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The Financial Law Enforcers

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Laws are there to be followed by those they are set for and they are enforced by superior officers among other law enforcers. I am a supporter of laws more so the ethical code of conduct in businesses and laws that govern the corporate world. Many people hide under the cover of law abiding people and take advantage of the vulnerable persons. It’s hard to trust the financial sector, especially after all it has put you through, but who doesn’t deserve a second chance. Laws a have been put in place to protect the consumers, and the enforcers haven’t lagged behind in their work. For instance, Officer Morrison has risen against all odds to advocate for the protection of all consumers, and she has brought right and faith in the financial world.

Morrison is one of the leaders that has brought significance change in the financial and economic world. After the economic crash of 2008 many people lost faith in the financial sector of the economy, this led them to withdraw a lot of money and keep it for themselves. However, a new dawn came upon the rising of Hall Capital Partners. It changed this by bringing a more integral, accountable and reliable enforcement sector. Morrison is currently the law enforcement officer and she never lets anything get to her and her work for the people. She has put strict measures on the selection of employees who they adequately vet before allowing them to handle clients’ money. On the other hand, she emphasizes on ethical and solid investments for their clients. They enhance investments for their clients by vetting brokerage firms, mutual fund, and financial advisers before allowing any investment be made.

Everyone loves a return on their investment. However, there are times when things happen without our knowledge, or by us looking on the other side, and everything else changes. The compliance officers, among others, Officer Morison, works every passing day to ensure that accountability and responsibility are embraced in all investments. Having headed among others the Securities and Exchange Commission, in San Francisco, where she represented it in business relations, legal issues as well as the financial communities. The officer, Morison has adequate knowledge and experience in the financial world and hence makes a great leader. She, however, works alongside a team of professionals who go extra miles to ensure that all clients are well represented and catered for. With her wide range of experience and expertise, you can be sure you have the best at your disposal.

Reputation Online

The Success of Darius Fisher

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For anyone or any business that is constantly within the public eye and relies heavily on public opinion, one criteria that has been made in order to make sure that these businesses or individuals keep a positive reputation is to make sure that they also have an online presence that not only promotes, but also encourages a public opinion. Especially for businesses, it has become important to invest heavily in the online reputation management industry as this industry can not only be used to have a positive online presence, but can also be used to negate any negative content such as reviews or comments that can lead to the downfall of a company. The industry of online reputation management can make sure that the customer or the client gets up to date information of the product and service and that the customer also receives excellent quality customer service.
One individual in particular that is one of the leaders of the marketing and online reputation management industry is Darius Fisher, an individual with marketing experience within both the public sector as well as within the private sector. As an experienced individual, Darius Fisher co-founded a reputation management firm that is known as Status Labs which offers the best quality services that exceed expectations among any customer. Darius Fisher and his expert team at Status Labs have already helped over 1,500 loyal clients that are located within 35 different countries all over the world. Within just four years of starting this business, Darius Fisher grew Status Labs exponentially by 939 percent.

In recent news, Darius Fisher received an award that is known as the Business Development Individual of the year which is an award that is given to an innovative individual that has created new marketing and digital strategies within the industry. Darius Fisher, though a young business owner, earned this award through his hard work and his patience. Darius Fisher is also known to be a quality leader within the marketing industry that emphasizes trust as being the key component to build and to expand any reputation management business that wishes to thrive.



The Whistleblower Program Empowers Whistleblowers to Report Possible Securities Violations

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The Dodd-Frank Act is a U.S. Federal law, which tasks the government with the responsibility of regulating the financial sector. The legislation was passed in July 2010 to avoid another major financial crisis by coming up with a financial control process that imposes accountability and transparency while executing rules for protecting consumers. One of its important reforms is the creation of a whistleblower program, which offers financial incentives as well as job security for people to report potential misconducts and federal securities laws violation to the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow

Labaton Sucharow reacted to the sweeping legislation and became the first law company in the nation to create a practice focused on protecting the rights of SEC whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Representation Practice was built on a strong foundation of industry-leading securities ligation. It has an excellent in-house team of financial analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators. This team of specialists has long-term experience of enforcing state and federal law hence provides unmatched representation for Whistleblowers. They work tirelessly to ensure whistleblowers can report possible violations without fear of losing their jobs or being discriminated in workplaces.

