Bernardo Chua Leads Organo Gold Expansion

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The global reach of Organo Gold, a gourmet coffee company recently developed a new store in Turkey. C.E.O. Bernardo Chua started the store which marks the 39th different country the company is operating in. Chua has wanted to increase the global footprint of his coffee company and increase the reach of their brand. The opening of a branch in Turkey has allowed for more connection between their existing operations in other parts of the world in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Turkish branch allows for a better service to customers and distributors across the world and increases the diverse customer base of the operation.

Bernardo Chua’s coffee is a unique brand of coffee because it is considered to have significant health benefits as well as delivering a delicious morning blast of caffeine. Organo Gold coffee takes derivatives of a mushroom which is believed to have medicinal attributes in China and adds it to the blend of the coffee. According to one of the most renowned doctors in the Ming Dynasty, Shi-Jean Lee, the mushroom helps build a strong, healthy body and a long life. It is hard to find other coffee products that provide such a benefit. The idea of a healthy coffee alternative is an extremely popular one.

Turkey has a historical significance to the coffee trade. It is believed that the first coffee house was opened there in the 15th century. So Bernardo Chua’s choice of opening his establishment in that country has a historic tone. It seems like a more than natural fit. The culture of Turkey has developed a long standing taste for the beverage and it is part of the national culture. The base of customers is firmly established and ready to accept a new offering. With the added benefit of improved health as well as delicious coffee, Organo Gold is a great fit for the modern population of Turkey. Many people want to make Organo Gold a part of their improving and healthier lifestyles. They have developed a keen understanding of the benefits that products with traditional medicines will provide.

Organo Gold is a company that has been directed to success by Bernardo Chua, and CrunchBase shows as much. Chua hails from the Philippines and made his original mark as a part of multi level marketing. He took his idea for a healthy coffee product and started Organo Gold in 2008. It was hoped that his bio-active coffee products would improve people’s health and allow for a higher quality of life. He has been recognized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation as a Gold Medal recipient and is currently expanding the influence of his coffee products all over the globe.  Follow Bernardo on social media, where he has profiles on Facebook, as well as Twitter.


Amazing Story of Yeonmi Park’s Escape from North Korea

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As a citizen of United States of America, it is hard to imagine a living a life under constant state of oppression, fear, and despair. For North Koreans, it is their everyday lives, constantly running low on food, families being killed by authorities, people being sent to labor camps, etc.
Few people, like Yeonmi Park, get lucky and are able to escape the horrible reality of North Korea. They risk their lives trying to find freedom, and many often die trying to get to South Korea.

Yeonmi Park is a survivor of the escape to the South, and she shares her story in her Amazon released book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. According to the book, she began her journey with her mother and father on March 31, 2007. Their plan was to cross into China and hopefully reach the Mongolian border and reach South Korea by plane.

Unfortunately, her father did not make it as he died on the way. However, Yeonmi and her mother could not stop as they would have been as good as dead if they were to stop moving.

On the way to China, Yeonmi and her mother was betrayed by the man who said was going to help them. Instead of helping them, he demanded sex from Yeonmi, but her mother volunteered and was raped. After two years of captivity, Yeonmi and her mother were let go and were able to reach South Korea.

Truly an inspirational story, it is unimaginable how much hardship they had to go through. It is a privilege to be able to live as comfortably as we are compared to North Koreans, and this story from reminds us of that reality loud and clear.

Human Rights

Soros Criticizes EU-Turkey Migration Deal

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Not long ago, Angela Merkel has made a deal with Turkey in the name of all EU nations to tackle the migration crisis. While the arriving migrants to Greece will be send back to Turkey, the EU is expected to accept a matching number of migrants from camps in Turkey. Meanwhile, the EU will give Turkey billions of Euros to support the migrants.

While this arrangement appears to be good news for Greece and Turkey, it was accepted with dismay by many Europeans. George Soros, a controversial multi-billionaire, also had his say about it. In a recent publication in The New York Review of Books, George Soros made his points clear.

First of all, George Soros claims, and many agree, that this is not a European agreement, but rather something imposed by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Second, the plan is underfunded. Six billion Euros apparently isn’t enough to support the millions of migrants on the way.

