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Nick Vertucci has Years of Experience with Real Estate– Here’s How He is Teaching Students Everything He Knows

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Realty is, if not a science, an essential knowledge that many individuals looking to enter into a valuable investment type should learn since their student’s age. The real estate market is treacherous and full of hidden gems and misses if you are not educated enough to understand how to delve into the world of property commercialization. This is why Nick Vertucci founded the NVREA Workshop and an academy to help individuals delve into the industry in the right foot.

The Real Estate Academy is currently one of the top educations for students who want to learn more about how the industry work and how to start investing in realty with such little money available at Nick Vertucci developed classes to teach all of that and more.

The Academy already has thousands of students and was rewarded with prizes and recognitions in many news outlets and blogs about the subject at Among its positive feedback, many students have left the Academy stating that they were applying the teachings of their professors from the institute, and it was earning them valuable lessons and experience that would have possibly led to a short-term failure if they had gone into it blindfolded.

Definitely, Nick Vertucci has an extensive amount of experience when it comes to the real estate industry. He did not start a life with a lot of capital to back him up or guarantee a stable future, and his family was working hard to maintain a sustainable low-class lifestyle. It changed, however, when Nick Vertucci stopped depending on employment and decided to start working on his own rules, beginning by selling computer parts and ending as a millionaire of the realty market on There were, however, many bumps and falls in the route he took. According to the specialist himself, he experienced many hard moments because he was not aware of the importance of investing in the future, and was spending too much of his wealth during easy times and was left with nothing after a few months, already married and with a family to sustain.

Through a workshop, however, Nick Vertucci learned the basics of the industry and fell in love with the different possibilities and the broad horizons that realty could offer. For the next few months, he would dedicate himself immensely into becoming one of the best experts in that area in his age.

It all led to the foundation of the Real Estate Academy on, which has the philosophy of teaching young students all of the knowledge and experience of some of the best masters in the craft of realty.

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Real Estate Investment with JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto

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Commercial properties in Brazil are developed by many real estate companies like JHSF. JHSF also develops residential properties since it opened its doors in 1972. In a bid to grow its business, the company now develops shopping malls and airports in Brazil. It is a force to reckon with in real estate commercial market acquisition.


The hub of JHSF’s operations is in Salvador. The company also operates in Manaus and Sao Paulo. The main source of its wealth comes from its restaurants and airports. Now, with the development of hotels and shopping centers, the company is rapidly growing. JHSF restructuring plans carried out in 2006 brought to the fold companies like SAES, Vista, Santa Cruz and CPIC among others.

JHSF, in a big to grow its influence in the hotels and catering business acquired majority of the Hotel Fasano shares. Later it bought the hotel. The subsequent acquisition of all Hotel Fasano’s hotel chains propelled JHSF into the front pouches of the catering and development hospitality industry in Brazil. These chains were acquired at a pretty penny: ’53 million reais’.

Jose Neto

Jose Neto is the principal executive authority at JHSF. As the Chief executive, he is also charged with commercial development oversight. He supervises and follows all residential development plans even as he sits as chairman of JHSF ‘board of directors’.

Complexes such as ‘the Cidada Jardim and the Metro Tucuruv have been put up under the keen scrutiny of Jose Auriemo Neto. These complexes are based in Sao Paulo and Manaus respectively. Other complexes being developed are the Manaus based Ponta Negra and the Bela Vista. The expansion plans by Jose Neto also purposes to increase shopping complexes in the company’s portfolio.

Academic Achievement and Work

Like many successful Brazilians, Jose Auriemo Neto graduated from ‘Fundacao Armando Alvares Panteado (FAAP) University’. It was in 1993 that he started as an employee at JHSF. After some time, he rose to the position of a board member from 1999. He is also an YPO member. In order to grow the company, he introduced service departments. The Parkbem, a company dealing in parking, was quite successful resulting in JHSF’s board to allow Neto’s further expansion plans.

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Construcap is Promoting the Expansion of Brazilian Real Estate Industry through its Innovative and Sustainable Construction Practices

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Brazil boasts one of the world’s profitable and leading real estate industries. The industry has maintained a fast-paced growth and attracted many foreign investors. Brazil has many metropolitan apartments and beach resorts. Some investors on are also investing in farmlands and rural-based properties.

The most expensive properties are located in Rio de Janeiro, a modern city that boasts access to the beach and a cosmopolitan touch. This city has attracted investors from distinct parts of the world. Sao Paulo is another Brazilian city that has lured many foreign investors due to its stable real estate market on .

Ideas for acquiring a property in Brazil

Purchasing a property in the urban region of Brazil is a reasonably secure investment. Brazil has an organized and robust property registration system on YouTube and an active real estate sector. When acquiring a property in Brazil, you must look for a licensed realtor. You will also require assistance from a qualified lawyer. The legal expert will inspect the documents and take you through the whole process of acquiring the property.

Facts about Construcap

Construcap is a premier firm in the Brazilian construction industry. It opened its doors in 1944 and, since then, it has seen immense growth. It specializes in sectors such as building, infrastructure, and energy. The company has earned a spot as one of the leading construction firms in Brazil, thanks to its management that concentrates on continuous development projects and meeting the unique demands of its customers.

What makes Construcap the best employer?

Construcap avails a perfect work environment, which allows employees to improve their skills and achieve career growth. It provides internships and training opportunities that enable young graduates to establish a stable career and take up influential roles in the future. Construcap offers professional training, targeting its employees as well as residents of communities within areas that it runs it business. The training aims at equipping the trainees with skills for dealing with pressing challenges facing the community. Leadership training targets engineers, project managers, and architects. It helps them to cultivate a culture of teamwork within the workplace and construction sites.

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The Increasingly Hot Real Estate Market is Challenging Buyers

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The real estate market has been increasingly hot and the increase in prices has been leading to increasing challenges for buyers of real estate. This is not a challenge confined to just Manhattan but rather to the entirety of New York City.

Brooklyn is the new hot spot for real estate in New York and sales prices are even approaching the heights that are typically only for sale in Manhattan. Part of the problem has been that the supply of Brooklyn apartments has been constrained. A report this week has indicated that over half of the new development home inventory has been sold with approximately $1.7 billion on the market sold during the month of September. Only 550 homes are available on NYC Apartments for rent.

Town Real Estate can provide you with access to some of the best real estate in the competitive New York real estate market. Town Real estate has significant experience finding apartments for those who are looking for one of these Brooklyn real estate apartments as well as those in Manhattan. Some relief is possible as there are 1400 units with submitted plans for Brooklyn that are expected to generate a significant amount of interest. Recently, the average unit price has accelerated to over $4 million per unit in some parts of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn isn’t the only market that has been hot. Manhattan real estate has continued to climb with over seventy apartments being sold in Manhattan with prices over $4 million. This is the best period of time for home sales in Manhattan since 2006 during the heights of the market. The increase in the real estate market in Manhattan is partly on the heels of a decreasing stock market, with the highest unit reaching $38 million in value.

Locating an home in this time of increasing home prices is difficult which is why it is essential to find an unit that is effectively priced. Town Real estate has extensive contacts that can help you to locate units that are effectively priced in this market and can help you to locate the home that you are looking for. Reach out to them and get the assistance of their qualified real estate agents who can set out on finding the apartment that you are seeking.