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Why Have New York Designers Cut Out The Middle Man

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New York shoe designers for men have made a change to their traditional business models. The majority of shoe designers want their italian shoes on paulevansny in department stores, and the department store is not the typical stomping ground of the business New York businessman. Men’s designers like Paul Evans have turn to selling their shoes online exclusively. Online shopping was not seen as the way to go for shoe shoppers, but men have softened their stance to allow room for massive shoe sales online. This article explains how designers like Paul Evans took to the Internet to sell their shoes.

#1: Buying Shoes On The Internet Is Not Difficult

A designer like Paul Evans presents a full range of shoes online, and the products lines cover every and style imaginable in just a few shoes. The line from Paul Evans runs from black to stone, suede to leather and everything in between. The sizing chart is published on the website, and men may request widths when needed. Shopping for shoes takes quite a long time in the store, but men may make their decisions in just a few moments online.

#2: Online Shopping Is Cheaper

Men who are shopping for shoes in department stores are paying very high prices because of store markups. A pair of shoes that would be several hundreds dollars in the department store is far less in an online store. Paul Evans charges moderate prices for his shoes, but the quality much higher than some designer brands that may be found in the store. Men avoid the tedious task of sitting in the store, and money is saved on every shoe at the same time.

#3: Online Stores Offer Convenience

A man who discovers he must find a formal pair of black shoes for an upcoming party may shop for his at the office. The shoes may be delivered to his office if he is going from the office directly to the party, or he may have the shoes delivered to his current location. There are gorgeous shoes to be had, but these shoes will arrive at a gentleman’s door.

Every man who loves shoes may shop with designers like Paul Evans who create modern styles for men. Every shoe has a modern toe, a modern twist and a rich color that complements every wardrobe choice. Men who are shopping online with the likes of Paul Evans are saving money, but each man looks much better when he slips his new shoes on.

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Russia’s Actions Against George Soros’ Charities Sign of Potential New Recession

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Although no longer a communist country, Russia is not welcoming democracy with open arms. In fact, many officials within the Russian government consider pro-democracy efforts inside the country’s borders as subversive tactics and acts of aggression by Western nations.

Last year, on Monday, November 30, Russia revealed more about how it would deal with pro-democracy efforts. Russian officials released a statement that Russia was banning two charities founded by multi-billionaire George Soros. The Russian Federation government considers the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation threats to the Federation’s security and “constitutional system.” On Thursday, January 15, CNBC and other news outlets reported that they recently learned from Russian news sources that Russian officials went a step further in December and actively destroyed books previously given to the Vorkuta Minding and Economic College and other colleges in the Komi republic by the charities. Officials publicly burned 53 books and later shredded 427 more. They claimed that the destruction was necessary to prevent changes to perceptions about Russian history and ideologies.

Russian officials, especially President Vladimir Putin, have claimed that sanctions pushed onto the country are the reason for its current economic hardship problems. They have further claimed that Russia’s many financial and social problems are the result of Western efforts to undermine the country’s current political and social systems. George Soros has publicly expressed for some time his belief that it is the government’s political system and aggressiveness against its neighbor nations that has been the reason for the sanctions. The book shredding and burning supports Soros’ claims.

Why are these actions the potential sign of a new recession?

Last week, after trading stopped twice after announcements about a slowdown in economic growth and the devaluation of the yuan in China as the country switches to a different type of economy, George Soros stated that these events and others seemed very similar to the ones that caused stock market woes in 2008. As many historians and financial experts have noted in the past, countries with emerging economies often go through periods of financial difficulty. China is a communist nation and Russia is a former one with strong communist ties. Both countries are transitioning to more advanced political, social and financial systems. Their changing norms, and attempts against these changes like book destruction, can often have a severe impact on not only local economies but also on global economies.

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Helane Morrison: Taking on the Compliance Challenge

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The term compliance speaks of meeting certain regulations and guidelines. In the world of business, regulations have to be set and a body mandated to make sure they’re followed. Compliance allows organizations in an industry to streamline their business practices.

Failure to harmonize practices in business leads to the emergence of unfair or illegal competition. In a way, compliance also protects the consumer as well as other firms in the market. It involves internal controls established by a company relating to the education, audit, investigation, and mitigation of risks. A compliance officer’s duty, therefore, lies in implementing programs mean to find, fix and prevent ethical imbalance and regulatory issues.

Therefore, every company needs a compliance department to makes sure it’s internal and external practices and culture remains healthy. The profession of conformity started about two decades ago. The field has grown massively over the years and become an integral part of every industry.

