Eucatex on Technology and Education

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This narrative covers the historical backdrop of the Texas organization Enron since its arrangement in 1980 until its insolvency, with the release of 20 thousand individuals. Coordinated by Alex Gibney, the narrative, which was selected for an Oscar, has one of the biggest instances of corporate debasement in American history.

Mergers between huge pharmaceutical organizations happen as often as possible and this year alone there were a few including distinctive research centers. The very Allergan is the aftereffect of past mergers and Flavio Maluf recall that Pfizer itself had attempted to purchase AztraZeneca, an English pharmaceutical organization, prior this year for $ 118 billion and fizzled.  He’s also talked about what Rubbermaid is facing with their merger, including the points Flavio has outlined for Dupont entering Brazil’s chemical corporation future.

The utilization of innovation in schools, particularly the Web and electronic gadgets without a doubt serves as an extraordinary guide to instructors, since it can help both in the target clarification of the subjects and in learning lighter and suddenly. The objective is to make the classes are more pleasant, the confirmation is readied with the best quality and the understudies give careful consideration, making concentrates on, albeit more intricate matters, are not seen by understudies as a “weight” or an absolute necessity. Flávio Maluf notes, accordingly, that the utilization of gadgets and advances when all is said in done will just make progress if there should arise an occurrence of burden of tenets from instructors, and in addition headings and tips about directing exercises. Won’t help the usage of the different advances in the classroom if understudies stay confined to the utilization of hardware in informal communities or recreations that contribute little to the school improvement.

Flavio Maluf presumes that the utilization of innovation in schools is a vital associate for teachers and, as it were, a motivator to understudies, following the study can turn out to be more appealing and straightforward as fitting for the earth in which youngsters they are included.  He’s also outlined how his tips can help entrepreneurs coming up in the field.

For different investigators, a significant part of the economy with expenses made will go specifically to the shareholders. Likewise, the reversal is viewed as a huge disappointment in existing enactment. For some American examiners, the formation of a particular law to keep these progressions is basic, since employment creation is little contrasted with the misfortune in expense gathering.

In light of broad research and meetings with financial specialists, legislators and columnists, the executive Charles Ferguson seek tie the system wrongdoings and untruths that brought about the breakdown of the US market. The narrative vied for an Oscar in 2010

Charitable Businesses

McDonald’s To Offer Free Books

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Could McDonald’s being doing good one the world, instead of being accused of causing an overweight America? Well, the answer is yes! McDonald’s recently revealed that they will be running a social experiment with hopes of getting more people into reading.

Over the course of 2 weeks, from now until February 15th, Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s founder Jon Urbana says the chain fast food store will be making a difference in the lives of children who can’t afford, or don’t have access to books. Instead of a toy that will only get played with for upwards of 30 minutes. All McDonald’s Happy Meals will include books! Most of these books as centered around Valentine’s Day, but that’s to be expected because of the time of year it is.

Each Happy Meal will include one of five different books. These books include the famous Paddington, the much loved Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool, Clark the Shark Takes Heart, and Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse! All of these books are easy reads, therefore, anyone can enjoy them!

McDonald’s hopes that after the end of this giveaway, more that 50 million children’s books will now have homes with those who can open their imagination. This will also encourage more parents to get their children’s Happy Meals, everyone wants their child to read. Therefore, sit down for a meal, and enjoy a good read after. These books are miniature size, but they still read and work the imagination at the same time. Enjoy and get your free book today!


Ross Abelow Sheltering New York City’s Homeless Pets

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New York City’s finest attorney Ross Abelow has begun a GoFundMe fundraiser to help shelter the city’s homeless and abandoned pets. New York City is famous for many things such as Broadway, the Empire State building and Ground Zero. New York is also famous for its ability to come together to overcome adversity. Never has that need been greater than now. The City’s abandoned pet rate is climbing quickly and the shelter’s can not support the amount of animals coming in. Mr. Abelow’s fundraiser went live on January 13, 2016. He’s hoping to raise $5000 dollars to help area shelters provide medical, dental, food and the basic necessities to help these forgotten animals.

