Hussain Sajwani is an Excellent Role Model for Emerging Entrepreneurs

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Life is better and more comfortable when you are in charge of most of your activities. In business especially, life gets better when clients flock into the interface in search of products. While these are fundamental facts for entrepreneurs and their success, it is also factual that for an individual to succeed in business, he or she must face all the impending challenges head-on. There is no better individual to tell this story than Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner because for the years he has been in business, a lot of what he touched succeeded. More than that, he built an empire through his entrepreneurial networks. To understand his success story, let us highlight his early life and career journey.

Early Life

In 1954, two lovers gave life to a baby boy and named him Hussain Sajwani. The parents raised him in a modest family where responsibilities were often shared amongst themselves. Besides, his father owned a shop where he sold stationery and other items that were more relevant to men. While growing up, Hussain Sajwani closely worked with his father. Moreover, he looked up to him not only as a father but a role model in business. As such, the child who was a teenager at that moment drew leadership skills and managed to incorporate these skills into the same industry. Therefore, he had learned a lot about business at his tender age. For a person who grew up working with his father in a shop, it was only reasonable for him to aspire to be like his father. However, Sajwani the current DAMAC owner decided to pursue a sole proprietorship away from home. While this sounds easy when written, it was a difficult choice for him to make as his father partly relied on his son’s expertise to run the business while he retires.


Nevertheless, Sajwani insisted on pursuing his dreams by enrolling at a medicine school situated in Baghdad, his neighboring town. Of course, that was a blow to his father as he was meant to stay at home and run the shop.However, being a self-made man with dreams to chase, he focused more on the outcome rather than the impact of his decisions on his father.

The Career

Sajwani was studious. However, he dropped out of the school of medicine to pursue economics at the world-class Washington University. Moreover, he passed with honors and managed to secure a job at an oil and gas firm called GASCO where he worked as the credit manager.

The Outline of his Career

After working from GASCO for some time, the DAMAC owner decided to quit and start a business in food catering. His decision to start the business relied on extensive market research indicating that the business was more viable than others. While the DAMAC owner was hesitant at first, he garnered the courage to invest in the business. Luckily for him, it fetched millions that he used to establish DAMAC Properties.
Over the years, the DAMAC owner has displayed the value of staying on the right course of business even when facing challenges. Moreover, he has shared critical information on the importance of cultivating the virtue of patience and resilience.

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