are going to be providing their apartments with all the latest amenities, such as a lounge with television, a pool, and a gym. This will start attracting a lot of young people, and the economy will start flourishing in Atlantic City, just as it did in New Brunswick.

Sixty one percent of the buildings in Atlantic City are more than forty years old. It is time for new buildings to start being built, and Boraie Development is certainly the company for the job.

Omar Boraie is the head of Boraie Development. He is often regarded as a visionary who has seen many things that others have not seen. When it comes to real estate in New Jersey, Omar is truly a hero. New Brunswick used to be this dilapidated city that nobody wanted to move to. People who did already live there would rather have moved out, and most people were afraid to roam the streets after four in the afternoon. Omar, however, saw that New Brunswick had a future, and he was determined to bring that future into existence. People were generally incredulous at the beginning, but after everything started working out and his developments started becoming popular and successful, everyone realized that he could see things in advance the entire time.

He has truly turned it around. Many young people started moving into New Brunswick, and it is hoped that Atlantic City will see the same economic upturn that New Brunswick saw. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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Rocketship Education Achieves Success Through Partnerships with Parents

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For more than a decade, Rocketship Education has been helping charter schools bridge the gap in education. As a non-profit organization, Rocketship Education focuses its efforts on the education available to students from low-income families. The charter schools inside their network are located within communities that have a predominate population of children from low-income backgrounds. The dedication Rocketship Education has to its cause can be seen in the efforts it put forth to help raise funds for needy families in the San Jose area when their homes were ruined because of the flooding waters from a nearby creek.

The team behind Rocketship Education not only dedicates itself to helping empower the students who attend their schools, they also build beneficial connections with their families. This is accomplished by familiarizing their educators with the backgrounds of their student’s families as well as by providing the families with the tools needed to continue the education process at home. This network of schools also helps students learn to rise to the challenges and opportunities that life often brings. They accomplish this by creating models for healthy relationships within families and communities.

Building healthy relationships includes the encouragement parent participation. The team behind Rocketship Education has seen the positive results and success of their students come to fruition by allowing their parents to take an active role in the educational process. They often refer to this collaborative effort as a partnership in education. Within this network parents are given the opportunity to help name schools, interview prospective teachers and assist in forming the school’s activities for enrichment.

Students attending one of the Rocketship Education charter schools receive a well-rounded curriculum designed to help them graduate high school and go on to college. In addition to the core studies at these schools, they also offer several enrichment programs, which includes programs in engineering and technology as well as art and music. This specialized program offers students the ability to utilize critical thinking, creativity and teamwork. With a retention rate of almost 90 percent, the Rocketship Education program clearly encompasses the organization’s mission to unlock the potential in every child.

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SahmAdrangi: Taking Kerrisdale Capital Management to Greater Heights

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News about Kerrisdale Capital Management betting against a certain stock has reached Reuters through a valid source. A high number of investors have backed the company in the bet and thrown in an amount rounding up to a hundred million dollars. Kerrisdale is taking the hedge fund market by storm, and their business practice displays uniqueness in the way they carry it out.

In the past, hedge fund companies have raised money to support certain investment thesis. This is a usual happening and is nothing close to what Kerrisdale is doing. The company, a small firm headed by SahmAdrangi, is planning on using the gathered cash to short the stock of a certain public company that is yet to be unveiled. This act has not been done before, and if it has, it must have gone unnoticed.

Mr. Adrangi mentioned that the amount that the company was able to raise was meaningful and was raised within a very short while. This means that they were able to convince a considerable number of people in the society. Adrangi confirmed that everyone in the company was aware of all the details involved in the venture. He also stated that he was working with Shane Wilson, a fellow analyst at Kerrisdale, to create a video, a report, a website and many other platforms to convince the basis of their thesis and why they think it’s going to work.

The anonymous source claimed that the company that was yet to be unveiled to the public would be announced in May. Despite efforts by the press, the source failed to spill the beans since the information was supposed to remain hidden from the public till then. In the meantime, the company was making the necessary arrangements to ensure that the venture prospered.

Adrangi, who is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, has contributed to every huge stride that the company has made. The company was founded in 2009 and has been prospering over the years under the guidance of Adrangi. When being launched, Kerrisdale had less than one million dollars. Today, the company manages over one hundred and fifty million dollars and will continue to increase its worth in the coming years.


