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Jeunesse Global Goes Beyond Expectations for Customers’ Needs with Skin Care Products

Posted by JacobT on

Jeunesse Global products give customers a reason to want to look their very best and provides opportunities for them to feel more confident than they’ve ever thought possible.

Many customers who use the anti-aging Luminesce products by Jeunesse find that they experience a noticeable difference within two weeks. Men and women are finding that Luminesce products provide a youthful appearance while restoring the skin’s natural ability to reflect a flawless appearance. Luminesce is dermatologist-developed with the exclusive proprietary APT-200.

The APT-200 proprietary formula has hydrating elements that enhance mechanisms within the skin, which is what gives users the radiant and unique glow based on their natural skin texture. The concentrated APT-200 formula also helps to maintain the skin for having a smooth and softer tone.

The Luminesce product line is available in eight categories:

  • Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
  • Flawless Skin Brightener
  • Hydrashield Mask
  • Youth Restoring Cleanser
  • Daily Moisturizing Complex
  • Advanced Night Repair
  • Ultimate Lifting Masque
  • Essential Body Renewal

With Luminesce products, users are able to significantly reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, which gives a youthful skin complexion. Luminesce also has antioxidants and vitamins to revive the skin and provide an even-looking skin tone that feels smooth. Luminesce products are also part of the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which is a collection of exclusive products designed by Jeunesse to help customers develop their unique program for creating a healthy lifestyle. The Y.E.S. system has a total of nine different products for customers to choose as well as package deals for greater purchasing power.

Jeunesse Global has provided exclusive quality products since 2009 after the company was founded by business partners Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The vision for the company is to empower people to thrive in all ways to reach their highest potential. Jeunesse Global is one of the highest producing online retailers in the industry with over one billion dollars in sales. The award-winning company has received more than 300 awards worldwide within the last decade. In 2017, Jeunesse Global was given honorable mention recognition by the International Business Awards, among 6,500 U.S. and international nominees, for the company’s remarkable influence on the industry.

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A New Dimension in Modeling- Nine9

Posted by JacobT on

In the past modeling was considered as a female only affair which was also not taken seriously by most people. Times have changed, and the males are also involved in the modeling industry which has been growing tremendously. The modeling industry has joined with the entertainment industry to deliver the best models in the world. Modeling agencies have been established to recruit and train aspiring models.

Nine9 is one of the modeling agencies in the United States. The modeling agency was founded in 2003 with the aim of recruiting ambitious models. Their mission is to offer aspiring models training which will make them succeed in the industry. The firm trusts that 99% of talent is not well represented and it is their duty to represent the talent. The Nine9 Group uses the latest technology and has devoted staff with more than ten years of experience in advising, booking, and client management. Training with Nine9 has an added advantage;

  • A commission free environment
  • Models are offered talent benefit programs exploiting select businesses in the market
  • Access to national casting and auditions
  • A composite card for both digital and tradition submission
  • An opportunity to interact with others leaders in the industry

Models that have gone through Nine9 agency are grateful, and some of them had the following to say;

Cali C: She was glad that within a few months of joining Nine9, she has been able to learn a lot and the instructors, as well as the photographers, are amazing. She said that her she has started to receive a response from her casting submissions.

Daniel C: since he joined Nine9 he has received several bookings including a background in Untouchable which is Kevin Hart’s new movie.

Lorena C: she is very young, and she has been able to receive attention from the audience which she says it is an incredible feeling. Being at Nine9 Talent Agency has offered her an opportunity to work with I Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert.

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Hair for Thought with Wen by Chaz

Posted by JacobT on

As a little girl did you notice that your hair was quick to grow? Did you get frequent hair cuts because your hair grew too quickly? If so, you most likely had enough calcium in your body to sustain the vitamins needed to grow your hair quickly. Do you find that when you get your hair cut today that it takes even longer for it to grow back? Do you think you are eating enough of the right items to keep your hair healthy? If not, you should look into what WEN by Chaz offers you.

Wen by Chaz Dean ( allows for women, men and children to regain control of their hair once more. For many years, people have spent their money on items in the stores that cause their hair to break, become damaged and in some cases, even fall out. If you stand in the shower for long periods of time and rinse your hair out over and over again because the shampoo is just not making your hair feel good, you are using the wrong products.