Jordan Thomas, practice manager

Jordan Thomas is the head of the Whistleblower Representation Practice. Previously, he served as the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Deputy Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. At the SEC, he pioneered the creation of the Whistleblower Program.

About the Whistleblower Program’s rules

The rules require the SEC to pay qualified whistleblowers between 10 and 30 percent of the money collected after successful implementation actions whereby monetary sanctions surpasses the $1 million mark. If this threshold is achieved, whistleblowers may be entitled to additional awards depending on the collected monetary penalties in similar actions reported by other law enforcement organizations. The rules protect employees who report misconducts or securities laws violation from any form of retaliation and discrimination from employers. Additionally, the rules allow the whistleblowers to bring forward securities violation anonymously through an attorney representation.

The Whistleblower Representation Practice provides an opportunity for interested whistleblowers to request for a case evaluation. Case evaluation requests can be made via telephone, electronic submissions via their website, and email. The representation team handles calls, email, and online chats from clients in a professional manner. Initial case evaluations as well as consultations are offered free of charge and are confidential. While the provision of names of potential securities violators is highly encouraged, individuals are allowed to do so willingly.


Beauty Products

Adding Fullness to Hair with Wen by Chaz

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Known as being one of the best conditioning products on the market today, WEN Hair by Chaz has literally taken the World by storm, and one of the people that decided they had to try the challenge out for themselves is Emily McClure. After hearing so much positive words about Wen by Chaz, she made the leap and decide that she would test out the Wen challenge for herself. This involved giving the product a full week of daily use and at the end of the week, she would write down how she felt about the product and her experience, which was first reported on by Bustle.

She was excited about the fact that Wen hair is supposed to give hair a lot more volume and this is something that she noticed right away. A lot of shampoos and conditioners will leave you with your hair feeling fuller after you have dried it off, but she felt the change right when she used the product in the shower for the first time, although it did not stop there. She had less hair that fell out throughout the week when she was actually in the shower using the conditioner, her hair felt fuller when she was out and about throughout her daily routine, and she even stated that she literally felt like she had more hair on her head.

Wen by Chaz revitalizes hair and repairs broken strands and split ends, so this may be a part of what she was feeling, but it definitely gave her the added amount of volume that she was hoping she would experience while doing the Wen challenge [http://www.wen.com/before-after.html]. At the end of the week, she said there is going to be a place for Wen by Chaz in her shower and that she will still continue to use the product on certain days, although it isn’t going to be her every day conditioner. Wen hair is available on Amazon and high end cosmetics store like Sephora.



Meet the brains behind Fabletics brands

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Some people think that fitness is something that they just have to wake up in the morning and start doing. While this might be the case, there is the appropriate wear that should be worn during training. Most people just wear yoga pants or a tracksuit without even wondering how it looks on them. However, there is one gentleman who thought that fitness should be fashionable just like your typical lunch date. His name is Don Ressler, the co-CEO of JustFab Inc., & CEO of Fabletics. He is the entrepreneur behind startups like Intelligent Beauty and its branches. He started his online career consulting with companies and looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the online space.

Mr. Don Ressler started a brand called FitnessHeaven.com, and it was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001. He immediately teamed up with Intermix Media COO Adam Goldenberg, and they formed Alena Media. Both of them, however, left Alena Media after it was acquired by News Corp in 2005 for more than $650 million. They were frustrated because they watched the media conglomerate ignore the successful and profitable business that they had built.

Mr. Ressler thought of the idea of creating fashionable fitness wear, and he came up with the JustFab idea. The company was launched in 2013, and it is now the leading fashion subscription e-commerce site. It is also one of the best lifestyle fashion brands that offer its members a personalized and engaging shopping experience on bizjournals.com. Through Fabletics, he made it possible to integrate active wear in the daily life and also into corporate life. Don helped JustFab to close an $85 million funding for the company. This has led to the company being valued at $1 billion.

