Billy McFarland: Known as a Technical Wizard Successfully Connects His Millennial Niche Audience to New York

Billy McFarland is the CEO of Spling and CEO of Magnises. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland provides his Millennial niche a way to connect with businesses and their virtual environment; and to pay for purchases, by way of his Magnises creation and offering. The product is a black, industrial strong metal card. The user can link a bank card or debit card to the fashionable black card to pay for purchases.

This is a handy arrangement, in that the black card provides the young professional, with much, in the way of terrific deals. Deals range in scope from that of reduced pricing, at the city’s premier hotels, and eateries; to accessing special events, private concerts, and the city’s trendiest nightclubs.

Too: McFarland created Spling. Spling is a virtual platform which takes a text-based URL and turns it into a mosaic of pictures, providing a virtual bulletin-board style of arrangement.

The Magnises product and Spling platform are products which the young professional market expects and embraces. Billy McFarland has made it his focus to provide his generation with what it is they are expecting, in way of pay arrangements; and accessibility to the eateries, clubs and events of their choosing, by way of the black Magnises card.

He further, allows his customer to enhance any text-based URL, by providing a platform, wherein, the client can turn a text-based environment into a mosaic, bulletin-board styled setup of appropriate imagery.

McFarland has been described, by major media sources, as a wizard of invention. With the creation of the preceding product offerings and services: the description is right on target.