How Greg Aziz Became CEO of National Steel Car

Being born in 1949, Greg Aziz became one of the most influential professionals in the company National Steel Car, being the Chairman of the board of the firm and the Chief Executive Officer.

Having graduated from the Western University of Ontario, he was born in Canada, and lived most of his childhood in the country until he moved to the United States because of business matters.

Right after graduating from the University, he was already training to become a powerful businessman and entrepreneur, as he was already working for Affiliated Foods, a company in the food department. During his time working with the firm, for around four years, the company grew exponentially larger, being a strong supplier of fresh food items in both Latin America, some countries in South America, many nations in Europe and potentially Asia in the future. The business was going very well for Affiliated Foods, and it was almost rivaling the client base of the OSI Group, one of the biggest fresh food suppliers in the world.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_1180/rail-car-plant.jpg


The businessman Greg J Aziz left the company to proceed in his career, which would potentially be in the food department.Greg, however, entered the profession of an investment banker in the big city of New York, and stayed with the company for several years until he would acquire the National Steel Car firm from Dofasco.

Having bought the ownership of the enterprise in 1994, he got a company that was barely competing with the local market, which meant that business wasn’t doing well at all. However, after two years passed under the leadership of Greg Aziz, the company grew much larger and became one of the strongest car producers in the local industry. The production rose by a big margin, the quality of the equipment and of the National Steel Car railroads also increased, and the firm was acquiring lots of influence in the field, with potential partners appearing everywhere. For many years, the company won the TTX SECO awards because of its production quality and impressive growth rate. National Steel Car was already worth the amount that it was acquired from the Entrepreneur not long ago.

Right now, National Steel Car is still in high production rate and is one of the best railroad industries in the market. Greg, as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, has made a small, not inspiring company into a competitive and formidable force.