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Wen by Chaz: Inspiring Confidence

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In today’s day and age, everyone has a voice, and that is a wonderful thing. People are not afraid to be honest, speak their mind, and give their unfiltered view on things. A recent article on Bustle.com, which can be found here, http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened, by Emily McClure recently did that. She talked about the popular product WEN Hair by Chaz. In case you are unfamiliar with it, it is time to learn about it, as it is in all-in-one product that works as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. There is no need to buy three or four products to get the results you want and need. You get them all in one with this product.

She posted pictures on Facebook for seven days and talked about her results. She was not afraid to talk about it, and as with most critics, she didn’t hold back. However, this time, it was a very positive review. This QVC often advertised product worked within days and by day seven, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing and how much her fine hair had changed. The most amazing thing about this product is the amount of compliments she received by others about her hair and how good she felt when going out.

When we leave the house, we all want to feel good about ourselves. We want to walk with our head held high and we want to feel like we can take on anything that life throws our way. When she left the house, people noticed a difference. How many times have you gotten a haircut and no one even made a single comment about it? With Wen hair by Chaz, there will be a new one and people will notice you in the best possible way. This is a great article that I highly recommend you read, as it goes in great detail and features fantastic writing.

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The Advantages of FreedomPop

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Of all the mobile carriers that have become readily available around the world, one particular mobile carrier stands out as being both of high quality as well as cheap. This mobile carrier is FreedomPop and offers consumers a high quality product that includes free services. Founder and creator of this company, Stephen Stokols has created this company with the mindset that wifi and mobile services should be a right rather than just a luxury that is not affordable by those with certain incomes. Stephen Stokols started his company in Los Angeles and has since then spread his company to become an international mobile carrier.

With many reviews to support this claim, FreedomPop has been deemed to be one of the cheapest mobile carriers in the world. Rather than paying for data connection, users of this carrier pay for data services. FreedomPop is able to produce a cheap product due to the fact that the carrier does not rely on cell phone towers, but instead relies on mobile hot spots. Some of the free services that are included with a small signup fee to this company includes free text messages, free voice calls, as well as free data. Though this company has only been available to the public for five years, FreedomPop has already spread on the international scale.

For those who are thinking of switching to FreedomPop as a mobile carrier, it is important to recognize that the mobile carrier works best in urban areas where mobile hot spots are more available. If one are an individual who is living in a rural area, FreedomPop may not be the best choice in a mobile service. To figure out what carrier would be the best one depending on the living location, ask a friend or any individual who uses FreedomPop within the area.

FreedomPop has done what no other company has done and has created a mobile service that no longer relies on cell phone power. College students or young individuals who are looking for a cheap plan, this service may be the ideal choice. In addition to this, FreedomPop works through Sprint as a network. For any individual with a Sprint device, there is no need to switch mobile devices when using FreedomPop as a new provider. This new mobile carrier is fast, efficient, and offers quality products that includes internet as well as various high quality phone choices to be chosen from.

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News About SEC Whistleblower Attorney

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Hearing about a Whistleblower is more common than it used to be. Employees want to work for companies that stand by their word and treat customers and employees fairly. They want to be proud of their employers and feel connected to their policiies and believe in what they are doing. It makes everyone accountable and trustworthy.

Since 2010 when the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed by Congress, there are more protections and incentives that encourage Whistleblowers to keep their industry safe and secure and protect their clients and employees. For an in-depth review, please check out the SEC Whistleblower Advocate Program by following this link SEC whistleblower program. There is a wealth of information about the rights and protections and guidelines for anyone interested in pursuing a case of this nature.

Devote some time to read through the information available in the SEC Whistletblowers’ Advocacy Program at the site above and understand what you are doing and how the process works. If you decide to pursue your subject, make sure your have all your information and facts ready to substantiate your case.

Take advantage of the topics already researched, SEC Insiders’ Guide, SEC Whistleblowers’ Program Handbook, SEC Law Primer, SEC Whistleblowers’ Eligibility Calculator and the SEC Whistleblowers’ Security Database. They even offer a free case evaluation feature. Many of the questions you may have are probably already answered and this will give anyone interested in pursuing such a case a concise overview and lots of new topics for discussion.

When you are ready to begin, organize your thoughts and ideas and do your diligent research and make sure you can back up your case with the proper information, reports and resources.

The goal here is to keep everyone honest and not set out to harm or embarrass others. Maybe your report will encourage someone to take a look at their processes and improve them for the company and the client. A good result here could help the company streamline a process, save the company time and money and help employees be more responsive to clients needs. It does not have to be a negative venture. The best outcome is one where all the parties gain knowledge, skills and good practices that benefit everyone.