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur, and he has recently upped the game for Fabletics. He hired Yuchin Mao, who heads the design of women apparel. The company projects that its clothing sales will reach more than $50 million, and also they estimate that ready to wear clothes are going to account for 30 percent of all these sales. Don Ressler has a business philosophy which he emphasizes every time. He says that greatness can only be achieved through creativity, innovation, and teamwork. He practically employs this in his life, and that is why he found a partner Adam Goldenberg. He insists that finding the right partner to grow with is the key at all stages of business. Source: http://www.matrixpartners.com/entrepreneur-stories/adam_goldenberg/


Check Out FreedomPop’s Low Prices For Great Services

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If every company was like FreedomPop, then more people would be willing to join that company. Not only are people switching over the FreedomPop in record numbers but also recommending the company to friends and family as well. Many who have joined FreedomPop have suggested it to people they know because of the fact that FreedomPop has prices that are unbeatable. FreedomPop has cell phone service that can be found on the Sprint network but is much lower in price under the FreedomPop name. The same great call quality and reliable coverage is available through FreedomPop, but the cost is only $20 each month.

Although not everyone will be choosing the unlimited $20 monthly plan, those who do choose the plan will get amazing service and unlimited text messages, data, and phone calls. Since everyone wants their services at the lowest cost, they’ll be happy with FreedomPop because of the superior service and low cost. Not every cell phone company these days has great coverage, which means that they can be found in many states across the USA. Along with the great coverage is excellent call quality as well, which means fewer dropped calls, crystal clear calls, and calls that go through all the time. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freedompop.ott&hl=en

Along with the great cell phone service that FreedomPop provides, they are also offering Wi-Fi service as well. The Wi-Fi service is stunning because it’s unlimited and only costs five dollars each month. One would think that service so great wouldn’t be available in very many places, but tens of millions of hotspots can be found across the United States, so picking up Wi-Fi from FreedomPop is very easy. Those who want the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service only need to pay a five-dollar fee in order to activate the service on the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application.

Those who have an Android or iPhone device can download the Wi-Fi application to use it whenever they are ready. The Wi-Fi is at 4G LTE speeds, so there is never a need to worry about how fast the Internet will be when using the Wi-Fi service. FreedomPop also sells phones as well for those who need to upgrade to a different phone. Those who also have an interest in getting Internet service in their home can get it from FreedomPop, which means every aspect of technology in their life can be covered by FreedomPop services at a very low cost.

Learn more from this FreedomPop review

Reference Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreedomPop

Securus Tech

Inmate Telecommunications Provider Global Tel Link Accused Of Bilking Customers

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Securus Technologies has just released the first in a series of articles pertaining to the wrongdoings of its competitor Global Tel Link (GTL). The goal is to embarrass its competitor into conducting its business with more integrity.

GTL is the subject of an investigation by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) for defrauding its customers out of millions of dollars. Securus spokesperson and CEO Rick Smith says that GTL has gone too far. Customers and prison advocacy groups have long complained about the company’s tactics. “Our industry is supposed to help our clients, not rip them off,” said Smith. “We have a hard enough time maintaining our name without this.”

The sheer number of complaints is what caught the eye the LPSC. The Louisiana Department of Correction has contracted with GTL for well over a decade. Some of the irregularities. Some of GTL’s most egregious are not limited to: purposefully advancing clocks to add additional time; artificially inflating customer calls; unlawfully double billing calls and engaging in the unlawful practice of charging customers with add on programs.

The company also engaged in a number of security breaches that put thousands of customers’ private information at risk. The LPSC also found that the deliberate and unlawful practices overcharged customers to the tune of 1.2 million.

“Many people have been complaining about GTL for years. Maybe this time someone will do something about them,” said an industry official. The bottom line is that GTL has been scamming customers with little regard. Smith went on to say that this industry was set up to provide a public service and he intends on making sure all companies operate above board.


The Impact of Martin Lustgarten

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The world of investment banking can be quite tricky. Providing assistance to individuals or corporations regarding money is not always an easy process. Investment bankers provide a variety of services including assisting companies involved in mergers and acquisitions. Investment bankers have a big responsibility and their clients depend on them to make wise decisions. One well known successful investment banker is Martin Lustgarten.