For instance, most firms in the U.S are multinationals. They possess a need for compliance since their penetration into international markets relies on their adherence to local cultures, government regulation, and ethics. According to the CEO of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Roy Snell, the rules are there, but somebody must make sure they’re followed to the letter.

Indeed, some compliance professionals start their purebred careers after training in college. However, some stem out of the practice of law such as Helane Morrison. She attended the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California. Before her career in legal studies, she graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Her Journalism and Legal skills served her well during her studies as well as her work experience. For instance, she was once the Chief Editor of the California Law Review.

She has practiced law extensively as well as exercising her skills in media through every organization she has worked. In 1999, she received an appointment as the first female Regional Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Here, she handled regulatory obligations, litigation, securities enforcement and internal investigations. While receiving her appointment, she vowed to keep investors on their toes. Click here to read more

Today, she works with a Bay Area, San Francisco-based asset management firm named Hall Capital. She doubles up as a member of executive committee, Company Lawyer, Managing Director and the senior officer in charge of compliance. The company makes use of her diverse skills and expertise.

Keep up with Helane’s work and news about her advances in the field on her Crunchbase profile.



The George Soros Prediction that has Everyone Scared

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There are many people who like to make predictions on the future of the economy. In this article from Bloomberg, George Soros warns that the financial markets are at the beginning of a crisis. George Soros says that there are many economic indicators that should have people worried. Anyone who wants to look at his track record of predictions will see that he often has a good eye for things before other people do. George Soros has been working in financial markets for many decades, and he brings that depth of experience to the table in making this prediction. Here are several reasons for concern in the current economic environment.


For many years, China was one of the best economic growth stories of our time. However, there are many signs that China is starting to fade in its manufacturing output and other economic indicators. Over the long term, growth in China is essential to overall growth in the economy. There are many people, like George Soros, who point to China as one of the biggest reasons that economic issues are on the horizon, as reported by Fortune. Anyone who wants to look at his track record will see that George Soros often looks at various sources when trying to figure out where weakness is coming from.

Job Growth

There is a difference between job growth and wage growth. Although the job market in the United States is strong, there are many people who have not seen their wages grow in quite some time. This is a huge issue to George Soros, who says that wages have to start increasing before true economic development happens. There are many people who are worried about the fact that job growth is declining in high paying jobs. There are many college graduates who are currently working in a job that does not require a college degree. Anyone who wants to make a change in their career has the opportunity to do so, but current economic conditions mean that this can be difficult. George Soros sees this as a huge weakness that must be fixed over the long term in order to see tangible economic growth.

Low Interest Rates

Another big driver behind the pessimistic nature of George Soros is the fact that interest rates are so low. At some point, these interest rates have to increase. Many people are worried about the fact that interest rates rising will have an adverse effect on the economy. Over the long term, there are many people who will be looking for ways to earn a high return on their invested capital. However, with low interest rates this is not something that is easy to do. George Soros says that he is interested in building up economies around the world in preparation for this rate increase. It will be interesting to see if his prediction plays out or if he is just worried for no reason about the current economic environment that we find ourselves in.


Brenda Wardle’s Coverage Of The Oscar Pistorius Trial Breaks Down Walls

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Brenda Wardle is a respected journalist who has covered civil and criminal trials across South Africa for many years. She is well-known in South Africa, but she became a household name around the world due to her coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial. Brenda was not afraid to express her opinion, and she helped the nation of South Africa air its grievances over the trial. This article explains how Brenda Wardle helped a concerned nation handle such a sensational trial.

#1: Brenda Covered The Trial With Grace

Brenda Wardle is one of the most poised broadcasters in the world today. The typical broadcaster would have been shaken by the gory details of one young woman’s death, but Brenda was able to give a blow-by-blow account of the trial without seeming lost in the coverage. Her style of reporting helped the South African people understand what had happened, and she presented clear reports that helped people keep up with the trial.

#2: Brenda Was Not Afraid To Express Her Opinion

Brenda offered her opinion during each broadcast to ensure the nation that she had a heart during the proceedings. It is difficult to remain stoic for weeks on end, and Brenda is one of few broadcasters who would show her emotions on the air. She expressed her opinions about the trial when they were needed, and she often voiced frustrations felt by many people in South Africa. She holds a bond with the common South African that other reporters do not have.

#3: She Stayed With The Trial To The Very End

Brenda was willing to stay with the trial until the day that it ended. Many reporters have given up on long assignments such as this trial in the past, and she was able to stay with the broadcast until the last day. The consistency that Brenda offered to the nation helped South Africans get through a trial that impacted everyone in the nation. The tragic death of a beautiful young woman shook South Africa to its core, and Brenda Wardle helped the country heal.

