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The Outstanding Eric Lefkofsky

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Born on September 2, 1969 in Detroit, Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and CEO of Tempus, co-founder of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean and Uptake. He supports several charities by creating, buying and selling companies then giving a portion of that money back to the communities such as health, education, human rights, arts and culture. He graduated from University of Michigan and went to law school where he sold carpets to make money during his freshman year. His views on how to make people`s lives easier has come to life in these amazing companies. Lately, his startup to cure cancer has influenced many to join his vision and learn more about Eric.


One of his widely-known areas of expertise is his co-foundation of Tempus. Tempus is a health-technology company dedicated to providing cancer care. The company`s motto is to improve positive outcomes for their patients. CEO Lefkofsky`s investments provide successful continuance of genomic sequencing data so that every patient`s tumor is deliberately evaluated. Tempus provides physicians a robotic technological lab to optimize sequencing for an unlimited number of patients. This laboratory provides fast results of patient RNA sequencing within two to three weeks of receiving patients` samples. Many providers such as Dr. David Agus as chairman of The Scientific Advisory Board, University of Michigan collaborates in pancreatic cancer research, the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Gary Palmer as Chief Medical Officer of Tempus, and essentially the University Hospitals: Seidman Cancer Center wholeheartedly believe in this startup and strive to achieve patient satisfaction.

Accelerated Disruption

Business Deals. Altruistic ideas. Investments. These are the main parts of Accelerated Disruption in which Lefkofsky has subserviently invested $1,000,000 into. This disrupted into Groupon and Groupon is currently accelerating into a business deal with Google. Per Lefkofsky, accelerated disruption must be succeeded by 18 laws (in which he wrote a book for those interested in becoming an entrepreneur) to deliver creative businesses one after another and turn them into startup ventures. As disruption increases, acceleration of profits, business relationships, and quick release products improve immensely-there is no doubt that Eric Lefkofsky`s empire will continue to prosper and read full article.

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Eric Lefkofsky Providing Tempus To Battle Breast Cancer

Posted by JacobT on

Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder besides being the CEO of Tempus. It is a company that is known for the operating system it has built, which can help in the battle against cancer. Besides, Eric Lefkofsky is also the founding partner of Lightbank. This is a venture fund. It is into disruptive technologies.He is the co-founder of Groupon. It is a leading e-commerce marketplace. Eric Lefkofsky is behind Uptake Technologies too. It is an analytics platform that is being used by some of the largest industries in the world today. Eric Lefkofsky is the provider of Mediaocean that provides a number of media procurement solutions. Next is Echo Global Logistics by Eric Lefkofsky. It is a transportation and logistics firm. He provides InnerWorkings which provides various managed promotional solutions.

He is the founder of Tempus. This is a cancer-fighting startup. With Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky will be providing much-needed data to doctors and specialists at the University of Chicago. This allows them to treat breast cancer patients in a well-informed way.Tempus is based in Chicago. It has entered into a partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine Thursday. Now Tempus will be providing them with molecular sequencing along with analysis. This data will reach and be used by the UChicago’s breast cancer specialists. This way the doctors can create treatment plans for their breast cancer patients that will be highly personalized. Tempus will be analyzing data from nearly 1,000 breast cancer patients.

Such kind of data analysis is a huge step for doctors as well as researchers since such type of data is simply not available anywhere presently. Hence patterns will be uncovered that will help in predicting how the patients will be responding to treatment. This is going to be revolutionary for them.As time progresses, it is expected that such data will help in providing much better treatment options leading to highly improved patient outcomes. Hence this kind of partnership is going to help breast cancer patients in a big way. Due to the absence of data, physicians were making treatment decisions without any help from highly specific genetic information.



Betsy DeVos Becomes Secretary of Education

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I was waiting and waiting for a long time to see if Betsy DeVos would become the Secretary of Education. It was a nomination by Donald Trump that would be opposed by some members of the Senate. After that it would all come down final vote by the vice president to break the tie for this nomination. Finally, Betsy was put in place to become the Secretary of Education. ‘

I personally think that this is a good idea that Betsy DeVos has become the Secretary of Education. She was already working as the Chairman of the Charter School Alliance, and she has given a lot money back to education. Betsy – along with her husband Dick Devos – have been able to give a lot to education. I think that it is time for someone that has been giving back to education to actually have a say in what is happening. There have been people that have praised Betsy DeVos because she has been so influential in helping children get access to a better education.

I believe that she has been passionate about education reform and making schools better long before she was considered for this nomination. I think that this is a powerful thing because it shows that she is capable of doing the things that it will take to help kids get to a better place.

Technology is important in education. Innovative teachers are also very important as well. All of this takes funding, and Betsy DeVos is the person that has the ability make this happen. She has been able to transfer the education system in Michigan just with the support that she has given through her foundation. I would much rather have some like Betsy DeVos in place to change the state of education reform than someone that is just a figure head. I believe the Betsy knows what she is talking about, and this is going to help her do great work in this area.