Your company may be grateful for the time and effort you take to improve their business practices and make it easier and beneficial to all involved in the process.

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Evaluating Ross Abelow’s Remarkable Career

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The City of New York is famed for its ability to attract millions of go-getting individuals. Some of the most distinguished law firms have also set up shop in this amazing metropolis. This multiplicity can make finding a good lawyer in the city daunting. Ross Abelow has however managed to carve a niche for himself as the go-to New York attorney. He has successfully offered representation to hundreds of clients, something that has put him in a class of his own within the city’s legal circles.

Abelow’s Specialty

Mr. Abelow is among the best trained attorneys in the United States. The New York University alumnus was awarded his law degree at Brooklyn College in 1989. His student years gave him an insight about the legal needs of clients in the city. It similarly helped him develop strong ties and affection towards the city. This has been crucial to the success of his practice. For over two decades, Abelow has mainly focused on marital law, entertainment law, business law and family law. Despite his relative diversification, he has positively impacted on each individual area of specialization.

The attorney has particularly been interested in entertainment law during the course of his hugely successful career. He has had the privilege of working with notable entertainers within the city’s entertainment circles. Of particular interest to him has been helping the entertainers to copyright their intellectual property. He has similarly helped many entertainers to negotiate record deals and performance contracts. By handling some of the most intricate contract disputes, Mr. Abelow gives his clients the opportunity to perfect their art.

On matters of divorce and family law, Abelow has been dedicated in his quest to help clients attain favorable settlements. He does this in line with the fact that divorce cases are emotionally draining and complicated. He takes so much pleasure in seeing clients settle for settlements that guarantee their well-being following the completion of the cases. He not only focuses on offering representation but also gives them useful legal counsel. His commitment has seen him emerge victorious in most of the cases that he has handled.

Philanthropic Causes

Abelow’s interests go beyond his legal career. Being an animal lover at heart, he has been on the lead as far as advocating for the rights of animals is concerned. He recently unveiled a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds, which will be used to avail basic amenities such as food and shelter to animals during winter seasons. This unique charity demonstrates his all-round nature.

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Ross Abelow: Providing Sound Legal Guidance

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Legal Services for Divorcees and Entertainers
Ross Abelow is quite well-known in the New York area. He is known as a trustworthy attorney who can be relied on to offer sound legal guidance to every client. He provides superior services in the entertainment and divorce areas. He can be counted on to work with any divorcing couple from the start of the process and he will complete the divorce right to the end. He will ensure that every legal consideration and issue will be covered. Abelow is a very versatile lawyer in the city of New York. He knows that the laws can be quite complex to many. This is especially true with the entertainment laws. He has his own unique style when it surrounds these sensitive legal matters. He is an experienced attorney. Professional with a personal and soft touch is a good way to handle divorces. Ross Abelow is ready to be a guiding legal professional to those divorcing and for those who may need sound legal guidance within the entertainment industry.

A Good Lawyer by Your Side
Some of the most distinguished entertainers have greatly appreciated having a good lawyer by their side. He is ready to assist any entertainer with the following:
* legal disputes
* intellectual property
* contracts
* more sensitive issues
A good lawyer by the side of every entertainer and anyone going through a divorce will benefit greatly with a good lawyer by their side. Experience and knowledge from a professional will create a smooth and less-complicated experience for everyone involved. Legal representation is very valuable. Ross Abelow is a qualified attorney who is ready to offer his skills and guidance to every client.

Standing Out in the Law With Added Experience
Ross Abelow is an attorney who seems to stand out amongst many. It may be his years of experience that have led many individuals to come to him for legal advice. Satisfaction from his clients seems to be a given. Every client who has sought legal assistance from Ross Abelow has appreciated having their case be placed in capable hands. His reputation makes this distinguished attorney stand out and apart. He is a graduate from Brooklyn Law School. He has a fine reputation and he does stand out because he can offer his experience to his valued clients. His credentials speak volumes.

