Ending Citizens United Could Be The First Step In Fighting Corrupt Spending

The recent reports of Russian companies purchasing politically charged Facebook advertisements in order to influence the 2016 presidential election come as no surprise these days. Robert Mueller, special counsel in the Trump investigation has been consistently uncovering evidence in his investigation. In addition, there have been numerous investigations by a number of independent committees on the possible connections between Russia and the Trump/Pence campaign.

While it’s not yet clear whether or not American politicians have colluded with Russian Officials, one thing is for certain: The elected officials of the US have been entirely complicit in encouraging corrupt financial contributions, and the degrading of the US electoral process.

The Citizens United Case; Why It Could Spell Disaster
Foreign-owned companies are currently able to heavily influence US elections financially. The reason for this is due to work by all three branches of the US government, and a controversial decision by the Supreme Court in 2010. These actions and the court case have given foreign entities a significant amount of sway in elections within the US.

The 2010 Citizens United v. the U.S. Federal Election Commission case and the controversial decision of the Supreme Court in the conclusion of this case was the primary contributor to this. The case set this dangerous precedent by classifying political donations as free speech, and giving advocacy groups, labor unions, and corporations the ability to make unlimited donations to political campaigns under the free speech protections of the constitution.

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Why American Elections Have Foreign Influences
While the rules of US elections don’t technically allow foreign entities to contribute financially to US political campaigns, the enforcement of this rule has proven to be extremely difficult.

With extreme amounts of laxity in US campaign financing laws, and very little knowledge on what action can even be taken should they be broken, it’s nearly impossible to prevent foreign financial interference.

End Citizens United Tries To Put A Stop To Foreign Influences
Democratic politicians have grown tired of this rampant political spending, and have made a number of proposals to help reign it in. They have also secured the backing of End Citizens United, a political action committee which aims to rescind the Citizens United ruling.

A non-profit organization, which subsists entirely on donors, End Citizens United have made it their stated goal to limit the currently significant influences of money, both by foreign sources and by corporations in the US political sphere. They have managed to employ effective grassroots practices in order to show their support for political candidates that show dedication to financial reforms for political campaigns.

End Citizens United aims to create a less corrupt democratic process in the US, and they aim to do so by bringing things like dark money, and other sources of corruption into the public eye, and to push for reforms that limit these corruptions.

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