Meet Eric Lefkofsky the Great Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

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Eric Lefkofsky started doing business while in law school at the University of Michigan where he sold carpets. After school, he became the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. He leads the technology company in fighting cancer. Mr. Lefkofsky chairs Groupon by overseeing its activities in marketing since it is a global commerce market. He is also a co-founder of Echo Global Logistics, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, InnerWorkings, and Lightbank.

Eric Lefkofsky established Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The family institute works on improving the quality of life of the communities in the area. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky works in the management of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, and Art Institute of Chicago. He is a member of the managing board of Steppenwolf Theatre. At the University of Chicago, Lefkofsky is an author and tutor.

Philanthropic Work


The philanthropist supports educational movements in Chicago. He works with his loved ones to finance young children, disadvantaged youth, scholarship programs, and charter schools. Lefkofsky Family Foundation also develops tools for administrators and teachers like New Leaders and Educators groups. Eric Lefkofsky funds Moneythink program that provides instructors to teach financial education to schools in the urban region.


Eric and his family have enabled many people access medical care hence changing their lives. They support centers that carry out research and treatment of lung cancer, thyroid cancer, and leukemia for children. He is among the donors who give to the organizations that deal with cardiovascular disease, food allergies, celiac disease, and brain tumors.

Human Rights

Lefkofsky Family Foundation has interest in the human rights. The institute financed the Human Rights Watch to help with fighting for rights of the protected group. Other movements that benefit from the family initiative include Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Education Center, and Illinois Holocaust Museum.


Tempus is a technology company for battling cancer. It is building the largest library in the world for clinical and molecular data and an operating system to make the statistics accessible and useful. Tempus help healthcare professionals make personalized and real-time treatment decisions.


How Josh Smith Turns Entrepreneurial Challenges into Triumphs

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Reno-based serial entrepreneur and CEO of Modular Greenhouses, Josh Smith, has imparted his close to two decades of knowledge and skill for a positive approach to business with others.
He shared his entrepreneurial approach in a story at According to Smith, he guides the most straightforward course for businesses to follow by way of a focused vision and by associating with a team of specialists.

Smith revealed the importance of establishing an original and stimulating venture, such as a concept you would carry out regardless of time or cash on hand. He also talked about how necessity showed him the way to entrepreneurship. He explained how he has been continuously fascinated by how things work and when he comes across a problem he also finds a simple way to take care of it.

In a recent story about entrepreneurship posted on Forbes, the author calls attention to the importance of entrepreneurs to be leaders and chief executive officers and how incorporating the two is equally an art and a science. The author also advocates three methods that will give entrepreneurs a step up: making faster choices, having enhanced understanding and the right execution. Smith encapsulates these ideas and is primed for success.

Josh attributes the path he has taken from artist to creator to entrepreneur has made it possible for him to draw on both his originality and know-how in worldwide undertakings. He also said he brings ideas to life through drawing followed by writing about them.

Recently, Smith disclosed how he takes on activities that step up productivity and allow him to perform multiple functions. He pointed out the readiness to familiarize yourself with good information has developed into his best strategy in expanding his business.

Addressing the issue of making a major entrepreneurial error, Smith said he was about to concede defeat because of choosing the wrong people to go into business with. He has learned how to get much better in making these decisions.

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Paul Mampilly’s Take on The Involvement of Amazon in The Healthcare Sector

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Amazon is one of the world’s largest corporations. The company’s business ventures have seen the global brand become a household name. All this success is being attributed to the company’s adoption and incorporation of technology in the provision of services. What people quickly forget is that before Amazon was a corporation that invests significantly in space projects, in 1997 when the company went public, the price of its shares was $18.

Compared to selling books online alone, currently, Amazon has a multitude of products and services they offer. The recent addition to the list of services the company provides is movie and music streaming, food delivery and cloud computing. That aside, Amazon has considerable interests in the healthcare sector, which they intend on investing on shortly.

Paul Mampilly has been following this issue and recently addressed the implication of the giant corporation’s involvement in the healthcare industry. David Larsen is a professional analyst at a reputable brokerage company. He recently stated that the question that people are asking is wrong; investors shouldn’t ask if Amazon will invest in the healthcare sector. Instead, the question that they need to ask is, when the retail giant will start investing in the American and possibly global healthcare system.

Paul Mampilly has been sensitizing his audience to be attentive to the advice being offered by David Larsen. The reason behind this is that when Amazon invests in healthcare, the people who stand to lose the most are the current everyday investors who have their stakes in the healthcare industry.

