Atlantic City Residents Excited by Boraie Development’s Plans

There will be a new development in Atlantic City. Atlantic City has been in decline for the past ten years. It has been hurt by developments of casinos in other cities surrounding it. This has hurt the gambling industry in Atlantic City. however, this new development, which is going to be worth eighty one million dollars, will surely start the way up for the city.

The new development will be built by Boraie Development. Boraie Development is well known for their projects in New Brunswick, where they have improved the city and turned it from a city that was rapidly declining to a city that started flourishing. Now they are bringing their magic to Atlantic City, and the people in Atlantic City are excited.

Boraie Development knows what people these days look for in apartments. They keep up with all the latest trends in real estate. They are going to be providing their apartments with all the latest amenities, such as a lounge with television, a pool, and a gym. This will start attracting a lot of young people, and the economy will start flourishing in Atlantic City, just as it did in New Brunswick.

Sixty one percent of the buildings in Atlantic City are more than forty years old. It is time for new buildings to start being built, and Boraie Development is certainly the company for the job.

Omar Boraie is the head of Boraie Development. He is often regarded as a visionary who has seen many things that others have not seen. When it comes to real estate in New Jersey, Omar is truly a hero. New Brunswick used to be this dilapidated city that nobody wanted to move to. People who did already live there would rather have moved out, and most people were afraid to roam the streets after four in the afternoon. Omar, however, saw that New Brunswick had a future, and he was determined to bring that future into existence. People were generally incredulous at the beginning, but after everything started working out and his developments started becoming popular and successful, everyone realized that he could see things in advance the entire time.

He has truly turned it around. Many young people started moving into New Brunswick, and it is hoped that Atlantic City will see the same economic upturn that New Brunswick saw. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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