NPG VAN Reduces the Noise in Campaign Canvassing

Posted by JacobT on

Innovative application platforms like NGP VAN greatly reduce the noise in campaign canvassing. Once upon a time, political campaigns underwent costly, tedious, and sometimes wasteful organization and planning prior to the technology wave. In most cases, campaign outreach solutions were underdeveloped and nonspecific. Efforts tended to be generic and stoic. Unfortunately, campaign results were indicative of such inundated efforts. However, NGP VAN is providing the resources needed through its cutting-edge technologies that are allowing the organization to provide the tools and resources to accomplish canvassing in a very efficient and effective manner. With the development of the NGP VAN Minivan application that is utilized on the Apple and Android smartphones and an opportunity to improve on this proven political process has allowed this organization to revolutionize the Democratic party’s effectiveness.

NGP VAN is an innovative technology company who provides an integrated platform solution to campaigns, organizations, and committees. The company offers a structured platform that was developed or Democratic party campaigns. The platform was created for canvassing with purpose and consistency. New technology used within NGP VAN is great in the technological infrastructure. It is needed to advance the Democratic Party’s door-to-door canvassing campaigns and to establish a blueprint to capitalize on this newly found technology.

NGP VAN continues to provide the streamline processes that allow the company to actually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its canvassing staff and eliminate inefficiencies through the planning of maps and walk lists. This creates opportunities for them to utilize time and energy in a passionate effort to produce voter pitches that are extremely targeted and effective. NGP VAN also is able to produce high-level reporting and data collection opportunities with the innovation within NGP VAN Minivan applications for Android and iOS devices. Canvassers continue to operate their door-to-door campaigns but are empowered with the tools and resources needed to accomplish the task in a more effective and user-friendly way. The resources available in the Minivan application allows canvassers to pinpoint there sales pitch with real-time data from voter registrations and other publicly available voters demographic information. By continuing to streamline their processes, NGP VAN is reducing the noise of the campaign harvesting process by utilizing new technologies and software created by the organization.

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