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Securus Technologies Stands Behind the Corrections Industry by Means of Improved Technologies

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The Securus’ Investigative Solutions Redesign is clearly enviable. The user interface is upgraded and according to PR Newswire, is the latest in way of the best in technologies, specifically created for the Internet. The product redesign is exceptional in that it preserves the same industrial-strength analytical features, as the initial design. It provides prospects with a reliable product and is what customers expect with regard to an intelligent software solution. The redesign of the product is much more user-friendly, in way of use. The product provides the user with an overall better experience when using the system.
What has happened, with the product, in general, is that it has been made much more leaner and meaner as it pertains to the interface. System actions that are not necessary have been removed from the new product or upgrade. The experience, for the user, in using the product, is that it is much more navigable. Additionally, record loading and the function of search, each, have been much improved. Consequently, the result is an increase in system performance, allowing the user to attain a better experience with regard to his or her overall use of the product.
The 3.1 analytical tool, designed for the corrections industry, is clearly one of the best in the industry

What I believe is useful is that the release of 3.1 upgrades the software platform to a higher level. It is upgraded from that of Silverlight to HTML 5. The upgrade makes it possible for a direct integration between that of Securus products. In example, a direct integration is possible between the upgrade and the SCP or Secure Call Platform.

The interface, being much more user-friendly, makes it possible for the investigator to make use of a tool which proves more proactive in the support of his or her daily activities and on-going investigations.

Securus has put forth the effort to develop a software tool which requires little in way of training. It is important to note that the product is very technologically sound. It can easily be classified as a most intuitive tool. It provides leads, to the investigator, that are highly focused.

The preceding said, the product THREADS 3.1 is inclusive of other significant features such as the capability to listen to SCP calls. The product provides the user with analysis, in real time. It provides its user with reports of a sensitive, confidential nature, as well as custom mapping and printing features.

THREADS, for years, has been the benchmark, in way of a regular investigation solution. It provides its user with features such as detection, identification and reporting of calling patterns made by inmates which prove highly suspicious in nature.

In summary, the THREADS 3.1 product is a very highly-refined, technological tool in way of an upgrade.

About Securus Technologies:

Securus Technologies is headquartered within the Dallas, Texas area. It serves more than three-thousand law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies.

Securus Technologies has made the commitment to service its clients by way of providing emergency response services, management of incidents, biometric analysis, management of information and communication, and more in order to make the world more secure.

Individuals wishing to learn more about the company’s many technologically advanced products are encouraged to pay Securus Technologies a visit at SecurusTechnologies.com. Watch the Youtube campaign video to learn more.

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Luciana Lóssio: Success as a Lawyer, Minister, and Equestrian Champion

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The Minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (SET), Luciana Lóssio, has a successful career in advocacy. She received her degree, Electoral Rights, from the Central University of Brasilia in 1999, the same year she was accepted into the Order of Brazilian Lawyers. Beside her graduate degree, the minister earned three postgraduate degrees as well: first in Procedural Civil Rights, secondly in State and Constitutional Rights, and recently obtained another in Legal Order and Public Ministry. Lóssio also is a member of the Brazilian Electoral Rights Institute.

During her career as a lawyer, Lóssio has handled some important clients, including various governors and high ranking members of the Executive Branch. Aside from professional conquests, the Minister also has contributed to important victories for women. She made history as the first female lawyer to step into the position of Minister of the SET in 2011.

The acting minister of the SET also served in the Republic Prosecuting General for seven years, working beside two ex-prosecuting general employees: Cláudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro. During her service to the Republic Prosecuting General, Luciana was brought in as a highly qualified and brilliant consultant by the SET for a number of important cases.

Luciana Lóssio has demonstrated exemplary knowledge in diverse fields of law. Her ability to deal with highly complex situations and cases unquestionably validate her ability to serve as Titular Minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal. Lóssio’s skills are of utmost importance in a time of political crisis and in the year before elections. She will most assuredly contribute significantly to the success of the SET institution.

Luciana Lóssio also has a hobby on the weekends; equestrianism. She started to learn the art of riding at the age of six and has learned over time to balance her professional career with her passion for riding. Her dedication has earned her the title of Champion Brazilian Amateur Jumper, held in Brasília, over forty other male and female riders. At the event, Luciana received perfect marks three consecutive times while riding her horse, Nikita. She has even represented Brazil in equestrian competitions abroad where she has always counted on the support of her father on the track.

Conquering obstacles both with competence and resourcefulness, whether it is on the equestrian track or in the courts, Luciana, despite her youth, could play a key role in strengthening the Brazilian Institutions of Law.

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Dog's Health

What is on Beneful’s menu for my best friend?

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Does your dog love chicken, beef or salmon. Maybe he loves all. Don’t worry Beneful can help. Beneful is a Nestle PurinaStore company. They began offering dog food products in 2001. Their idea was a very nutrient rich, antioxidant packed dog food. They accomplished this in a variety of different options and food products for you dog.
Across the board Beneful dog food products have attained a 4.7 star product rating out of a possible 5 star top prize. Very impressive and maybe if your dog could type they would have been higher.