You should stop shopping in your local grocery stores for items that are doing nothing to your hair except for damage. You want healthy hair once again, right? If so, you want to purchase Wen. Sure, its not sold in stores so you have to order it on, or at the official Wen website, but isn’t that worth the weight in gold if you are able to have healthy hair once more? It is so simple to do that it doesn’t take long for you to start to notice your hair looking better and better each day. You use all the same products on your hair but the new products will be healthy and good for your hair. You watch what you eat to make sure that you are eating healthy right? Why not do the same for your hair.


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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Answers in a Recent Interview

Posted by JacobT on

Doe Deere -the owner of Lime Crime makeup company- recently gave an interview to GaloreMag. She discussed herself and the Lime Crime company she started from the ground up. Here is a compilation of the questions and the answers she gave.

When asked about her upbringing and how it inspired her to start a makeup company, Doe stated to Galore Mag that she would put as much color into everything she did when she was young. She would dress her dolls in colorful outfits and she would draw with as many colors as she could.

To the question of what her first memory is, Doe said that she recalls having a slumber party with two friends. She said they were acting witchy to conjure up spirits. She decided to do witchy makeup to really get into character to conjure the spirits.

Doe Deere admitted that her worst makeup moments were when she would try out really strange makeup looks. At the same time she still thinks those strange makeup looks she tried out were important for her to understand what looked the best on her and what looked bad. She insists that everyone has to try different looks to really understand makeup and what works for them or for other people.

Her answer to where she came up with the name Lime Crime was simply that she had an eBay store that was named Lime Crime. Doe’s eBay store was initially for her fashion she created. However, she began to sell her makeup products on her eBay store and the name stuck since her customers recognized it. She chose not to change the name since it seemed like such a memorable name for customers to be able to easily refer to it when suggesting their friends try the makeup. Lime Crime is also a very unique name that immediately pops up for any Google search of the company.

Doe Deere is pleased that her makeup company has been so successful as an online based company. Galore Mag asked her if she viewed it as completely good or if she wishes Lime Crime had more success in store sales. Doe Deere says she views it as convenient that so many people can shop online at her store from everywhere in the world. She does point out that Lime Crime is sold in some beauty stores and at Urban Outfitters. Overall though she believes that it is positive that the company is mainly online based with their sales. She does think that being an internet based company has some drawbacks since customers can see both the positive and negative reviews.

Galore Mag asked what she meant by negative reviews. Doe replied that she felt the internet is a good thing because it allows people to communicate their opinions. She does think everyone should be cautious about assuming all negative reviews are true, since people can make up whatever they want to or try to put businesses under by making up a scandal about them.

Galore Mag asked why Doe Deere calls the fans of Lime Crime makeup “unicorns”. She calls them “unicorns” because she thinks anyone who uses Lime Crime has to have a deep love of color. Therefore they are like the unique, mythical unicorn which is typically depicted to be colorful and one of a kind.

Doe Deere cites her inspirations to be Dita von Teese and her friends Elena and Stella Rose. Doe Deere herself was recently listed as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepenuers, which she calls a dream come true.

Follow her on Twitter @doedeere

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Adding Fullness to Hair with Wen by Chaz

Posted by JacobT on

Known as being one of the best conditioning products on the market today, WEN Hair by Chaz has literally taken the World by storm, and one of the people that decided they had to try the challenge out for themselves is Emily McClure. After hearing so much positive words about Wen by Chaz, she made the leap and decide that she would test out the Wen challenge for herself. This involved giving the product a full week of daily use and at the end of the week, she would write down how she felt about the product and her experience, which was first reported on by Bustle.

She was excited about the fact that Wen hair is supposed to give hair a lot more volume and this is something that she noticed right away. A lot of shampoos and conditioners will leave you with your hair feeling fuller after you have dried it off, but she felt the change right when she used the product in the shower for the first time, although it did not stop there. She had less hair that fell out throughout the week when she was actually in the shower using the conditioner, her hair felt fuller when she was out and about throughout her daily routine, and she even stated that she literally felt like she had more hair on her head.

Wen by Chaz revitalizes hair and repairs broken strands and split ends, so this may be a part of what she was feeling, but it definitely gave her the added amount of volume that she was hoping she would experience while doing the Wen challenge []. At the end of the week, she said there is going to be a place for Wen by Chaz in her shower and that she will still continue to use the product on certain days, although it isn’t going to be her every day conditioner. Wen hair is available on Amazon and high end cosmetics store like Sephora.