Third, the quota system isn’t voluntary because it imposes quotas when it comes to accepting migrants. An increasing number of EU-member states simply refuses Merkel’s ideas. Fourth, according to George Soros, Greece will become a place for holding migrants without sufficient funding.

George Soros feels that a humanitarian catastrophe on is happening in Greece. He thinks that refugees should be allowed to reach other European destinations (mostly rich welfare states that they prefer) without strict quotas. He also thinks that the European governments should put further burdens on their taxpayers and keep on increasing refugee funding.

Read more at The New York Times about George.

As Soros goes, refugees should be assured that they can eventually reach their European destinations. George Soros estimates that at least 30 billion Euros per year will be needed for the plan to be implemented.

No mention was made, however, of the rich Gulf on states that offer no assistance. And no mention was also made that encouraging refugees to arrive results in millions of economic migrants seeing European soil as their ticket to free welfare handouts. Learn more about his profile at

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Laidlaw & Company’s Reputation

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Laidlaw & Company is a investment banking firm  on Wall Street that has a very long going history in the financial sector. Going back as far as 1842. This was the year 2 New Yorkers, James Lee and Devid Heran establish the business known as Heran and Lee’s. This was a commission merchant house based in New York City. This was one of the first investment banks in the United States. Servicing business men and women within the greater New York City. They built their reputation.

Laidlaw & Company help those people who are interested in investment banking get access to capital through the public market portal. Laidlaw has extended their reach to the IPO Market and supplies the necessary expertise to identify emerging healthcare companies. This unique talent separates them from their competition and makes them one of the most successful investment banking firms within the industry.

The capital markets team at Laidlaw is made up of a group of highly skilled professionals that consists of bankers, institutional sales people, capital markets as well as research professionals. This team is completely unified and have an exceptional work ethic that allows them to deliver compelling results for its clientele.

If existing companies are looking for follow on offerings or to co manage or lead registered direct transactions they can rely on the strength of the SEC governed Laidlaw & Company Capital Markets research team to deliver exceptional results. Laidlaw & Company are continuously involved in daily dialogue with healthcare investors to allow for them to develop an insights as well as to gauge the current climate of the market. Laidlaw & Company are focused on raising funds for corporate clients in both the international and domestic markets and due to this single sector focus they can ensure the great returns promised.



Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking and Dog Rescue

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With investment banking, individuals and corporations can get the help they need in raising enough capital to perform activities like mergers and acquisitions. An investment bank should not be confused with retail banks and commercial banks. They do not take deposits. In fact, there is a law that keeps the investment banks separate from the commercial banks in order to keep from any confusion. For one thing, investment banks deal with sell side and buy side businesses. While many people may not have much knowledge of investment banking, there are people that are involved with investment banking that can help people learn more about it.

Martin Lustgarten is one of the people involved with investment banking that are very knowledgeable about the institution. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions. He has shown himself to be very successful as an investment banker. However, he doesn’t just keep his earnings for himself. He also gets involved in philanthropic activities. He runs a Go Fund Me campaigns in order to rescue a dog so that he could be save some dogs.

Marten Lustgarten has shown a lot of care for animals. With his money, he has decided to start his campaign in order to make sure that the dogs that are in pounds get a fair chance to survive. A lot of dogs that put in dog pounds are often put to death after a little while. Martin Lustgarten is fighting very hard to change the way dog pounds are run. He encourages people to give everything they can towards this cause so that this could influence the dog pounds. Martin Lustgarten is a successful businessman and a person with a big heart that is geared towards helping the disadvantaged. He is one person that has managed to navigate the investment banking business successfully. Find him on Facebook to see his news and other events.

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How White Shark Media Can Enhance Your Brand

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Marketing is a complicated industry. Before the entrepreneur plunges headfirst into the world of digital marketing, there are a few things that he or she needs to know.

They need to understand that it is complicated. Many people think they can just conduct a couple of Google searches and learn everything that they need to know. While there is certainly reliable information on the Internet, many of these articles only scratch the surface of the issues related to digital marketing.