A citizen of Austria and Venezuela, Martin Lustgarten has been impacting the investment world for years. Martin believes in investing internationally. Throughout his career he has dispersed his investments among many different countries. It’s this process that helps him to reduce risk and benefit from local growth. Martin has become an expert at watching the market closely. This gives him the ability to notice trends before they become popular, thus producing great benefits for his clients.

Lustgarten and his work serves as a great model for up and coming investors. He is constantly working to get the very best investment while monitoring current trends. He typically builds wealth quickly. Lustgarten also believes that keeping a variety of investments in his portfolio is the best way to go. He has built lots of success handling investing in this manner for his clients.

Martin Lustgarten maintains a great portfolio and this is key to his success. His track record of success in this challenging field of investment banking serves as proof he knows what he is doing. Anyone new to this field should clearly study his practices. He is certain to have an impact in this field for years to come.

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For Active Women

Kate Hudson Is Here To Help Once Again

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The newest dress that has everyone talking, athleisure dresses. Kate Hudson designed Fabletics dress you’ll enjoy time and time again. It’s so versatile, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been thought about before.

The exclusive interview that Hudson gave to MarieClaire.com concerning the debut on super chic, as well as the performance wear swimsuits that were available in mid April of this latest post. It’s time to give that bikini top double duty as a sports bra during exercise close to the water. Or, you could keep that beach chair from blowing away.

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When Hudson was asked on how she decided to venture from active wear to designing a dress. She stated that it had been natural progression. It’s a design made for the active girl, who is able to be fashionable and yet in a casual style. Fabletics dress is comfortable for a night out with your date or friends, as well as perfect for the office.

Dresses like the Tropez dress have a bra built right in. Hudson explains there are dresses without the built in bra and are super easy to get into. Constructing a dress from the same materials that leggings are made from, allows the dress to suck you in and basically the material shapes you comfortably, and you’ll be glad to know that no Spanxs required. The dress takes care of the smooth firm look. Source: http://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/fabletics-to-make-big-push-into-retail-10181356/

Hudson kept the active person in mind when designing the bathing suit. Her line of bathing suits are made for performance and the active woman who wants that protective feeling when being more active. The high performance woman wants both, meaning she can look a little sexy and be more active while wearing a bathing suit.

When asked if athleisure will ever be designed as high fashion, she answered it would cost more money. Fabletics is for the active woman who are motivated to be healthy and fit. It encourages others to step on board the fitness track and look good doing it. With our brand at Fabletics, there the same quality performance for half the price because, it deals with the consumer directly. This way consumers get high quality, but at a great price.

Fabletics filled the gap in the active wear marketplace. They offer amazing style with the right price. By January 2015 they sold over a million articles of active-wear. There are beautiful suits that can be delivered each month to your door.


Kyle Bass Still Offering Bad Investment Advice

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Kyle Bass has been called out in the media more than once for really bad investment advice, but he has not been stopped. There are a lot of people who like to listen to what he says just because he provides ratings, and he says things that he knows will get instant results. He wants to give people the shock value without giving them anything that they can actually act on. Some people have called him a desperate gambler, and that is because he will grasp at any straw he can find to make his point to a viewer who is not a skilled investor. He makes a lot of bad plays on the market every year and that is because he is rich enough that it doesn’t matter.

Someone who listens to Kyle Bass needs to remember that he only offers a small part of the truth when he talks. He might be right in one small way, but he will be wrong in every other way. He thought that China would fall apart, but the real issue is that the country is going to be fine as a small cooling off period. He has said a lot of wild things that no one could believe is true, but a normal investor would not know.

There are a lot of people who are going to suffer because of Kyle Bass, and it will all be because of the way that he manages what he says. Someone who is very interested in making sure that they can make money on the stock market needs to do their own research. They will quickly learn that there is a lot to be done that does not have anything to do with Kyle Bass, and then they will start to see a change in their fortunes.

Someone like Kyle Bass who is letting his own company fall apart should not be allowed to force people into bad investments. Do not listen to the fear, and do not allow Kyle Bass to convince someone that they are doing it wrong. If anything, he is very out of line.