The Oscar Pistorius trial is one of the most noted murder trials of all time, and Brenda Wardle was able to help people get through the trial with her grace and poise. Her broadcasts were easy to watch, and she gave the people of South Africa the information they needed about a truly terrible tragedy.

Check Brenda Wardle:

Her Website




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A Look at Coriant

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Telecommunications is a business field that has a very heavy influence on the world we live in, and continues to grow with each passing day. Coriant is a company involved in this field and knows this too well.

Coriant is the name of an independent telecom company that was first created in 2013, having its company headquarters in Germany and the United States. The company was originally part of Nokia Siemens Networks before it got its own start but then decided to declare itself as an independent company that is also owned by Marlin Equity Partners. Along with this, Marlin Equity has made the announcement that Coriant and Tellabs, another telecom company that supplies the technology for Coriant, will take part in a business merger while everything as a whole will run as Coriant.

Heading the company of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir, the CEO. Kheradpir was recently appointed to the position of CEO and chairman of the board, after having worked closely with all of the vendors and partners of the company, specifically with Marlin Equity. With him in the leading position he now takes over for Pat DiPietro, who is now the vice chariman of Coriant.

Kheradpir himself is a native of London, United Kingdom but spent a chunk of his youth living in Iran. Eventually he decided to move to the United States and attend Cornell University, receiving bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in the electrical engineering field. After college he took his first job as a network routing manager at GTE Laboratories, which merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon in 2000. He served as the president of one division and was then promoted to the first chief information officer (CIO) of the company. Over the course of his career at Verizon, he was responsible for numerous breakthroughs and accomplishments, including reducing the information tech budget, cutting down on the necessary staff needed and reductions in spending from technology vendors. His team was also able to develop and fix certain systems in Verizon, such as the calling center and any customer service systems.

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Finding The Best Place To Live in New York City

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New York City has long been a place that many people want to be able to move to because it is a city that provides them with all of the conveniences that come with city living. For as long as people have wanted to live there, there has been a major lack of housing in the city. In the past, people who wanted to live in New York City had to settle for not getting everything they want in their housing arrangement or end up on a wait list that could keep them out of New York City for years until something became available. With the change in the market, things are Changing for New York City hopefuls who want to be able to move to the city.

People who are looking for a new home in NYC apartments for rent are advised to use a real estate agency. Agencies like Town Residential are able to provide you with the real estate expertise that you need to be able to find the apartment that is right for you in New York City. If you are looking for a great place to be able to live, you need to trust Town Residential to be able to find it for you.

The article that was published by The New York Times talks about the way that New York City is changing. There are many more apartments and homes available in the city that make it easy for New York hopefuls to find what they are looking for. With the higher availability of residential living, there also comes a lower price tag. This is great for people who may have wanted to move to the city for a long time but may not have had the means to do so before.

When you are ready to take the plunge and move to The Big Apple, it is a good idea to contact someone at Town Residential. The company is based out of Manhattan but it has experts that will be able to he3lp you find something in any of the five boroughs of the city. By finding someone at Town Residential to help you, you will be able to get the best service possible by some of the city’s best experts. They will help you find a home that has everything that you need and that is in your price range, no matter what it is.


Analyzing The High Profile Case Of Oscar Pistorius

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Oscar Pistorius captured the attention and adoration of the world when he ran in the 2012 Olympics with two prosthetic legs and held his own. Everyone enjoys an underdog story, and it appeared Oscar Pistorius was an underdog, but he turned out to be a very serious contender and all-star runner in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. He shocked the world with his athleticism, but he shocked the world even more when he was arrested and charged with the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. She was his girlfriend. According to Oscar Pistorius, he admittedly shot her, but he alleges he believed she was an intruder inside of his home in South Africa.

The police charged him with her murder despite his claims, and the world had its eyes fixated back on Oscar Pistorius. His trial took place in South Africa, but he had fans and critics all over the world keeping tabs on the proceedings. A lot of people had no idea what was going on with his trial or what was considered the judicial process in South Africa. The official ruling of the judge presiding over the trial was a not guilty for the murder charge, yet he was found culpable for Reeva Steenkamp’s death and sentenced to five years and another lesser charge to be run concurrently for three years. This would have been terribly confusing, but there was one legal expert there helping to translate and analyze the process for everyone else.

Brenda Wardle is the Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle School of Law, and she was offering her analysis and publishing works concerning the Oscar Pistorius case since its inception. Being a native of South Africa, Brenda Wardle was able to offer a lot of insight into the proceedings of the trial. In addition to offering the native insight, Brenda Wardle is also a highly educated and brilliant expert in law. She holds three degrees in law and specializes in areas such as constitutional law, media law, forensic medicine and a myriad of other specialties.

