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Jason Hope Embraces The Future In Technology

Posted by JacobT on

Jason Hope is an authority on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a new wave of technology with the goal of making people’s lives easier. An example of this would be having the ability to turn down your crockpot while you were five miles away from the house at work. The two devices are connected and can sync to one another. The goal of the Internet of Things is to increase efficiency and decrease waste and could completely transform both business and personal

In the beginning it is believed that major companies will impart the use of the Internet of Things while others will take it on later in order to keep up with the competition. Likewise, for individuals it is just a convenience at the moment but will become a part of everyday life in the future. Therefore, the companies offering the Internet of Things to their customers will focus on creating the most innovate and relative apps. For the human race, this could increase efficiency in important aspects of life such as GPS tracking when looking for someone who lives rurally and needs help.

Jason Hope is the authority on this because he has extensive knowledge in the technology background. A graduate of Arizona State University, Hope focuses on helping students who desire to create the latest technological advancement by offering them grants in order to get their innovations to the market. He also donates to the SENS foundation. Jason Hope is focused on the future embracing technology.