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An American Idol: Proprietor Julia Jackson

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Julia JacksonThe winemaking industry rakes in billions of dollars on an annual basis. There are hundreds of brands to choose from, but all aren’t created equal. Proprietor Julia Jackson works for one of the industry’s most premier economical brands. Jackson Family Wines Collection is the name and achieving greatness is the game. The company/brand has been around since 1982, and it was founded by Julia’s father and mother. Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke did a wonderful job of operating a successful business while raising children. Julia just so happened to be the youngest of the group, but she would also go on to be one of the most accomplished.Before she entered the vinification line of work, Julia attended Scripps College. Here she would earn a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, which was an unrelated field to the one she’s in now.

She also studied at Sanford University where she attended and completed the Summer institute of General Management program. Not to forget, Julia lived in Los Angeles for a short period of time andJulia Jackson worked as a model. While working in the family’s wineries, she began to develop an appreciation for the winemaking business. This appreciation would grow into a love once she travelled to Bordeaux, France. She learned the ins and outs of the business while shadowing influential personnel. As of today, this woman is one of the company’s top representatives, and she serves on its international sales team.Jackson Family Wines Collection is a phenomenon in a sense thanks to its worldwide exposure. It has wineries in Italy, France, Australia and Chile. Its Barbara’s Clone 667 Pinot Noir is one of its top wines. Seeds of Empowerment is Julia’s nonprofit organization, and it was built off the empowerment of ambitious females. This organization personifies Julia Jackson as she continues to climb the ranks in the winemaking industry.

Women in Business

Doe Deere and the Lime Crime Cosmetic Scene

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Doe Deere is a cosmetics superstar and she is only getting started. With her unique background and surreal pastel version of life, her Lime Crime lifestyle is taking the beauty world by storm. Born and raised in Russia, she moved to the U.S. when she was 17. She began a career in the music industry before becoming a makeup mogul but her business savvy dates back to her elementary school days in Russia when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. Since those days, her makeup company accomplishments have earned her the title of one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.

Her makeup company, Lime Crime, is one of the first digitally native beauty brands ever. It continually sets new trends that put the Internet on its ear. Blue lipstick, their most famous trend setting technique was seen on lips all across the country, as well as fashion runways and photo shoots. Doe Deere’s main goal is to give their customers a way to express themselves in cosmetics they have never before been offered.

Being an Internet-based company has given the self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns (she calls her fans unicorns) a wide range of opinions and experiences on the matter. Doe Deere has said in interviews that the purely online basis of her company has shown her the Internet’s good and bad side. She names the instant feedback as the best part and the ease of malicious behavior as the worst.

When asked about her unusual company name, she recalls the early days of Ebay stores and how they weren’t thought of as brands so much as just a name for registration. Lime Crime reminded her of her favorite color and the rhyming nature was a throwback to her musical career. Keeping the name Lime Crime has made her distinguishable among many new makeup companies and easy to find on search engines.

Lime Crime began with that Ebay store where she sold her fashion line. Bright colors of makeup were part of the look and she had trouble finding quality makeup in bright colors. In 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was born and there really doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop Doe Deere and her unicorn posse.

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Strength of a Woman

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Malini Saba, head of Saban Company is one of the prominent and most remarkable philanthropist, investor and business person in South Asia. She began her lifelong career in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. Before establishing her own venture, Malini invested in a number of firms. This gave her an ample opportunity to develop experience and passion for investment and so she went ahead to establish her biggest investment, Saban. Saban company operates in China, United States, India and Australia, specializing in a broad spectrum of business activities and services. This firm operates in real estate in Australia and oil and gas industry in China. Additionally, Saban also has a big interest in the technological industry in the United States of America.


Her Career as a Philanthropist


In addition to being a phenomenon business woman, Saba is a passionate philanthropist. She makes effort to donate and contribute money to different charities with an end goal of transforming the society to a better place. In 2001, Malini Saba founded Stree:Global Investments in Women.This firm was privileged to be inaugurated by Bill Clinton who is the former US president and Jordan’s Queen Noor. This non-profit organization was started with a mission to provide quick and easy access for children and women from low income backgrounds and at risks to education and health care services. Stree: Global Investments in Women offers proper legal empowerment to all women in Africa, Eastern Europe Central America and India.


Malini Saba has played an important role in helping people stroke with different tragedies. In 2004, she pledged $10 million to Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka. A year later, she made a significant and big contribution of $1 million to the Elcamino Hospital in California.


About Malini Saba


Malini Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was raised in Australia and later on went to study in Perth. Upon completing her studies, Malini moved to the US. Here she resided in San Francisco and took business classes that enabled her sharpen her skills in investment. She attended several conferences that investors also attended and this gave her a good opportunity to learn important details on investing. With over 25 years in business, Malini has successfully excelled in business due to her commitment in adopting new market trends and capitalizing on profitable future trends.


She is one of the business persons that advocate for diversification of risks to avoid big losses. Additionally, she strongly opposes corrupt business activities and this has enabled her progress.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Answers in a Recent Interview

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Doe Deere -the owner of Lime Crime makeup company- recently gave an interview to GaloreMag. She discussed herself and the Lime Crime company she started from the ground up. Here is a compilation of the questions and the answers she gave.

When asked about her upbringing and how it inspired her to start a makeup company, Doe stated to Galore Mag that she would put as much color into everything she did when she was young. She would dress her dolls in colorful outfits and she would draw with as many colors as she could.

To the question of what her first memory is, Doe said that she recalls having a slumber party with two friends. She said they were acting witchy to conjure up spirits. She decided to do witchy makeup to really get into character to conjure the spirits.