Beneful has a variety of different products ranging from dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats.

Their mainstay is Beneful Dry Food. A dry dog food that comes with a choice for your pup. Does he or she love beef, chicken or salmon. Excuse me Rover. Sounds like an anniversary or birthday meal at a fine restaurant. The choice of meat does come with a mix of vegetables. Spinach, peas, and carrots all ground together in small hard and soft pieces, containing all the nutrients necessary.

Another excellent choice for your dog, if he or she is adding a few extra pounds around the midsection is Beneful Healthy Weight. This is a very similar dry dog food, with the same options on meat and flavors, but with approximately 13% reduced calories. No need for an extra gym membership.

If your dog prefers a wet food, Beneful has you covered with Wet Chopped Blends. This choice gives you the options on meat as well as different vegetables, including carrots and tomatoes. there is one added surprise in this food, Wild Rice. Gourmet!

Last but not least a puppy treat, Beneful Healthy Smile Treats. These are made to reduce plaque, tarter and freshen the breath. Thank you Beneful, doggy breath can be rough. Product link: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/

Beneful products can be found at your local Wal-Mart stores and pet stores.
Try them, your dog deserves it. They are not called your best Friend for nothing.



Public Relations/Digital Marketing

Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher Talks Employee Happiness

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Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs and he certainly knows a thing or two about raising up a trained and happy staff. Fisher knows that employee turnover is a serious issue in the business world because it costs so much to have to re-hire, re-train, and re-file all of the required paperwork. With that frame of reference Fisher recently spoke out in a Forbes article about certain ways that you can create an atmosphere in your workplace that keeps employees around.


Staying focused on incentives keeps many employees happy and willing to work harder to get a job done. Companies like Apple will reward their employees with vacation trips, music festival entrance passes, free watches and more in order to keep employees focused. While not all businesses will have the sort of budget that Apple has you can still create incentives for your employees. Focus on affordable incentives like free dinners, massages, yoga classes, or even gym memberships. Give your employees a goal that is more focused on them than the company.


More than goals themselves Fisher advises to keep employees happy by treating them like accomplished members of your staff. He advises that you keep your employees in the loop to important information regarding their work and the company at large. An employee that is informed will make smart decisions while working the floor. You can also take this time to acknowledge how well your workers are doing. Positive recognition is huge in terms of keeping morale boosted and having employees feel like they earned something and it doesn’t cost you anything.


Status Labs has been making a name for itself with Darius Fisher behind the helm. The company works with clients from over 25 countries and their staff has doubled in the past two years as the company has grown.

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Beauty Colors

Lime Crime Cosmetics: Makeup In A Kaleidoscope of Colors

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When many people have their dream deferred, they become angry and frustrated. When entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere had her dreams of success in fashion and entertainment industry dashed, she simply changed focus and founded Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere became involved with makeup when she was trying to make herself look more distinct while on stage. When she could not find makeup bright enough for her needs, she taught herself how to create handmade makeup. She showed her makeup to the people on her online makeup tutorial and they encouraged her to offer it for sale.

In 2008 she created the Lime Crime website and began offering her handmade cosmetics to people worldwide. The unique, neon-bright colors of her lipsticks, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blushes, and rouges were an instant hit, all of which can be bought on Amazon. In a short time Lime Crime cosmetics became an internet sensation. Doe Deere used her internet marketing genius and social media savvy to create two-way lines of communications with her customers. These days the Lime Crime Instagram website regularly features pictures showing the innovative ways people use the makeup to make a statement. That has helped Lime Crime users to become a community and their innovative use of Lime Crime cosmetics has sparked a movement.

People live Lime Crime cosmetics because it gives them the color palette to express their creativity. Plus the products are made from vegan ingredients and Doe Deere makes sure they are never tested on animals. In addition, Lime Crime cosmetics are easy to use, stay in place all day long, and feel as good as they look. The Lime Crime line lets people make a colorful statement that expresses their inner unicorn. An Doe Deere is the self-professed Unicorn Queen that continues to come up with innovative new products designed to help users to look their best.

With products like Velvetines for the lips and eyes, Venus the Grunge Palette, Zodiac Glitters, Carousel Gloss, waterproof primer, Unicorn Lipstick, and nail polish in colors including Flamingo, Zenon, Alien, Teacup, Cosmopop, Airborne Unicorn, and Styletto, Lime Crime is a cosmetics line that must be experienced to be believed.