How Fagali’i Airport Offers Access To Apia, Samoa

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Fagali’I Airport is the nearest airport to Apia, Samoa. It is located at latitude -13.8333 and longitude -171.733. Just one airline uses this airport which is Samoa Airways, formerly known as Polynesian Airlines. This airline is owned by Samoa and was established in 1959. The flights from Fagali’I Airport land at Pago Pago, American Samoa which are just 123 km apart from one another.

Being a small aiport, Fagali’I Airport is made up of one building where everything is housed, including customs and customer service booths. Otherwise it just contains some plastic chairs for people to sit in while waiting for their flight. People don’t stay long at Fagali’I Airport, though, as they only fly during the day and have a flight every 30 minutes.


Samoa Airways uses four airplanes to land at Fagali’I Airport. These are one Boeing 737-800 and three De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter. The Boeing plane is only flown on one air route a day while each of the Twin Otter have three flights a day. There haven’t been any accidents since 1997. It was in that year that one of their Twin Otter had a crash during bad weather, killing two passengers and a pilot.

According to Lonely Planet, there are a lot of things to do once you have left Fagali’I Airport. One of the cultural highlights is known as Samoa Cultural Village. It is open each weekday and features interactive sessions where fun and very knowledgable hosts lead people through the village. Guests can see things like woodworking, weaving, how they make siapo (clothing), dance, and other cultural things. At the end of the visit the guests get to eat lunch which comes from a hot-stone oven.

For those looking for something to do during Apia’s nightlife, Lonely Planet suggests going to Ace of Clubs. It is one of the newest clubs in this city and features laser-lights and a buoyant crowd who dance to the latest hits. It also has a really good drinks menu and the security staff is evidently very good at what they do so everyone will experience a safe night out.

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