According to a Youtube video, marketing is a field of expertise that one could have. It is something like thinking that one could go to WebMD and diagnose a medical condition. If you have a medical condition, you need a doctor. believe that if you want to market your website, you need a reliable digital marketing agency, such as White Shark Media.

White Shark Media employs a team of experts. They have over 140 employees. While they may be a relatively small business, they are establishing a great reputation among their clientele. They are a company who builds on their previous successes and transforms their weaknesses into strengths. They offer several digital marketing services that can enhance your brand, build your traffic and help you to establish a firm foundation of reliable customers.

Customer Feedback

It can be difficult to find a company who actually listens to what their customers have to say. Many practice the philosophy that says that they are the experts, and the customers are nagging laymen. But if you do not adapt to the customer needs, you are going to continue to have problems. Bill Gates said that a dissatisfied customer is opportunity to learn. White Shark Media also believes that. They have made an effort to seek out customers and ask what they could improve. After hearing all of the complaints, they revamped everything and made several updates. As a result, their services are much stronger and they have the resources in place to enhance your brand.

Google AdWords

Marketing campaigns can be difficult to manage, especially if you do not have any experience in this particular area. It is not as simple as just signing up for an account with Google AdWords. There are intricacies for which you would need a team of experts to deal with. White Shark Media will take the reigns and then they will provide a detailed report of your AdWords campaign.

Read more about it on –,28.htm


Should Americans Be Afraid of Socialism?

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Thor Halvorssen, the founder and president of Human Rights Foundation, went on ‘The Intelligence Report’ as an expert correspondent back in February to give his take on socialism but they were not ready for his explanation or his endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

It all started when Trish Regan, host of the Fox Business Network’s show, quoted Halvorssen saying, “Socialism is a violation of human rights,” to qualify why Americans should be wary of democratic presidential hopeful, US Senator Bernie Sanders. Regan asserted that even Liberals reject and refuse to go along with Sanders’ socialist agenda.

According to Regan, she feels Sanders’ supporters have no idea what socialism really is and Thor Halvorssen agrees in some respects. Halvorssen believes that some people think socialism is similarly radical like marxism or even communism. He went on to share his insight on the topic differentiating socialist governments and governments who have socialist policies giving examples of countries where socialism works like Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Much to Regan’s surprise, Halvorssen supports Sanders and has donated the largest contribution possible to his presidential campaign claiming that he would rather support a socialist than anyone who has taken money from a dictator who uses their authority to restrict freedom of press, persecute homosexuals, or ban holidays like Christmas. Venezuelan-born Thor Halvorssen also used this moment to point out how Sanders’ democratic rival, Hillary Clinton is known on record for taking millions of dollars in contributions from places like Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, countries that are in fact ruled by dictators.

Thor Halvorssen ( believes socialism is wrong when an authoritarian government or dictatorship is using socialism as a mask to make its people believe they are helping in order to take control of a government and it’s resources leading to humanitarian crisis. Redistributing wealth isn’t a way to end poverty and Halvorssen supports free markets because he believes that the solution is to create more wealth and end poverty. He went out to explain if governments have in place a rule of law that establishes things like constitutional rights, branches of government and separation of powers, like the United States, it is worth supporting.


Free Service From FreedomPop And Expansion Efforts

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Interview With Co-founder Of MVNO FreedomPop

A mobile virtual network operator or MVNO that is based on the principle that phone service should be free for everyone was recently interview by RCR Wireless. The video interview segment called Carrier Wrap is a compelling and informative piece that RCR Wireless produces on a weekly basis in order to inform people about changes in the phone services that we all use. They report on new trends, major scandals from phone companies, and new companies to watch. This segment brought to light some of the newer developments that are happening with FreedomPop’s expansion efforts.

The CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, was interviewed in part of the Carrier Wrap segment. He gave a lot of information about the current expansion efforts by FreedomPop to gain international recognition as a premier wireless services. In the interview, Stokols claims that the company is doing very well internationally. He indicates that the user conversion rate for converting from the free, basic service that FreedomPop offers to one of the paid services went up in the UK from 20 percent to 40 percent within a few short months.

