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Best Attorney in Brazil-Ricardo Tosto

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Brazil is referred to the country of lawyers and being a lawyer in Brazil is not a unique career. Instead, it is one of the most popular professionals that the state has. It is believed that the Brazilian Law sector is one of the most difficult laws to navigate considering that their current constitution was formed in 1988. Brazil is also one the nations in the world with the most significant number of law institutions. It was also named the third country with many lawyers with the leader being India which has more than 1 million lawyers followed by the United States of America which has almost 1 million attorneys. According to experts, Brazil has more law facilities than the number of law schools in the world. It is estimated that Brazil has over 1240 law schools compared to the world which the number of law schools is 1120.

Just because Brazil has the most substantial number of law schools in the world and also the third country with the largest number of attorneys, does not mean that the country is comprised of the best lawyers in the world. According to experts in the legal sector, only 800 law graduates are registered and qualified to handle legal issues in Brazil. Some of these lawyers include Ricardo Tosto who is one of the respected attorneys in the country. Mr. Ricardo Tosto is an expert in the legal sector. After his graduation from the Mackenzie University with a degree in law and later graduated with an extension in Business Administration, Mr. Ricardo Tosto decided to begin his practice as a lawyer at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados where he is a partner.

Ricardo Tosto is a recognized attorney with expertise in various areas including; administrative law, banking contracts, civil law, commercial law, bankruptcy, reorganization, election law, business restructuring, acquisition review as well as credit recovery. Being a respected lawyer in the country, Mr. Ricardo Tosto has been recognized on several occasions among them being nominated as the best Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Brazil by Who’s Who Legal, and analise 500 as well as Legal 500. He is among the few lawyers in Brazil who can speak English.



The Whistleblower Program Empowers Whistleblowers to Report Possible Securities Violations

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The Dodd-Frank Act is a U.S. Federal law, which tasks the government with the responsibility of regulating the financial sector. The legislation was passed in July 2010 to avoid another major financial crisis by coming up with a financial control process that imposes accountability and transparency while executing rules for protecting consumers. One of its important reforms is the creation of a whistleblower program, which offers financial incentives as well as job security for people to report potential misconducts and federal securities laws violation to the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow

Labaton Sucharow reacted to the sweeping legislation and became the first law company in the nation to create a practice focused on protecting the rights of SEC whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Representation Practice was built on a strong foundation of industry-leading securities ligation. It has an excellent in-house team of financial analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators. This team of specialists has long-term experience of enforcing state and federal law hence provides unmatched representation for Whistleblowers. They work tirelessly to ensure whistleblowers can report possible violations without fear of losing their jobs or being discriminated in workplaces.

Jordan Thomas, practice manager

Jordan Thomas is the head of the Whistleblower Representation Practice. Previously, he served as the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Deputy Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. At the SEC, he pioneered the creation of the Whistleblower Program.

About the Whistleblower Program’s rules

The rules require the SEC to pay qualified whistleblowers between 10 and 30 percent of the money collected after successful implementation actions whereby monetary sanctions surpasses the $1 million mark. If this threshold is achieved, whistleblowers may be entitled to additional awards depending on the collected monetary penalties in similar actions reported by other law enforcement organizations. The rules protect employees who report misconducts or securities laws violation from any form of retaliation and discrimination from employers. Additionally, the rules allow the whistleblowers to bring forward securities violation anonymously through an attorney representation.

The Whistleblower Representation Practice provides an opportunity for interested whistleblowers to request for a case evaluation. Case evaluation requests can be made via telephone, electronic submissions via their website, and email. The representation team handles calls, email, and online chats from clients in a professional manner. Initial case evaluations as well as consultations are offered free of charge and are confidential. While the provision of names of potential securities violators is highly encouraged, individuals are allowed to do so willingly.



News About SEC Whistleblower Attorney

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Hearing about a Whistleblower is more common than it used to be. Employees want to work for companies that stand by their word and treat customers and employees fairly. They want to be proud of their employers and feel connected to their policiies and believe in what they are doing. It makes everyone accountable and trustworthy.

Since 2010 when the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed by Congress, there are more protections and incentives that encourage Whistleblowers to keep their industry safe and secure and protect their clients and employees. For an in-depth review, please check out the SEC Whistleblower Advocate Program by following this link SEC whistleblower program. There is a wealth of information about the rights and protections and guidelines for anyone interested in pursuing a case of this nature.

Devote some time to read through the information available in the SEC Whistletblowers’ Advocacy Program at the site above and understand what you are doing and how the process works. If you decide to pursue your subject, make sure your have all your information and facts ready to substantiate your case.

Take advantage of the topics already researched, SEC Insiders’ Guide, SEC Whistleblowers’ Program Handbook, SEC Law Primer, SEC Whistleblowers’ Eligibility Calculator and the SEC Whistleblowers’ Security Database. They even offer a free case evaluation feature. Many of the questions you may have are probably already answered and this will give anyone interested in pursuing such a case a concise overview and lots of new topics for discussion.

When you are ready to begin, organize your thoughts and ideas and do your diligent research and make sure you can back up your case with the proper information, reports and resources.

The goal here is to keep everyone honest and not set out to harm or embarrass others. Maybe your report will encourage someone to take a look at their processes and improve them for the company and the client. A good result here could help the company streamline a process, save the company time and money and help employees be more responsive to clients needs. It does not have to be a negative venture. The best outcome is one where all the parties gain knowledge, skills and good practices that benefit everyone.

Your company may be grateful for the time and effort you take to improve their business practices and make it easier and beneficial to all involved in the process.

