The Role of AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors is a company that works on delivering financial security to various organizations that are in great need of it. AXA Advisors is a French International Organization. It was founded in the year 1859. This organization has always been competent in what it does especially being available and dedicated to their customers. On the other hand, the customers are always satisfied with the services they receive from the company. Their services are investment management and worldwide insurance.

In the year 2016, the firm collaborated with the best global brands to make more success. Some of the places where the company’s business is in are; North America, The Middle East, The Asia Pacific Region and Western Europe. Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie used to be the name of AXA Advisors. It was able to buy Winterthur group worth €9 billion. According to Wallet Hub, this group is famous for being the top insurance organization in Switzerland.

AXA Advisors is a firm that also helps the community to do better; they are in association with charitable firms so that they can work together in making the society better. It is situated in Paris at the 8th arrondissement. They have been able to come up with AXA Research fund; it has been able to reduce difficulties that are connected with humanity, community, and environment.

AXA Advisors’ top leader is Vincent Parascandola, he is the senior vice president of the company. His duty is being in charge of fresh financial professionals, sales, efficiency and employment growth. He first was hired as an agent at Prudential. He has been in the business industry for 25 years. After leaving Prudential he moved to MOY Life Insurance Company. He was able to join AXA Advisors due to his incredible skills in management. Vincent Parascandola graduated from Pace University with a degree in science.

According to, he previously was the president of AXA Equitable Unit and was also appointed as the co-administrator in New York at the firm’s branch. He then became the senior vice president of the firm. Vincent’s effort in the company was greatly awarded; he got Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development.