FreedomPop’s basic, free service includes a valuable allotment of data usage (200MB), talk minutes (200) and messages (200). Users can use this free service to supplement their existing wireless plans in order to remain clear of overage charges. Other users decide that paying for a service from FreedomPop would be a good idea. In addition to launching their international campaign, FreedomPop has also added a special program for travelers. People traveling with their service will see uninterrupted services throughout dozens of countries. The rush to join FreedomPop is on! To read the entire article from RCR Wireless and watch their video interview, go to PR Newswire.

Read up on this FreedomPop review


Kyle Bass in Patent Trouble?

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Never one to stay away from media attention, whether on purpose or unexpectedly, Kyle Bass is once again in the news for his business dealings, this time in the world of pharmaceuticals.

Kyle Bass’ company, Coalition for Affordable Drugs is once again challenging patents, this time they’ve gone after the patent for Tecfidera Dimethyl Fumarate, a drug used to treat symptoms of multiple Scelrosis, currently owned by Biogen Inc. Dimethyl Fumarate is used in several druge used to treat this illness, but in the case of the Biogen, the fact that its patent expires in 2028 is a motivator for Bass to challenge the patent now before generics hit the market. This is currently being overseen by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board which has instituted an IPR (inter partes review) petition against the challenge.

This is rather normal, as an IPR is standard procedure when a patent’s validity is challenged in the US and must be presented to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. And for Bass, this is not the first time he’s had to deal with it.

Known primarily for his work through various hedge funds and investment firms, Kyle Bass has used the Coalition for Affordable Drugs to serially challenge patents in the pharmaceutical market that have previously been filed with the US Patent Office. Bass’ Coalition has gone after patents held bu Acora Therapeutics Inc., Celgene Corporation, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals, naming just a few of the dozens of companies.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board is working to determine when art provided by the Coalition is convincing enough as evidence to instruct patients as to how they are to take dosages to treat their conditions. While this evidence may seem lacking for a challenge, the Coalition has applied similar tactics in the past. By October of last year, the Coalition had filed over 30 petitions for several medications that resulted in 17 decisions that had to be mitigated by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. This resulted in 10 denials of Coalition’s petitions, and seven granted decisions, giving Coalition and Bass a decent chance at winning this challenge and owning the patent.

UsefulStooges reports that Kyle Bass is the Founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund that operates out of Dallas, Texas. Bass role to media prominence in 2008 after predicting the subprime mortgage crises. He also profited from this financial crisis through credit default swaps on subprime securities through several investment banks. Bass was also able to predict the European sovereign-debt crisis that has led to an economic recession in the European Union.

Though Bass has become something of a media darling due to his predictions of several global markets, he has also been a magnet for criticism concerning his business practices and ethical decisions that led to his prominence in finance.


Sumner Redstone to Step Down as CBS Executive Chairman

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According to BBC news Sumner Redstone has elected to step down from his position as the executive chairman of the CBS board of directors. Leslie Moonves, who is the president of CBS, has reportedly stepped in to replace him.

Speculation abounds that Redstone will also step down from leadership with Viacom, which owns a number of media assets including Nickelodeon and MTV.

The 92 year-old Redstone has been coming under increased scrutiny because many are questioning his ability to make the necessary decisions in order to effectively manage a multi-national media company.

Starting last year, a legal battle was waged by Redstone’s former partner where she alleges he is mentally incapable of making the necessary decisions for such a high-profile leadership position. Mr. Redstone agreed to undergo a mental examination as a result of that legal battle. The results have not been made public as of yet.

Sumner Redstone currently holds a voting stake of 80% in CBS and Viacom.
His replacement, Les Moonves, has been president of CBS since 2006 when it split off from Viacom. Moonves has been seen for many years as Redstone’s heir-apparent to take over the helm.

All interested parties agreed that Sumner Redstone will now be known as the chairman emeritus of the company and for now will remain as Viacom’s executive chairman.
Redstone’s daughter, Shari Redstone, also serves on the board at CBS.
Seems like Redstone could stand to read “They Can’t Eat You” by Marc Sparks to help him navigate his way through his next career move.