Doe Deere admitted that her worst makeup moments were when she would try out really strange makeup looks. At the same time she still thinks those strange makeup looks she tried out were important for her to understand what looked the best on her and what looked bad. She insists that everyone has to try different looks to really understand makeup and what works for them or for other people.

Her answer to where she came up with the name Lime Crime was simply that she had an eBay store that was named Lime Crime. Doe’s eBay store was initially for her fashion she created. However, she began to sell her makeup products on her eBay store and the name stuck since her customers recognized it. She chose not to change the name since it seemed like such a memorable name for customers to be able to easily refer to it when suggesting their friends try the makeup. Lime Crime is also a very unique name that immediately pops up for any Google search of the company.

Doe Deere is pleased that her makeup company has been so successful as an online based company. Galore Mag asked her if she viewed it as completely good or if she wishes Lime Crime had more success in store sales. Doe Deere says she views it as convenient that so many people can shop online at her store from everywhere in the world. She does point out that Lime Crime is sold in some beauty stores and at Urban Outfitters. Overall though she believes that it is positive that the company is mainly online based with their sales. She does think that being an internet based company has some drawbacks since customers can see both the positive and negative reviews.

Galore Mag asked what she meant by negative reviews. Doe replied that she felt the internet is a good thing because it allows people to communicate their opinions. She does think everyone should be cautious about assuming all negative reviews are true, since people can make up whatever they want to or try to put businesses under by making up a scandal about them.

Galore Mag asked why Doe Deere calls the fans of Lime Crime makeup “unicorns”. She calls them “unicorns” because she thinks anyone who uses Lime Crime has to have a deep love of color. Therefore they are like the unique, mythical unicorn which is typically depicted to be colorful and one of a kind.

Doe Deere cites her inspirations to be Dita von Teese and her friends Elena and Stella Rose. Doe Deere herself was recently listed as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepenuers, which she calls a dream come true.

Follow her on Twitter @doedeere

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The Financial Law Enforcers

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Laws are there to be followed by those they are set for and they are enforced by superior officers among other law enforcers. I am a supporter of laws more so the ethical code of conduct in businesses and laws that govern the corporate world. Many people hide under the cover of law abiding people and take advantage of the vulnerable persons. It’s hard to trust the financial sector, especially after all it has put you through, but who doesn’t deserve a second chance. Laws a have been put in place to protect the consumers, and the enforcers haven’t lagged behind in their work. For instance, Officer Morrison has risen against all odds to advocate for the protection of all consumers, and she has brought right and faith in the financial world.

Morrison is one of the leaders that has brought significance change in the financial and economic world. After the economic crash of 2008 many people lost faith in the financial sector of the economy, this led them to withdraw a lot of money and keep it for themselves. However, a new dawn came upon the rising of Hall Capital Partners. It changed this by bringing a more integral, accountable and reliable enforcement sector. Morrison is currently the law enforcement officer and she never lets anything get to her and her work for the people. She has put strict measures on the selection of employees who they adequately vet before allowing them to handle clients’ money. On the other hand, she emphasizes on ethical and solid investments for their clients. They enhance investments for their clients by vetting brokerage firms, mutual fund, and financial advisers before allowing any investment be made.

Everyone loves a return on their investment. However, there are times when things happen without our knowledge, or by us looking on the other side, and everything else changes. The compliance officers, among others, Officer Morison, works every passing day to ensure that accountability and responsibility are embraced in all investments. Having headed among others the Securities and Exchange Commission, in San Francisco, where she represented it in business relations, legal issues as well as the financial communities. The officer, Morison has adequate knowledge and experience in the financial world and hence makes a great leader. She, however, works alongside a team of professionals who go extra miles to ensure that all clients are well represented and catered for. With her wide range of experience and expertise, you can be sure you have the best at your disposal.

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Helane Morrison: Taking on the Compliance Challenge

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The term compliance speaks of meeting certain regulations and guidelines. In the world of business, regulations have to be set and a body mandated to make sure they’re followed. Compliance allows organizations in an industry to streamline their business practices.

Failure to harmonize practices in business leads to the emergence of unfair or illegal competition. In a way, compliance also protects the consumer as well as other firms in the market. It involves internal controls established by a company relating to the education, audit, investigation, and mitigation of risks. A compliance officer’s duty, therefore, lies in implementing programs mean to find, fix and prevent ethical imbalance and regulatory issues.

Therefore, every company needs a compliance department to makes sure it’s internal and external practices and culture remains healthy. The profession of conformity started about two decades ago. The field has grown massively over the years and become an integral part of every industry.

For instance, most firms in the U.S are multinationals. They possess a need for compliance since their penetration into international markets relies on their adherence to local cultures, government regulation, and ethics. According to the CEO of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Roy Snell, the rules are there, but somebody must make sure they’re followed to the letter.

Indeed, some compliance professionals start their purebred careers after training in college. However, some stem out of the practice of law such as Helane Morrison. She attended the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California. Before her career in legal studies, she graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Her Journalism and Legal skills served her well during her studies as well as her work experience. For instance, she was once the Chief Editor of the California Law Review.

She has practiced law extensively as well as exercising her skills in media through every organization she has worked. In 1999, she received an appointment as the first female Regional Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Here, she handled regulatory obligations, litigation, securities enforcement and internal investigations. While receiving her appointment, she vowed to keep investors on their toes. Click here to read more

Today, she works with a Bay Area, San Francisco-based asset management firm named Hall Capital. She doubles up as a member of executive committee, Company Lawyer, Managing Director and the senior officer in charge of compliance. The company makes use of her diverse skills and expertise.

Keep up with Helane’s work and news about her advances in the field on her Crunchbase profile.