From Paul Mampilly’s perspective, which many financial experts agree on, the options Amazon is considering to invest on are currently being held by investors who are the company’s followers and subscribers to its services. Once Amazon invests in stocks in healthcare that pays enormous dividends, the effect will be devastating as the portfolio of investors who have invested in healthcare will be affected.

Over the years, companies that Amazon has invested in have I one way, or the other stopped being profitable. What happens to these companies is that their business spirals down which leads to a decrease in the prices of their shares. Experts including Paul Mampilly refer to the phenomenon as being Amazoned.

Paul Mampilly is a former American head fund manager who was top in his field. Over his career, Paul had several accomplishments, and by 42 he had exited active employment. Paul is currently an investor and seasonal contributor at Banyan Hill.

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Equities First Holdings Australia

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Equities First Holdings has been operating for many years serving over thousands of customers everyday. This company provides clients with alternative financing, such as investments, stock-loans, supplying capital, and trading. Equities First Holdings wanted to expand their business, so with that being said; they have set up many different locations across the globe. This includes new offices in Australia, which are in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Since this business is expanding their site, it makes it more accessible and convenient for other clients globally.

In addition to these Australian offices, they have others located in Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Thailand, and Switzerland. Their company headquarters are also located in Indiana, USA.
Over the years, Equities First Holdings has helped clients gain over $1.4 billion dollars. They have also had over 700 successful transactions and low pay-back rates, which their customers love! This company continues to help clients across the world with strategic investments and gaining more for their money!

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Impressionable facts about Desiree Perez

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The United States has profoundly benefited from the profits generated by the music industry over the past years. Though the country has been putting a close eye on the entertainment industry for considerable period, it has for a few decades never gained huge revenues from the music industry like it recently gained. Billboard`s Digital Power Players are the major contributors towards the success of the music industry and through their excellent services, social media platforms as well as their music record deals, the industry has successfully delivered the best to its fans.

The various leaders with interest in improving the services in the music industry have gone an extra mile to ensure that the music creators receive good pay and that the music industry offers quality services with a close observation of the ever changing market trends. Among the major contributors to the success of the industry is Steve Boom, the vice president of Amazon Music, who has played a significant role in ensuring that music lovers get the best quality of music to suit their preferences. Besides, Stefan Blom the chief content officer of Spotify has seen the firm attract millions of customers due to their excellent music and services.

Desiree Perez has also put music at the forefront, and through her great entrepreneurial skills, she has seen the industry rise into one of the most lucrative ones in the market. Through the role she takes at Tidal, she saw the firm offer services to millions of customers, which has made the firm one of the most famous ones. Her vast knowledge and expertise in business has seen the firm enter into significant business deals with other prestigious companies. Desiree`s ventures have always attracted a high number of customers as well as huge profits. The renowned celebrity also has exceptional abilities in accounting.

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Tony Petrello

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Research and development is often championed as the gateway to the future, and the best route to increase the quality of life for everyone. However noble or essential the cause, it still suffers from need of funding. A problem patrons such as Tony Petrello hope to relieve. Petrello is single handedly responsible for a significant windfall for the cause. His support has already reached $5 million and he hopes to contribute an additional $2 million soon. The issue was first brought to his attention when his daughter Carena was born and diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. The condition is common among premature babies and often hampers development throughout their life. His quest for experts lead him to Texas Children’s hospital where he now a member of the board of trustees. Since discovering the hospital he has been a driving force in pushing for more research to aid kids like Carena. Petrello’s patronage extends beyond medical advances as well. He recently worked with Yale University to create an award given to individuals who exceed in the mathematics field. His original donation of $150,000 got the project off the ground but that is not all Petrello hopes to achieve with it. He has also pledge to match any donations made up to an additional $150,000. The award was created to honor his mentor and longtime friend Serge Lang. Serge Lang was a math professor at Yale and an inspiration not only to Petrello but to other members of his field.

The charitable contribution of Petrello are made possible through his professional success the foundation of which was built by his education. Petrello first embarked down the path of higher learning at Yale University where his efforts were rewarded with a bachelor’s of Mathematics and later a masters in Mathematics. For his Juris Doctor however, Petrello chose to attend and graduate from Harvard University’s law school. Utilizing his new skills obtained from law school he began professional career at Baker & McKenzie working there until 1991 when he resigned. After leaving Baker & McKenzie Petrello he took a position as a member of Nabors board of directors and the executive committee of the board. He now acts as the chairman of the board and chairman of the executive committee of the board as well as functioning as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

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