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Rocketship Education Achieves Success Through Partnerships with Parents

Posted by JacobT on

For more than a decade, Rocketship Education has been helping charter schools bridge the gap in education. As a non-profit organization, Rocketship Education focuses its efforts on the education available to students from low-income families. The charter schools inside their network are located within communities that have a predominate population of children from low-income backgrounds. The dedication Rocketship Education has to its cause can be seen in the efforts it put forth to help raise funds for needy families in the San Jose area when their homes were ruined because of the flooding waters from a nearby creek.

The team behind Rocketship Education not only dedicates itself to helping empower the students who attend their schools, they also build beneficial connections with their families. This is accomplished by familiarizing their educators with the backgrounds of their student’s families as well as by providing the families with the tools needed to continue the education process at home. This network of schools also helps students learn to rise to the challenges and opportunities that life often brings. They accomplish this by creating models for healthy relationships within families and communities.

Building healthy relationships includes the encouragement parent participation. The team behind Rocketship Education has seen the positive results and success of their students come to fruition by allowing their parents to take an active role in the educational process. They often refer to this collaborative effort as a partnership in education. Within this network parents are given the opportunity to help name schools, interview prospective teachers and assist in forming the school’s activities for enrichment.

Students attending one of the Rocketship Education charter schools receive a well-rounded curriculum designed to help them graduate high school and go on to college. In addition to the core studies at these schools, they also offer several enrichment programs, which includes programs in engineering and technology as well as art and music. This specialized program offers students the ability to utilize critical thinking, creativity and teamwork. With a retention rate of almost 90 percent, the Rocketship Education program clearly encompasses the organization’s mission to unlock the potential in every child.