How Arthur Becker is Advancing his Entrepreneurial Endeavors by Investing in the Real Estate and Biotech Sectors

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In the wake of technological advances, management strategies adopted by entrepreneurs are supposed to be on par with the business. Talent also plays a crucial role in the excellence of business. As one of the managers of Madison Partners with over a decade of know-how in investing, Arthur Becker believes that talented individuals should run businesses.

Madison Partners is an investment firm that focuses on budding biotech ventures and the real estate sector. Before joining the company’s leadership team, Becker worked as the chairperson and chief executive officer of Zinio, an established digital newsstand. He also served as the CEO of a NASDAQ quoted company known as NaviSite. His role as CEO was to oversee the company’s Internet technology services that were provided to clients in the U.S., UK, and India.

Madison Partners’ Success Story

Arthur Becker gained experience in technology and real estate operations as he was working for NaviSite and Zinio. He became passionate about investing in residential properties in Miami FL and New York City. He was also exposed to the several budding biotech companies. Madison Partners came into existence out of his ambition to serve clients in the real estate and biotech sectors. Madison’s vision is to make a positive impact on clients’ lives.

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Becker’s Principles of Productivity

As a businessperson, Arthur Becker believes in the art of teamwork. Scheduled meetings and conference calls usually characterize his official working days. Becker prefers working in an environment where people he respects surround him. His work as a chief principal Madison Partners involves organizing and planning the work of other experts in the company.

According to The Real Deal, Becker is currently working on a residential development in New York City. The development entails the construction of townhomes along the city’s Sullivan Street. Becker’s plans involve constructing a luxurious residential condominium in Tribeca.

As an entrepreneur, Arthur Becker believes that success in managing any business relies on an entrepreneur’s ability to balance between passion and critical thinking. According to him, entrepreneurs should have clear visions and relentless drive for them to succeed in the ever-changing economy.  More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.