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How George Soros has contributed to the United States

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The early life

George Soros spent most of his early life In Hungary, where he was born in 1930. He then relocated to England to pursue his degree in economics. In England, George worked as a waiter to support his education. Later, Soros moved to the United States where he started his business. By the time he was launching his hedge, he had a capital of about $10 million. With his knowledge of economics and business, he developed his capital to his current net worth of $30 billion. He has several records of influencing the direction of the market. In 992, Soros broke the Bank of England where he shorted the British currency. With his position, he has been very influential in the work of philanthropy as well as in shaping the American politics. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Soros in Philanthropy

George uses his wealth to raise the living standards of the people. He ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to live their dreams. When the Nazis were mistreating the Jews, Soros was there to witness. He is of the Jew origin. Currently, there are groups of people who have been neglected. These groups include the drug users, the disabled, migrants, orphaned and the minority tribes. In many cases, the minority does not have an equal chance to make an impact on the society. With his influence, Soros has spent over $12 billion to ensure that these groups get a fair life. He has equally contributed to the quality of education, especially by supporting different activities as well as poor students.

One interesting thing about George is that he does not support anything because he has the money. He considers what he is needed to support and looks at the worth. He does not seek public attention with his philanthropic work. Soros believes in honesty. He is bold when he wants something or when he is against it. He enjoys his social work, especially when interacting with the minority groups.

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Influence on the American politics

Being one of the richest people in the United States, George Soros should be naturally interested in shaping the American politics. Surprisingly, he has always tried to stay clear of the political arena. He believes in the individual contribution without having to involve the politicians. In the concluded American elections, Soros played a major role for the first time in his life. He has been a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton since the two have had a long history of friendship. The friendship between Soros and Hillary has lasted for more than two decades now. Soros also believed in the ideologies of Mrs. Clinton because she has always opened her doors of consultations. For the first time in his life, he pumped $25 million to sponsor different candidates in whom he believed. Know more on about George Soros.

American Billionaire

George Soros: His Wealth for All People

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George Soros is a powerful American personality. He is a major shaker and mover the Democratic Party. As an astute businessman; he has now transitioned his life into the realm of politics. Actually, Soros has been involved in politics since the 70s.

Starting in the 2000s, he has made more of commitment to this area of modern life.

Soros is involved with politics because he realizes that politics make the greatest changes for people’s lives.

Politicians are important for the growth and development of nations, regions, states, communities and individuals. He knows that politics can make or break a person and they can also take away life if the wrong people are in power.

Hitler invaded Hungary in 1941. Soros was an 11-year-old Jewish boy whose family was in great peril from this act of aggression. If it were not for Soros’s father who had keen insight into Hitler’s real motives; Soros and his clan would have probably been lost during the Holocaust. Soros’s father took his family away from the danger and saved them all.

This kind of background left a huge mark on Soros. This event is what caused this man’s politics to emerge on Politico. Soros then went on to become a powerful hedge fund investor. He eventually made billions by making daring moves that rocked the economies of various nations. Soon, Soros was among the world’s top richest men. He ranks number 23 out of 7 billion people on the planet. This was written on Forbes.

Soros’s immense wealth has benefited himself and he has also benefited other people. Soros’s wealth is being used to profit large numbers of people all over the U.S. and the world.

Soros supports organizations such as Amnesty International which is a Human Rights agency on Biography. He has given his support to other groups such as the Center for Economic and Policy Research which is a leftist think tank.

George Soros also supports groups such as the Immigration Policy Center which protects the rights of immigrants that enter into the U.S. The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a group that is dedicated to working for peace.

It also works for social justice in the United States and around the world. George Soros even supports the Feminist Majority Foundation that is an organization that advances the power, equality and economic development of women, everywhere.

Soros helps many other groups in America and around the world to carry out their agendas. He is a liberal person that believes in liberal causes. Soros takes a sensible approach to politics. He enjoys helping other nations to flourish and to grow. This billionaire financier even helps people to find stability and economic freedom.

The organizations that Soros supports helps people. This man is a good business person that knows that giving back is an extremely important aspect of success. Soros is now one of the richest men in the world and his donations is what has helped him to become a very respected and wealthy individual.

American Billionaire

The Success of Bruce Levenson

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Bruce Levenson is both an American businessman as well as an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to giving back to others through his philanthropy deeds. Bruce Levenson, above all, is known for his successful business ventures with the co-founding of the United Communications Group as well as his endeavors as the former NBA owner for the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington D.C. and was raised in Maryland. Mr. Levenson was raised by a Jewish family that taught him the importance of family as well as the importance of honoring tradition. Mr. Levenson is very much close to his family and councils him on advice for important matters.

After attending high school, Mr. Levenson moved on to attend the prestigious school of Washington University that is located in St. Louis. Following his undergraduate degree, Mr. Levenson then graduated from American University with his law degree where he received his degree from night classes.

One of Bruce Levenson’s most notable accomplishments is the fact that he founded the United Communications Group. Mr. Levenson founded this company along side Ed Peskowitz in 1977 with the goal to inform the public of certain important industries around the world. The company itself started in Mr. Levenson’s apartment with the publishing of newsletters that informed the audience on the developments of the oil industry. This privatized business now specializes in providing information about healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology, telecommunications as well as various other industries. This business is still very much active and has created many successful opportunities for Mr. Levenson.

Aside from owning a business, Mr. Levenson is also most known for co-owning the Atlanta Hawks. As the owner, he decided to take the role as the team members’ manager. Mr. Levenson wanted his team to win and to demonstrate leadership in everything they did. In addition to this, Mr. Levenson had the desire to educate his team on outside historical information such as the Holocaust. This was done in order to give his former team perspective on issues that lie outside of basketball.

In addition to be a successful individual, Mr. Levenson has been able to translate his success to helping others who do not have what he has. One of his biggest organizations to make donations to are those that give back through education. One of his biggest annual donations go to the I Have a Dream Foundation which is a foundation that provides those who grow up in a low-income house with the chance to receive a higher education. His efforts have helped thousands pursue an education despite financial setbacks. Forbes Magazine’s Levenson, through his success has been able to educate others on other issues that the world faces by way of council.