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Rick Smith Praises Happy Customers At Securus

Posted by JacobT on

Securus is one of the largest communications companies in the world, and Rick Smith runs the company with a focus on customer service. He wishes to help customers reach out to those that they love, and he will continue to improve the company with the technology they are working on. He has helped law enforcement with voice recognition, but the majority of his business is helping families reach inmates. This article explains how the company is providing better communications services to all.

#1: Customers Write In Often

Rick has spoken many times about how the emails he receives make a difference in the way he runs the company. He is glad to see that his customers are pleased, and he wants them to continue writing because that helps him measure how the company is performing. He wants his company to help families stick together, and he will continue to grow the company to help more people.

#2: How Are Calls Made?

Rick and his Securus team have created technology that will help families ensure they may reach out to their incarcerated loved ones. The love ones who are concerned about someone may call at any time, and they will reach the jails that Securus has contracted with. The calls are often quite simple, and they allow a higher call quality that is completely secure. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

#3: The Video Calls

There are many video calls that may be made to inmates around the country, and each of these calls is made using a camera that was installed by Securus. The company makes each call easy to complete, and people who cannot do visitation in-person may use the video calls to see the people they love.

#4: Rick Knows His Company Makes A Difference

Rick knows that the work Securus does makes a difference, and he wants his customers to have the many call options that are required for their family needs. A family that is making calls for the first time may use the app or their computer, and the customers who are calling for the first time will see high video and audio quality. Rick has ensured that the company is improving every day, and he will continue to expand the network of video cameras that his company uses.

The company will continue to serve as many people as possible, and Rick Smith will lead Securus in ensuring that it is helping people who cannot see their loved ones. Someone who is trying to make a call to a jail must make a secure call with a company like Securus, and they may see the people they love over the video cameras that were installed by the dedicated Securus Technologies team.

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Securus Technologies Implements Innovative Technology Into Its Communications Platform

Posted by JacobT on

There are many reasons why an individual may want to consider utilizing Securus Technologies for the communicative needs. Unfortunately, there are many people who are unaware of the benefits that Securus Technologies brings to the world of communications. It is a program that enables inmates to speak with their loved ones in a video-converencing format. It is quite beneficial for both parties as the inmate is able to speak to their loved ones whether they are unable to be physically present at the correctional facility where they are jailed, while the loved ones are able to speak to the inmate without traveling to the correctional facilities.


Oftentimes, visitor may discover that traveling to the correctional facilities to visit an inmate can be quite time consuming. This is especially true if they live a long ways away from it. By setting up an account with Securus Technologies, one can have assurance of knowing that they can speak to the individual who is in jail without even having to leave their home. If you are wanting to take advantage of such an opportunity, then you may be wondering what the cost is. Please visit their website to get a look at the prices as the rates are set. The company has also been accredited by the BBB, thus making them a great choice of an organization to do business with. Several past users of the program have attested to the program’s usefulness. They were able to communicate with the inmate with full extents of privacy as the program is designed with an implementation of the highest regards of security measures. By utilizing this innovative program, you can help your loved one who is jailed to have a better day during a time that is not so great for them. Please contact a representative to get started on your account today.


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Video Visitation for the Holidays

Posted by JacobT on

When thinking about Christmas time, one thing that is on the top of the list is being with family. Spending time with them, exchanging gifts, and sharing a meal are just some of the things that Christmas is all about. When a family is separated, this time of year can be hard. This is something families with a member incarcerated goes through.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based technology company and they have created a video visitation system that connects families no matter where they are. All that is needed to use this software is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. More and more families are taking advantage of this software and are connecting with their loved ones from all over the country.


With the video visitation software, families no longer have to drive long distances to see their family. There is little cost involved and they are able to stay in touch more often. On Christmas morning, family members can watch and communicate and see everything that is happening. It is the next best thing to actually being there. Fathers can now see their children open up their gifts. Mothers can be there for the family meal. Staying connected, especially during the holidays, has never been easier.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that has been in business for over 30 years. They work with law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities all over North America. Securus Technologies has 3,450 agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates that they continue to create new technologies for.


Their latest creation, video visitation, has been highly successful. No matter where the prisoner is, they have an opportunity to see and speak with their family and friends no matter where each side is. Visits can be done more often and families are able to be a part of each other’s everyday lives. This technology has allowed families to stay close even over long distances.


Video visitation is a wonderful creation and has been working well in corrections facilities. Holidays are no longer sad times as families are able to be there for the big events. Families now have one more way of staying in touch.


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Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions Provider Raises Record Amount for United Way

Posted by JacobT on

Technology reaches all corners of our lives, but how often does it give back?

Civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider, Securus Technologies has engaged their workforce to raise an astonishing $345,763 in 2015 for United Way. Considering as recently as seven years ago, employees had committed to helping United Way but only managed to raise $32,995, the turn-around in employee engagement is a point of pride with CEO Richard (Rick) A. Smith.

Dallas-based, Securus provides an extensive array of patented technology solutions focused on public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies. By harnessing technology to better serve prison populations, Securus provides inmates with options beyond a simple inmate phone calls or voicemail options. Securus even offers video visitation complete with an app that works with Apple or Android products. This eliminates the hassle of travel when connecting with incarcerated friends or family.

Securus is committed to providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services. Since 1986, Securus has used used technology to make our world a safer place. This commitment extends into the broader corporate community as evidenced by their commitment to United Way.
Securus uses the tagline “connecting what matters” in many of their corporate communications. Their company commitment to the United Way campaign certainly bears that philosophy out. For the 2015 United Way campaign, Securus offered incentives to employees to participate in the fundraising efforts, including: extra vacation days, prizes, meal events with United Way mission discussions. Although Securus has prospered creating a company serving technology to inmates, as a company they haven’t forgotten the human element. They know that the United Way focuses funding on community building activities like education and healthcare. 

That’s kind of cultural company commitment is what I call making a real difference! Kudos to Securus for making the United Way part of their efforts to improve our world.