During the trial of Oscar Pistorius, his sentencing and appeal, Brenda Wardle’s legal expertise was sought out locally and internationally. Her media appearances bolstered her already stellar career, and outlets such as Fox were clamoring to hear her opinion and breakdown of each event. In addition to her law career, she is also an accomplished author and frequently published works inside and outside of the legal field.

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Donors like Dick DeVos are Making the Kennedy Center Expansion a Reality

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Washington D.C.’s John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has recently announced a benchmark in their current fundraising efforts to bankroll an approved expansion projection. They have reached their primary goal of $125 million and have set a new target of adding another $50 million to that number. The Kennedy Center, which issued a press release in September, thanked their donors, who have been actively donating for this project since 2013. The hope is that the expansion will be completed by 2018, and will feature a number of enhancements to the center.

But who are these generous donors? I, for one, was surprised to see the list, if only because Dick DeVos — a businessman, philanthropist, and author — appeared on it. This may not surprise you, as DeVos is currently valued at over $5 billion and is a regular contributor to the arts, but it caught my eye. Because prior to his $1 million donation to the Kennedy Center, he and his wife gifted $22.5 million to the Kennedy Center in 2010 through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. 

This kind of generosity from a Michigan-based family got my curiosity going, so I researched DeVos and his background. It turns out that Dick is the son of Rich DeVos, the co-founder of the privately held Amway Corporation, now known as Alticor. DeVos began his career at Amway in 1974, eventually becoming vice president in 1984, and expanding the business internationally. 

In 1989, DeVos left Amway to start his own business, named The Windquest Group, and later became President and CEO of the Orlando Magic, a team the DeVos family had recently required. In 1993, he took over as president of Amway and began a restructuring process in 2000 to transform Amway Corporation into an umbrella firm called Alticor Corporation.

In addition to all of his charitable efforts, Dick founded the first aviation-geared high school that makes the dream of flight attainable to young men and women in Michigan. DeVos himself is an accomplished airplane and helicopter pilot as you can see demonstrated in the video of his landing in downtown Grand Rapids below.

Another interesting tidbit to me about DeVos is that this businessman has put effort, in equal measure, into both politics and philanthropy. In 2006, DeVos ran for the governor seat of Michigan, losing to Democrat Jennifer Granholm. 

The loss has not affected DeVos, however, who has seen fit to sway politics with the use of philanthropy, most notably through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. DeVos currently serves on the boards of several Michigan-based businesses and charities, helping to revitalize his state while providing money for education and arts endeavors. He has also sought the time to write a book, Believe!, which was published in 1985 to great acclaim.

While many billionaire philanthropists may seem out of reach, I have found DeVos is not. He has a Twitter and Facebook account that is updated at regular intervals, keeping him in touch with people who might very well have benefitted from his philanthropy or business pursuits. And in a time where too many of the rich seem to be out of reach, Dick DeVos is the only one I have found to be amicable, approachable, and genuine in his love for people.

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Beneful has been Leading in the Premium Dog Food Market for Years

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An article in the Daily Herald recently discovered there a surge in sales in dog food. This surge, which began in 2009, is underway because of the demand of dog owners. Owners are demanding healthier food options for their dogs. Companies like Colgate-Palmolive is making food focused on helping dogs lose weight. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights is focused on making dog food more like human food with items like beef stroganoff and lasagna. Existing companies are jumping into the pet food market too. J.M. Smucher Co. recently made an acquisition to buy Big Heart Brands in 2015. Big Heart Brands sells grilled beef burger and jerky for dogs with the artificial colors and flavors. The Premium Dog Food Share Increased to 45 Percent The premium dog food market is now focused on providing healthy foods for dogs based on their age and weight. No longer is dog food a one-size fits all market. There’s even a line of healthy dog food devoted to senior dogs. One brand of dog food that has always been devoted to maintaining dog’s health is Purina Store’s Beneful. Beneful is made with real meats and vitamin-rich veggies. So dogs receive a healthy meal along with plenty of taste. Beneful has always used the highest quality, premium products in its dog food. From wet food and dry food to treats, Beneful has been a leader in the pet food industry in providing the best, healthiest food for dogs. For dogs and their owners, the pet food market is becoming more of what they want. Wall Street is skeptical about this new market in premium dog food. It doesn’t believe that it will maintain its surge because of the expensive meat like beef and chicken. For Purina Beneful, a leader in the premium dog food market, it doesn’t worry about Wall Street. It’s been devoted to making the highest quality and healthiest dog food on the market.