The EOS Lip Balm Take Over

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EOS Lip Balm is invading every walk of life. The lip balm is on shelves in local retail stores, online stores, magazines, and websites. Famous celebrities are also wearing the lip balm and raving about the product. This leads to numerous people wondering about EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth. How did a small startup take over the lip balm market? For years, mega companies like Chapstick and Blistex ruled the market. Now, EOS has risen to the second best-selling lip balm on Walmart and Target supermarket today. Here is more on the rise of EOS

Explosive Growth

One research firm states that Evolution of responsible for the rapid growth of the lip balm industry. Their little orbs of natural and organic flavors gave rise to new interest in lip balms. Most of the interest was from the millennial generations that were interested in a more natural and organic lip balm to soothe their senses. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner, admits that in the beginning the company was only interested in finding a unique way to sell the product. Well, it certainly worked. The company focused on making the product more attractive by changing the design of the product and focusing in on improving the flavors. The redesign of the product caught the eye of the younger consumer and led to their interest and explosive growth in the highly saturated lip balm industry.

Targeting Markets

Of course, young Millennials embraced the new product, but the company was primarily focused on attracting more women too. The fact is that the majority of lip balm consumers are women. Therefore, they created a design, flavors, and scents that would appeal to the senses of the average woman. This was a radically different marketing concept that caught the market by surprise and it worked.