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Beneful Brand Dog Food Making a Difference in Your Pet’s Life

Posted by JacobT on

When you care about your pet enough to only feed them the very best foods, you have to take the time to really look at all the ingredients in the foods you feed them. Just because packaging reads wholesome and all-natural, does not mean everything inside the bag is as such. This can simply be an advertisers twist on words that fool many pet owners who are actually feeding their pets very inferior products. If you want to feed your pet foods that contain the most nutritious and healthy ingredients, you need to start feeding them Beneful brand dog food.

Your dog may love the foods they being fed, despite it not being healthy for them. With Beneful brand dog food, not only will they love the taste, they will thrive off of the ingredients. Rip open that bag of grain free with real farm-raised chicken dry dog food, your pet will rush to their bowl to gobble down every piece. You can not help put notice the huge chunks of real chicken, the colorful blending of fruits and vegetables, all without compromising nutritional value while getting your dog 23 essential minerals and vitamins and learn more about Beneful.

The reason that Beneful brand dog food is such a healthy choice, it is without gluten, wheat, fillers, or corn. Al you have to do is to head over to any of the US-based Purina manufacturing plants and factory workers will tell you what they feed their own pets, having seen it from each step of the production process through all the quality checks and more information click here.

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What is on Beneful’s menu for my best friend?

Posted by JacobT on

Does your dog love chicken, beef or salmon. Maybe he loves all. Don’t worry Beneful can help. Beneful is a Nestle PurinaStore company. They began offering dog food products in 2001. Their idea was a very nutrient rich, antioxidant packed dog food. They accomplished this in a variety of different options and food products for you dog.
Across the board Beneful dog food products have attained a 4.7 star product rating out of a possible 5 star top prize. Very impressive and maybe if your dog could type they would have been higher.

Beneful has a variety of different products ranging from dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats.

Their mainstay is Beneful Dry Food. A dry dog food that comes with a choice for your pup. Does he or she love beef, chicken or salmon. Excuse me Rover. Sounds like an anniversary or birthday meal at a fine restaurant. The choice of meat does come with a mix of vegetables. Spinach, peas, and carrots all ground together in small hard and soft pieces, containing all the nutrients necessary.

Another excellent choice for your dog, if he or she is adding a few extra pounds around the midsection is Beneful Healthy Weight. This is a very similar dry dog food, with the same options on meat and flavors, but with approximately 13% reduced calories. No need for an extra gym membership.

If your dog prefers a wet food, Beneful has you covered with Wet Chopped Blends. This choice gives you the options on meat as well as different vegetables, including carrots and tomatoes. there is one added surprise in this food, Wild Rice. Gourmet!

Last but not least a puppy treat, Beneful Healthy Smile Treats. These are made to reduce plaque, tarter and freshen the breath. Thank you Beneful, doggy breath can be rough. Product link:

Beneful products can be found at your local Wal-Mart stores and pet stores.
Try them, your dog deserves it. They are not called your best Friend for nothing.