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Equities First Holdings UK

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Equities First Holdings UK is the only global company that provide low-rate lending. The offices located in the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Perth are always there to help individuals expand and grow. It’s easy to apply and qualify for a stock-based loan. There are also other options like a margin loan, which you need to qualify for.

It’s important in business, to have the capital you need to be successful. At Equities First Holdings UK, you can find the financial solutions you need, and reach the financial goals that you are trying to achieve. It’s a company to help solve money issues or for companies to find the cash to expand, and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

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Credit Solutions as Outplayed by FreedomPlus

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Credit can be a very cumbersome concept. Setting up credit can prove to be hectic especially if you have no credit history. The history helps employers, lenders, credit card companies and landlords determine your repayment and spending habits. If no history is available, the process of getting a loan can be close to impossible. The most efficient way of building a good credit is by use of a credit card, which can only be obtained by an individual with an excellent credit history.

Establishing Credit

Credit can be built through various ways:

• Apply for a secured credit card
• Getting a co-signer
• Becoming an authorized user
• Building credit while repaying a debt- Repaying existing debts is also a way of setting up your credit

without the use of a credit card.

Setting up Credit Scores the Right Way

Time and responsibility are requirements in building a good credit score. Practices of proving one’s creditworthiness to the creditor include;

• Making all payments on time
• Avoiding the credit limit
• Opening many accounts at once lower your creditworthiness
• Keeping existing account open

Maintenance of a Good Credit Score and Report

To keep a good track record of your credit score never expend more than you can gather. Payments also should be made on time and fully. The credit score of an individual is one of the primary factors considered by mortgage lenders when you request for a home loan.


FreedomPlus is an online lender that aids individuals borrow preset rate personal loan to meet various need comprising consolidating credit card, major purchases, and home improvements. At FreedomPlus, they offer loan terms and competitive rates. The FreedomPlus loan application process is very cheap, and loan consultants are readily available.

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Stephen Murray, CEO of Financial Company, Is Remembered

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When a notable figure passes away, it typically affects many people around them. That is no different with the legendary Stephen Murray. He was the CEO and founder CCMP Capital, a large New York investment firm that was part of the JP Morgan family. He had some health issues recently, before his passing. These caused him to step down, and soon after he was found dead. A PR person confirmed that he had died but refused to release any further details about the matter.

His coworkers and family members were asked for comment and they expressed their sympathy and shock. He was seen as a tiger in the field of finance. The company he founded, CCMP, was bought out by JPMorgan Chase not one, but twice until 2006 when he split off to form his own company again in order to protect the interests of conflicting client needs. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He built it from scratch, which carries a unique story with it. In fact, he managed to acquire $3.6 billion in investments through the firm alone last year. They average around $200 million to $400 million per transaction when they invest.

But just because Murray finished at the top, doesn’t mean he started there. He was a bootstrapping young professional when he got out. He had to work his way up. He graduated Boston College in 1984, where he earned his BA.

Then Stephen Murray went to New York and attended Columbia University to get a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Business was also his primary focus and passion. Stephen Murray paid the dues necessary to move up and eventually become the vice president of the industrial manufacturing company he worked for. He started out as a lowly intern there.

Murray wanted to keep growing the company, so he formed CCMP Capital. They specialized in middle-market financial investment vehicles, which they still do today. This was interesting to larger institutions who wanted to diversity their investments. This led to a number of mergers, eventually ending up with JPMorgan buying the company and keeping Stephen on to run it.

It’s not every day you hear such an inspiring story as that of Stephen Murray. It’s hard to believe in today’s world that some kid from a suburb outside of New York (Westchester County) could still make it big without a leg up. However, Stephen will always be remembered by his loving family – Tami (his wife) and their four boys – and his colleagues who understand how hard he had to work to achieve such great success in finance.

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