I was already impressed with the grand amount of giving that Betsy did with her husband. All that this has done is made me love her work even more. I think that people are doing to be impressed with the work that she does. I know that she is going to make some much needed improvements in the area of education, and people are going to take notice. The education system is broken, and we need someone like Betsy DeVos that is up to the challenge of fixing it. So many people have stood on the sidelines and let these types of things happen. I would much rather see someone like DeVos take the office as Secretary of Education and make improvements. Visit her website:


Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking and Dog Rescue

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With investment banking, individuals and corporations can get the help they need in raising enough capital to perform activities like mergers and acquisitions. An investment bank should not be confused with retail banks and commercial banks. They do not take deposits. In fact, there is a law that keeps the investment banks separate from the commercial banks in order to keep from any confusion. For one thing, investment banks deal with sell side and buy side businesses. While many people may not have much knowledge of investment banking, there are people that are involved with investment banking that can help people learn more about it.

Martin Lustgarten is one of the people involved with investment banking that are very knowledgeable about the institution. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions. He has shown himself to be very successful as an investment banker. However, he doesn’t just keep his earnings for himself. He also gets involved in philanthropic activities. He runs a Go Fund Me campaigns in order to rescue a dog so that he could be save some dogs.

Marten Lustgarten has shown a lot of care for animals. With his money, he has decided to start his campaign in order to make sure that the dogs that are in pounds get a fair chance to survive. A lot of dogs that put in dog pounds are often put to death after a little while. Martin Lustgarten is fighting very hard to change the way dog pounds are run. He encourages people to give everything they can towards this cause so that this could influence the dog pounds. Martin Lustgarten is a successful businessman and a person with a big heart that is geared towards helping the disadvantaged. He is one person that has managed to navigate the investment banking business successfully. Find him on Facebook to see his news and other events.

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How White Shark Media Can Enhance Your Brand

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Marketing is a complicated industry. Before the entrepreneur plunges headfirst into the world of digital marketing, there are a few things that he or she needs to know.

They need to understand that it is complicated. Many people think they can just conduct a couple of Google searches and learn everything that they need to know. While there is certainly reliable information on the Internet, many of these articles only scratch the surface of the issues related to digital marketing.

According to a Youtube video, marketing is a field of expertise that one could have. It is something like thinking that one could go to WebMD and diagnose a medical condition. If you have a medical condition, you need a doctor. believe that if you want to market your website, you need a reliable digital marketing agency, such as White Shark Media.

White Shark Media employs a team of experts. They have over 140 employees. While they may be a relatively small business, they are establishing a great reputation among their clientele. They are a company who builds on their previous successes and transforms their weaknesses into strengths. They offer several digital marketing services that can enhance your brand, build your traffic and help you to establish a firm foundation of reliable customers.

Customer Feedback

It can be difficult to find a company who actually listens to what their customers have to say. Many practice the philosophy that says that they are the experts, and the customers are nagging laymen. But if you do not adapt to the customer needs, you are going to continue to have problems. Bill Gates said that a dissatisfied customer is opportunity to learn. White Shark Media also believes that. They have made an effort to seek out customers and ask what they could improve. After hearing all of the complaints, they revamped everything and made several updates. As a result, their services are much stronger and they have the resources in place to enhance your brand.

Google AdWords

Marketing campaigns can be difficult to manage, especially if you do not have any experience in this particular area. It is not as simple as just signing up for an account with Google AdWords. There are intricacies for which you would need a team of experts to deal with. White Shark Media will take the reigns and then they will provide a detailed report of your AdWords campaign.

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Sumner Redstone to Step Down as CBS Executive Chairman

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According to BBC news Sumner Redstone has elected to step down from his position as the executive chairman of the CBS board of directors. Leslie Moonves, who is the president of CBS, has reportedly stepped in to replace him.

Speculation abounds that Redstone will also step down from leadership with Viacom, which owns a number of media assets including Nickelodeon and MTV.

The 92 year-old Redstone has been coming under increased scrutiny because many are questioning his ability to make the necessary decisions in order to effectively manage a multi-national media company.

Starting last year, a legal battle was waged by Redstone’s former partner where she alleges he is mentally incapable of making the necessary decisions for such a high-profile leadership position. Mr. Redstone agreed to undergo a mental examination as a result of that legal battle. The results have not been made public as of yet.

Sumner Redstone currently holds a voting stake of 80% in CBS and Viacom.
His replacement, Les Moonves, has been president of CBS since 2006 when it split off from Viacom. Moonves has been seen for many years as Redstone’s heir-apparent to take over the helm.

All interested parties agreed that Sumner Redstone will now be known as the chairman emeritus of the company and for now will remain as Viacom’s executive chairman.
Redstone’s daughter, Shari Redstone, also serves on the board at CBS.
Seems like Redstone could stand to read “They Can’t Eat You” by Marc Sparks to help him navigate his way through his next career move.