Jason Hope Sees Future Challenges as Tractable

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Jason Hope, the internet entrepreneur from Arizona most famous for starting premium mobile service content provider Jawa, has recently taken to the internet to talk about the future course that technologies encompassed by The Internet of Things will likely take.

Hope is not completely naive about the potential consequences of widespread introduction of this employment displacing technology. Jason Hope readily acknowledges that many of today’s workers may in the future face stark probabilities of unemployment. But Hope also believes there’s a silver lining to that particular problem. He thinks that many of these workers will be able to enjoy vastly more leisure time than any of their predecessors from generations past.

Nevertheless, Hope is realistic about the fact that many industries in the coming years may face radical transformations to their workforces. One example of this is fast food. In California, the chain Eatsa has already managed to virtually do away with fast food employees. Through the complete automation of all kitchen processes, the chain has managed to effectively eliminate the chief cost that fast food franchises have to contend with, their staff and what Jason knows.

Hope realizes that the vast majority of these low-level employees with minimal skills will not be able to be retrained as, for example, computer scientists. However, Hope believes that the massive increases in efficiency and productivity will create so much wealth that there will be plenty to go around for all. The people who would have, in eras past, been low-level employees will now enjoy unprecedented amounts of leisure-time and a universal basic income and more information click here.

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