Real Estate Investment with JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto

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Commercial properties in Brazil are developed by many real estate companies like JHSF. JHSF also develops residential properties since it opened its doors in 1972. In a bid to grow its business, the company now develops shopping malls and airports in Brazil. It is a force to reckon with in real estate commercial market acquisition.


The hub of JHSF’s operations is in Salvador. The company also operates in Manaus and Sao Paulo. The main source of its wealth comes from its restaurants and airports. Now, with the development of hotels and shopping centers, the company is rapidly growing. JHSF restructuring plans carried out in 2006 brought to the fold companies like SAES, Vista, Santa Cruz and CPIC among others.

JHSF, in a big to grow its influence in the hotels and catering business acquired majority of the Hotel Fasano shares. Later it bought the hotel. The subsequent acquisition of all Hotel Fasano’s hotel chains propelled JHSF into the front pouches of the catering and development hospitality industry in Brazil. These chains were acquired at a pretty penny: ’53 million reais’.

Jose Neto

Jose Neto is the principal executive authority at JHSF. As the Chief executive, he is also charged with commercial development oversight. He supervises and follows all residential development plans even as he sits as chairman of JHSF ‘board of directors’.

Complexes such as ‘the Cidada Jardim and the Metro Tucuruv have been put up under the keen scrutiny of Jose Auriemo Neto. These complexes are based in Sao Paulo and Manaus respectively. Other complexes being developed are the Manaus based Ponta Negra and the Bela Vista. The expansion plans by Jose Neto also purposes to increase shopping complexes in the company’s portfolio.

Academic Achievement and Work

Like many successful Brazilians, Jose Auriemo Neto graduated from ‘Fundacao Armando Alvares Panteado (FAAP) University’. It was in 1993 that he started as an employee at JHSF. After some time, he rose to the position of a board member from 1999. He is also an YPO member. In order to grow the company, he introduced service departments. The Parkbem, a company dealing in parking, was quite successful resulting in JHSF’s board to allow Neto’s further expansion plans.