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Jason Hope Sees Future Challenges as Tractable

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Jason Hope, the internet entrepreneur from Arizona most famous for starting premium mobile service content provider Jawa, has recently taken to the internet to talk about the future course that technologies encompassed by The Internet of Things will likely take.

Hope is not completely naive about the potential consequences of widespread introduction of this employment displacing technology. Jason Hope readily acknowledges that many of today’s workers may in the future face stark probabilities of unemployment. But Hope also believes there’s a silver lining to that particular problem. He thinks that many of these workers will be able to enjoy vastly more leisure time than any of their predecessors from generations past.

Nevertheless, Hope is realistic about the fact that many industries in the coming years may face radical transformations to their workforces. One example of this is fast food. In California, the chain Eatsa has already managed to virtually do away with fast food employees. Through the complete automation of all kitchen processes, the chain has managed to effectively eliminate the chief cost that fast food franchises have to contend with, their staff and what Jason knows.

Hope realizes that the vast majority of these low-level employees with minimal skills will not be able to be retrained as, for example, computer scientists. However, Hope believes that the massive increases in efficiency and productivity will create so much wealth that there will be plenty to go around for all. The people who would have, in eras past, been low-level employees will now enjoy unprecedented amounts of leisure-time and a universal basic income and more information click here.

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Jim Tananbaum and Foresite Capital Welcome Dr. He

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Foresite Capital, headed by Jim Tananbaum, is adding a new venture partner to their team. Dr. Molly He, who is a former senior director at Illumina, has more than fifteen years of experience in pharmaceutical and genomic research and development.

Jim Tananbaum, M.D., who is the CEO of Foresite Capital, said that Dr. He is one of the most respected scientific researchers in the area of next generation sequencing. She brings a wide experience in drug development and other issues. She is an invaluable asset, said Jim Tananbaum.

Before Illumina, Dr. He was at Pacific Biosciences, where she worked as head of protein sciences. Before that, she had ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Nankai University in biochemistry and a Ph.D. from the University of California in Los Angeles in protein biophysics. She has authored over twenty publications. She also has issued many patents in the medical field and Jim’s lacrosse camp.

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO of Foresite Capital. He attended Yale University, where he got his BS and BSEE in math and computer science. He also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he got his HST and Master of Science in information theory. He also attended Harvard Business School, where he got his MBA, and Harvard Medical School, where he got his MD.

He was the cofounder and CEO of GelTex, which he sold for 1.6 billion dollars to Genzyme. Afterwards, he remained as a board member of GelTEx for a little over four years. He was a partner at Sierra Ventures. Resume him, He cofounded and was the Chief Executive Officer at Theravance. He cofounded and worked as the managing director of Prospect Venture Partners, both PVP2 and PVP3. For the last seven years, he has been CEO of Foresite Capital, which invests in healthcare industry. He was named to the Forbes Midas List in 2017 as one of the top 100 best venture investors. He was named to that list for three years in a row. He was ranked number fifty two on this list. He has helped healthcare franchises for the past 25 years and read full article.

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Jeff Schneider: At A Glance

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A passion that began many years ago, Jeff Schneider continues to focus his energy on charitable organizations and is always ready to extend his philanthropic impact. He is a strong example to those around him of what it takes to be driven, generous, and zealous. Whether Jeffry Schneider is leading his team towards success, giving back to his community, or participating in a fundraiser, he uses his positive perspective, past experience, and compassion to help inspire other individuals around him. Jeff believes that every day is a gift and an opportunity to help someone else, so he puts others first, in hopes of making the world a better place along the way.

As a leader, Schneider understands that kids need personal fulfillment, so he’s active in nonprofit organizations inside and outside of schools that are dedicated to enriching the lives of children on a personal level. Using his leadership experience, Jeffry has positively impacted a substantial number of children over the last decade. In fact, a vast amount of Jeff’s time in these programs has been focused on helping kids realize they can achieve any aspiration in life. From working with kids who have been through the trauma of natural disasters to spending his time in facilities for mistreated children, Jeffry uses his leadership skills to share with kids the value of hope, education, and hard work. Through his work ethic and dedication to charity, Jeffry Schneider exemplifies what it means to be a philanthropic leader.

Jeff underscores that with culturally responsive approaches which focus on inclusion, leaders can resonate with kids of all upbringings and ages. Today in the US, the average public-school classroom includes individuals from a variety of racial, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Some kids start school with a healthy home life and are adequately exposed to vocabulary, a crucial element for them to be able to understand and absorb the kindergarten curriculum, while unfortunately, some children arrive at school and begin their education with next to nothing. Despite this, public-school teachers are expected to achieve the same successful with all their students which assumes they all started school on a level playing field. Regrettably, this lack of individual attention in public-school systems leads to children falling through the cracks.


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Reviewing Past and Present Tech Fashion Trends to Anticipate Future Creations

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Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Chris Burch, wrote an innovative article about tech fashion trends and what to expect in future. According to him, these two industries, despite being quite different from one another, are complimentary in many ways. They have changed and advanced together since the 70s; thus, it makes sense to review past advancements to predict future creations.


The Boombox Evolves into an iPod


The Boombox was an exciting 70s creation that became all the rage among the youth because they could carry around their favorite tunes, record music, and listen to radio stations. In the 80s, it was added to movies’ story lines, which made the devices more popular. Eventfully, this craze led to the invention of the Walkman in the 90s and the iPod ten years later. This clearly shows the interdependence of technology and fashion.


This synthesis of fashion and technology is still continuing today. Fashion designers like Anouk Wipprecht marry the two industries to come up with innovative designs. The Dutch designer sees technology as her playground that rewards her with endless possibilities. Already, Anouk has developed unique products like the DareDroid (drink-making dress) or the Pseudomorphs (self-painting dress).


The Future of Fashion Tech


Advances in fashion have grown from mere apparel to include protective features. A good example is a protective neckwear specially designed for bikers by Terese Alstin and colleague, Anna Haupt. Since bike protection is never considered fashionable, the two designers decided to create neckwear fitted with airbags, which deploy during crashes or impact to protect cyclists’ heads. Another team of designers, Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, came up with the Frontline Gloves that can be worn by firefighters to aid their hand gesture communication when working.


Designers like SegraSegra and Emma Whiteside use recycling material to make clothes whereas Soledad Martin has found a way to make shoes that charge cell phones as people walk or run in them. Diane Von Furstenberg, a leading fashion designer, showed that fashion is as good an avenue as any to promote technology by incorporating Google Glasses into one of her fashion shows.


Chris Burch


Chris Burch is an experienced serial entrepreneur and a successful venture capitalist with many diversified investments in various industries including real estate, technology, and entertainment. He has actively invested in different ventures for almost 40 years. His efforts have contributed to the rise of luxury and tech brands like Poppin, Voss Water, and Jawbone.


While still studying at Ithaca College, Chris Burch started Eagle’s Eye, a joint venture with his brother in which he invested $2,000. Years later, they sold the company to Swire Group for $165 million.