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How George Soros has contributed to the United States

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The early life

George Soros spent most of his early life In Hungary, where he was born in 1930. He then relocated to England to pursue his degree in economics. In England, George worked as a waiter to support his education. Later, Soros moved to the United States where he started his business. By the time he was launching his hedge, he had a capital of about $10 million. With his knowledge of economics and business, he developed his capital to his current net worth of $30 billion. He has several records of influencing the direction of the market. In 992, Soros broke the Bank of England where he shorted the British currency. With his position, he has been very influential in the work of philanthropy as well as in shaping the American politics. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Soros in Philanthropy

George uses his wealth to raise the living standards of the people. He ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to live their dreams. When the Nazis were mistreating the Jews, Soros was there to witness. He is of the Jew origin. Currently, there are groups of people who have been neglected. These groups include the drug users, the disabled, migrants, orphaned and the minority tribes. In many cases, the minority does not have an equal chance to make an impact on the society. With his influence, Soros has spent over $12 billion to ensure that these groups get a fair life. He has equally contributed to the quality of education, especially by supporting different activities as well as poor students.

One interesting thing about George is that he does not support anything because he has the money. He considers what he is needed to support and looks at the worth. He does not seek public attention with his philanthropic work. Soros believes in honesty. He is bold when he wants something or when he is against it. He enjoys his social work, especially when interacting with the minority groups.

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Influence on the American politics

Being one of the richest people in the United States, George Soros should be naturally interested in shaping the American politics. Surprisingly, he has always tried to stay clear of the political arena. He believes in the individual contribution without having to involve the politicians. In the concluded American elections, Soros played a major role for the first time in his life. He has been a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton since the two have had a long history of friendship. The friendship between Soros and Hillary has lasted for more than two decades now. Soros also believed in the ideologies of Mrs. Clinton because she has always opened her doors of consultations. For the first time in his life, he pumped $25 million to sponsor different candidates in whom he believed. Know more on about George Soros.

Human Rights/Biblical

Learn Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre

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The world of the ancient sages has long fascinated people. What people thought about during biblical times has been a subject of enormous fascination for centuries. Today, it is easier than ever to see how the sages thought about nearly any subject imaginable. People can seek out wisdom that is clearly written into texts of all kinds. One of the most famous of all such texts is known as kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a collection of texts that were written many centuries ago by some of the most famous names in Judaism. Today, it is easier than ever to understand what was meant by such texts and how they can offer all people important and lasting insights.

Places To Study

Studying kabbalah can be rewarding when studied alone. However, it can be even more rewarding when it is studied with the help of a skilled guide. Such is the case for those at the Kabbalah Centre. Here, experts offer specific help for those who want to look at the texts in the original language with the assistance of a highly trained guide who really understands the importance of the message inside the lines. An expert can help any person here learn what it was that the ancients knew about so many subjects.  Check here.

Relevant Today

Many people who choose to study kabbalah are delighted to discover that it is often still relevant today. They are pleased to find that doing so can be useful and can be a great way to learn about their own lives in the process. This is why those who study the subject find that they can make time as needed to study it. The centre offers highly flexible hours that are designed to help any possible student make time for their it whenever it is convenient for them to start learning. They know that doing so can be a great way for anyone to help them work through their problems and find a possible solution in their lives from the texts. Those here want to help people use the texts in the way that is helpful.

Human Rights

Soros Criticizes EU-Turkey Migration Deal

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Not long ago, Angela Merkel has made a deal with Turkey in the name of all EU nations to tackle the migration crisis. While the arriving migrants to Greece will be send back to Turkey, the EU is expected to accept a matching number of migrants from camps in Turkey. Meanwhile, the EU will give Turkey billions of Euros to support the migrants.

While this arrangement appears to be good news for Greece and Turkey, it was accepted with dismay by many Europeans. George Soros, a controversial multi-billionaire, also had his say about it. In a recent publication in The New York Review of Books, George Soros made his points clear.

First of all, George Soros claims, and many agree, that this is not a European agreement, but rather something imposed by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Second, the plan is underfunded. Six billion Euros apparently isn’t enough to support the millions of migrants on the way.

Third, the quota system isn’t voluntary because it imposes quotas when it comes to accepting migrants. An increasing number of EU-member states simply refuses Merkel’s ideas. Fourth, according to George Soros, Greece will become a place for holding migrants without sufficient funding.

George Soros feels that a humanitarian catastrophe on is happening in Greece. He thinks that refugees should be allowed to reach other European destinations (mostly rich welfare states that they prefer) without strict quotas. He also thinks that the European governments should put further burdens on their taxpayers and keep on increasing refugee funding.

Read more at The New York Times about George.

As Soros goes, refugees should be assured that they can eventually reach their European destinations. George Soros estimates that at least 30 billion Euros per year will be needed for the plan to be implemented.

No mention was made, however, of the rich Gulf on states that offer no assistance. And no mention was also made that encouraging refugees to arrive results in millions of economic migrants seeing European soil as their ticket to free welfare handouts. Learn more about his profile at