Importance of Globalization and the Digital Age with Kamil Idris

Posted by JacobT on

The world is rapidly changing thanks to the effects of globalization. It is now convenient to speak with someone from the other side of the planet because of the prevalence of technology that can be used to communicate. Information can also be shared instantly because of the internet. Globalization made the world smaller, and the digital age is just the beginning. Another factor that can be assessed during the digital age is the prevalence of intellectual properties, but it is slowly becoming a problem especially for the creators to protect their works. Intellectual property is the term used to describe an artistic creation or an invention that needs to be copyrighted, trademarked, or patented, and people are paying just to protect their rights on the things that they are creating.

Kamil Idris is one of those who claims that if a state is ready to protect their intellectual properties, then they are headed for growth and prosperity. For him, intellectual property is part of a country’s culture and identity, and the state must do everything they can to protect it. The development follows after the citizen knows that their government is ready to protect their intellectual property. One of the main issues that the creative people are facing today is the stealing and the copying of their inventions, and if the government could really prove that they can help their citizens to protect their creations, many will be inspired to create a new one because they have the confidence that the government would never let someone steal their work.

However, the motion from Kamil Idris is only realized in a few countries, as only a handful of state has laws concerning the protection of their citizen’s intellectual properties. Another problem revolves around the fact that globalization made it possible for things to be sent in just a matter of seconds, and this is the problem facing creators who make music, movies, and the likes. This is where organizations like the WCT and the WPPT comes in, as they are doing their best to counter internet piracy to protect intellectual properties, and they wanted to bring back the confidence to creative people who keep on making new things.