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Evaluating Ross Abelow’s Remarkable Career

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The City of New York is famed for its ability to attract millions of go-getting individuals. Some of the most distinguished law firms have also set up shop in this amazing metropolis. This multiplicity can make finding a good lawyer in the city daunting. Ross Abelow has however managed to carve a niche for himself as the go-to New York attorney. He has successfully offered representation to hundreds of clients, something that has put him in a class of his own within the city’s legal circles.

Abelow’s Specialty

Mr. Abelow is among the best trained attorneys in the United States. The New York University alumnus was awarded his law degree at Brooklyn College in 1989. His student years gave him an insight about the legal needs of clients in the city. It similarly helped him develop strong ties and affection towards the city. This has been crucial to the success of his practice. For over two decades, Abelow has mainly focused on marital law, entertainment law, business law and family law. Despite his relative diversification, he has positively impacted on each individual area of specialization.

The attorney has particularly been interested in entertainment law during the course of his hugely successful career. He has had the privilege of working with notable entertainers within the city’s entertainment circles. Of particular interest to him has been helping the entertainers to copyright their intellectual property. He has similarly helped many entertainers to negotiate record deals and performance contracts. By handling some of the most intricate contract disputes, Mr. Abelow gives his clients the opportunity to perfect their art.

On matters of divorce and family law, Abelow has been dedicated in his quest to help clients attain favorable settlements. He does this in line with the fact that divorce cases are emotionally draining and complicated. He takes so much pleasure in seeing clients settle for settlements that guarantee their well-being following the completion of the cases. He not only focuses on offering representation but also gives them useful legal counsel. His commitment has seen him emerge victorious in most of the cases that he has handled.

Philanthropic Causes

Abelow’s interests go beyond his legal career. Being an animal lover at heart, he has been on the lead as far as advocating for the rights of animals is concerned. He recently unveiled a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds, which will be used to avail basic amenities such as food and shelter to animals during winter seasons. This unique charity demonstrates his all-round nature.

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Ross Abelow: Providing Sound Legal Guidance

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Legal Services for Divorcees and Entertainers
Ross Abelow is quite well-known in the New York area. He is known as a trustworthy attorney who can be relied on to offer sound legal guidance to every client. He provides superior services in the entertainment and divorce areas. He can be counted on to work with any divorcing couple from the start of the process and he will complete the divorce right to the end. He will ensure that every legal consideration and issue will be covered. Abelow is a very versatile lawyer in the city of New York. He knows that the laws can be quite complex to many. This is especially true with the entertainment laws. He has his own unique style when it surrounds these sensitive legal matters. He is an experienced attorney. Professional with a personal and soft touch is a good way to handle divorces. Ross Abelow is ready to be a guiding legal professional to those divorcing and for those who may need sound legal guidance within the entertainment industry.

A Good Lawyer by Your Side
Some of the most distinguished entertainers have greatly appreciated having a good lawyer by their side. He is ready to assist any entertainer with the following:
* legal disputes
* intellectual property
* contracts
* more sensitive issues
A good lawyer by the side of every entertainer and anyone going through a divorce will benefit greatly with a good lawyer by their side. Experience and knowledge from a professional will create a smooth and less-complicated experience for everyone involved. Legal representation is very valuable. Ross Abelow is a qualified attorney who is ready to offer his skills and guidance to every client.

Standing Out in the Law With Added Experience
Ross Abelow is an attorney who seems to stand out amongst many. It may be his years of experience that have led many individuals to come to him for legal advice. Satisfaction from his clients seems to be a given. Every client who has sought legal assistance from Ross Abelow has appreciated having their case be placed in capable hands. His reputation makes this distinguished attorney stand out and apart. He is a graduate from Brooklyn Law School. He has a fine reputation and he does stand out because he can offer his experience to his valued clients. His credentials speak volumes.

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Ross Abelow Sheltering New York City’s Homeless Pets

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New York City’s finest attorney Ross Abelow has begun a GoFundMe fundraiser to help shelter the city’s homeless and abandoned pets. New York City is famous for many things such as Broadway, the Empire State building and Ground Zero. New York is also famous for its ability to come together to overcome adversity. Never has that need been greater than now. The City’s abandoned pet rate is climbing quickly and the shelter’s can not support the amount of animals coming in. Mr. Abelow’s fundraiser went live on January 13, 2016. He’s hoping to raise $5000 dollars to help area shelters provide medical, dental, food and the basic necessities to help these forgotten animals.

As the temperatures begin to plummet and the snow begins to fall, these poor animals are struggling to find shelter. Most of these poor animals will not survive the winter without help. Ross Abelow’s goal is to provide enough funding to these shelters that they will be able to keep the city’s homeless animals until permanent homes can be found for them. The sad reality is most of the abandoned animals that are placed in these animal shelters are euthanized, because permanent families cannot be found for them. The rise in the number of puppy mills and the number owner’s breeding for money, is the primary cause of animal overcrowding in these shelters. Giving a pet as a present is another reason these shelters can not afford to provide basic services.

$5000 may not sound like much but to area shelters this money will help with the cost of food, blankets, medical vaccines, and dental care making these pets feel loved and cared for. Every year an estimated 7.6 million animals find their way into an area shelter. Nearly 2.7 million are adopted, a small percentage are returned to their owners while the rest are put down. Ross Abelow has taken an interest in this growing problem, by attacking it head on.

New York City’s prominent attorney Ross Abelow is no stranger to adversity. After receiving his bachelor degree in political science at the State University of New York, he went on to receive his Juris Doctor at the Brooklyn School of Law. He went on to specialize in Matrimonial, Family and Entertainment law. After 26 years of practice he became a partner with Abelow and Casandro LLC. Since his retirement he still has a prominent social media presence, writing for legal blogs and magazine articles as well as coaching his daughters basketball and softball teams.

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