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Trabuco – One Of History’s Most Important Weapons Of War

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Bred as a weapon of war and dating back as far as the Middle Ages, the Trabuco was once an incredibly popular weapon. It was most widely used to break and crush the way through the walls of an enemy, and was one of the greatest weapons of its time.

On one end is a sling which will hold the propellant, it is attached to a tall wooden pole. The general idea of Trabuco is that once a projectile was placed in the sling, a counterweight would force the opposite end of the pole down which in turn would send the sling end up in the air forcing the projectile to fly out of the sling towards a target. For those of the time who used this ancient weapon of war, it is believed they could hurdle a projectile weighing roughly 140 kilos through the air at incredibly high speeds and hit a target that was about 800 meters away with very decent accuracy. For a time in history when the world was fighting over land and religion, this type of weapon could alter the course of a war.

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Trabucos were invented around 400 BC in China and about two hundred years later they made their way into Europe. This machine was so popular that it was not abandoned until the invention of gunpowder. The first mention of these machines in history comes from an Islamic scholar named Mardi Al-Tarsusi who wrote that Trabucos were machines that had been invented by unbelieving demons. The trabucos took about twelve days to build and as they became more popular, some were even built on wheels to allow them to be moved to locations more easily. They came in many sizes, and it is rumored that Charles VII of France demanded a Trabuco be built that could throw a rock that weighed 800 kilos, and Ashyun used rocks that weight up to 1500 kilos in theirs according to pt.bab.la. The average weight hurtled at enemies tended to be closer to the 50-100 kilo area. In some occasions throughout history, trabucos were involved in early cases of biological warfare. Disease infected bodies were launched at those under attack in an attempt to infect them with numerous diseases. In some cases it has been recorded that when stones weren’t available, these machines threw cows, sand barrels, horses, heads and even still living people great distances during war times.

This brutal machine changed the way wars were fought in its day. It had a long life and centuries of glory as it continued to be used for war after war. It was updated to include a counterweight which offered more accuracy and then used human strength which was found to have the most accuracy available for this weapon according to banco.bradesco. It fell obsolete when gun powder entered the world, but these war machines left quite a big impact on the world.

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