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Sheldon Lavin: Award-Winning Executive, Loving Husband And Father And Commited Philanthropist

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Global food processing giant the OSI Group’s CEO Sheldon Lavin has enjoyed the type of sustained business success many people only dream about. Since earning degrees in accounting and finance, Lavin spent years as a banker, built a successful accounting firm and transformed the Chicago based meat market Otto & Sons into a leader in the global food industry. He has done this while being a loving, attentive husband and father and creating policies and procedures that have led him to win awards for environmental management, worker safety and food quality. Sheldon Lavin has lived an amazing life.

Lavin’s consistent and determined work recently led the World Vision Academy to choose him for their Global Visionary award. He is a fitting choice because few business executives can match the achievements Sheldon Lavin has attained. When he took over at the OSI Group 40 years ago, the company was providing prime cuts of meats for supermarkets and restaurants in the Midwestern United States and processing meat patties for McDonald’s. Under Lavin’s leadership, the OSI Group has expanded its reach and is now serving customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

Growing the OSI Group has required vision, innovation and a deep understanding of the many different markets the company now serves. Sheldon Lavin has been able to work with a vast array of foreign governments, international suppliers and customers each with their unique needs and desires. Plus, he has been able to keep his workforce of over 20,000 happy by creating some of the most thoughtful and generous benefits packages seen in any industry. Add the warm, loving, family atmosphere he has maintained throughout the OSI Group even as they have become a global company and it’s easy to understand why Lavin receives lots of praise, adulation, accolades and awards.

Just as impressive as his work as a business executive is Sheldon Lavin’s activities as a philanthropist. For decades he has supported charitable organizations of all kinds throughout the U.S. and worldwide. His work with Rush University Medical Center, where he serves as general trustee, and the years he spent with the Fish & Wildlife Foundation as its director, are just two examples of his commitment to sharing his time talent and energy. Lavin has also given generously to Ronald McDonald House Charities, the United Negro College Fund, several Jewish organizations and the Boy & Girls Club of Chicago.

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President And COO David McDonald: Helping Make The OSI Group A Global Force

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The president of international food processing giant the OSI Group is Iowa native David McDonald. He has been with the company since graduating from Iowa State University in 1987 with a degree in animal science. Hired as a project manager, McDonald’s diverse skillset has enabled him to move up through the ranks in the company to become both president and chief operating officer. With his help the company has been able to successfully expand into a growing number countries throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, create new products and make major strides within the food industry.

Due in part to the work of David McDonald, the OSI Group has become a premier global food producer that delivers some of the industry’s best products and services to their growing customer base. David McDonald uses his expertise to assist the logistics team in maintaining and improving the company’s position in the constantly evolving international food services market. McDonald’s ability to work hand in hand with local marketers in 80 countries around the world helps the OSI Group to offer their customers foods designed to meet an array of culturally specific tastes.

David McDonald was instrumental in the OSI Group’s acquisition of the Dutch company Baho Foods which specializes in the processing of deli meat and other foods. Purchasing Baho Foods increases the OSI Group’s presence in Europe. McDonald has also helped the company develop a winning business strategy for and establish a presence in China over the past 20 years. Today, the OSI Group has 10 poultry processing facilities in China and provides meat, dough and vegetable products to American fast food companies in China including Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s.

Over the three decades David McDonald has spent with the OSI Group he has helped them establish dynamic partnerships, enjoy tremendous growth and become very profitable. His goal is for the company to continue to meet and surpass the expectations of customers. The key to doing that is for the company to remain flexible and maintain high quality standards as they create solutions to the challenges they encounter in the international food services industry. McDonald focuses on understanding the local culture so the company can deliver the products and services their diverse customer base wants.

Much of David McDonald’s time is spent handling the technical and infrastructure challenges the company faces dealing with partners, suppliers and government agencies.

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How Sheldon Lavin Has Shown That People Are What Make Jobs Appealing

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While patenting and utilizing advanced technology usually will boost a company’s sales way past its competitors, you never can keep out the human element to a company’s success. That’s what OSI Industries CEO Sheldon Lavin knows and he’s made it important that his company provides a workplace that employees can enjoy and be encouraged to perform well in. OSI Industries is one of the world’s top meat processing and wholesale companies with specific marketing for fast food restaurants and chain supermarkets. Lavin has wanted the company to be run on more of a ground level as opposed to a top-down corporation. Most employees have expressed their love for working at OSI Industries because management listens to their concerns and has done a lot to make a cutthroat environment safe.

OSI Industries existed many years before Sheldon Lavin came there, beginning as a butcher shop in a Chicago suburb in 1909 and growing into a big local meat market company known as Otto & Sons by the 1950s. They were the first company to become partners with McDonalds that decade, and as McDonalds opened more locations, Otto & Sons wanted their company to match production and logistics for them. Sheldon Lavin was asked to help Otto & Sons procure funds for new processing and shipping facilities to meet the production needs. Lavin had been in banking for many years, and when Otto & Sons approached him, he was running a consulting firm. He decided to come to Otto & Sons on a part-time basis to get its finances in order, but as the company owners started seeing his leadership manifest itself, they decided to sell him part of the company and make him CEO. After the previous owners retired, Lavin was sold the majority ofthe shares.

Otto & Sons was renamed to OSI Industries under Sheldon Lavin’s guidance after it began an international expansion which has lasted over 30 years and brought it into 17 different countries. Even though OSI Industries has bought out a lot of companies like Baho Food and Flagship Europe, it’s actually allowed many of them to keep their old brand name and retain their current employees while improving their services and adding more jobs. Sheldon Lavin has not only built a company that’s helped fast food restaurants thrive, he’s also been involved in the community with donations to the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago. He was also given the Global Visionary award in 2016 at Global Vision Academy in India.

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