How NuoDB Can Change The Face Of Databases

Posted by JacobT on

Over the past few years, NoSQL databases have being reigning supreme. Picking up steam right behind it is NewSQL, which is a great choice for anyone new to the scene. The NuoDB is part of a new wave, one that was founded by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris. In its current 2.6 version as of January 2017, it can be argued that the NuoDB is also useful for old-time database users. More than just a compatibility update, this new version improves on their pluggable language model in ways that has never been seen in the industry. Organizations that are still tied to SQL database will find that the NuoDB satisfies all of the traditional requirements of old and new cloud databases. So whatever systems need to be transitioned, they can be done in a much more efficient way than past iterations. The only thing that companies need to figure out is what version they’re going to put their trust in. Currently the NuoDB is available in pay-as-you-scale, free open source and an Amazon Cloud Edition. Starting out with the free open source edition should provide a nice testing ground for interested parties. And from there they can decide if the NuoDB will be the solution that leads their databases into the future.