As the temperatures begin to plummet and the snow begins to fall, these poor animals are struggling to find shelter. Most of these poor animals will not survive the winter without help. Ross Abelow’s goal is to provide enough funding to these shelters that they will be able to keep the city’s homeless animals until permanent homes can be found for them. The sad reality is most of the abandoned animals that are placed in these animal shelters are euthanized, because permanent families cannot be found for them. The rise in the number of puppy mills and the number owner’s breeding for money, is the primary cause of animal overcrowding in these shelters. Giving a pet as a present is another reason these shelters can not afford to provide basic services.

$5000 may not sound like much but to area shelters this money will help with the cost of food, blankets, medical vaccines, and dental care making these pets feel loved and cared for. Every year an estimated 7.6 million animals find their way into an area shelter. Nearly 2.7 million are adopted, a small percentage are returned to their owners while the rest are put down. Ross Abelow has taken an interest in this growing problem, by attacking it head on.

New York City’s prominent attorney Ross Abelow is no stranger to adversity. After receiving his bachelor degree in political science at the State University of New York, he went on to receive his Juris Doctor at the Brooklyn School of Law. He went on to specialize in Matrimonial, Family and Entertainment law. After 26 years of practice he became a partner with Abelow and Casandro LLC. Since his retirement he still has a prominent social media presence, writing for legal blogs and magazine articles as well as coaching his daughters basketball and softball teams.

Learn more about Ross Abelow:


Abelow and Animals

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New York City is known for many things: Broadway plays, tourists, the New Year’s Eve Apple Drop, and much more. Cold temperatures and a harsh winter also top the list of what makes NYC, well, NYC. It wouldn’t be a Christmas up there without the cold and the snow.

For many pets, however, this is not a good thing. Winter often comes with many homeless animals in the bustling city. Many shelters cannot take in more new animals come winter, whether it is due to financial constraints or to space constraints. During winter, shelters are often full, and struggle to provide even basic health and dental care to their animals.

Enter Ross Abelow. Abelow is a New York City lawyer. He received his legal license in 1990. Prior to obtaining this license, he studied at the State University of New York, and attended a law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. Since beginning in law, the focus of his career has been on family law (divorces, marriages, etc.) However, he also focuses on entertainment law and an area known as commercial litigation.

For 26 years, Abelow has been serving the people of New York City to the best of his abilities. Now, he is a partner in the Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. law firm. On January 13th, 2016, he decided to start serving the animals and homeless pets of New York City.

Ross Abelow has set up a GoFundMe page to raise $5,000 for local New York City shelters. This money will give shelters the ability to buy blankets, provide health and dental care, and pay for food for all the vulnerable animals in their shelters. More specifically, Abelow is aiming to help the animals who find themselves stuck in the cold streets.

The other goal of raising this money is to help keep animals in the shelters during the winter time. Some shelters must allow animals to go onto the streets because they do not have the room or the supplies to care for every animal. While raising money will not help with space constraints, it will help if the issue leans more towards supplies. Abelow specifically wishes to prevent deaths of animals on the streets that could have been helped in shelters had they had the proper supplies and means to do so.

Natural Dog Food

Beneful Original Dry Dog Food Made With Real Ingredients

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There’s no point in taking chances when it comes to your dog’s health. It is your responsibility to provide the key nutrients for your dog in order to give your dog the best life that money can buy. If you care about your dog and love it, then you should do your research to find the best dog food that is made with high quality ingredients. I recommend finding a brand that you can trust, and it helps if that brand is a premium one because they only use the best ingredients in their foods. I found this article from the Daily Herald that talks about how premium brands pay more for the stuff they put in their products, which makes me feel safer feeding my dog the food that I buy for her.
Trust A Premium Brand Of Dog Food
Trust your instincts by going with a premium brand of dog food. Your dog will thank you for buying something that tastes great and is made with real ingredients. That is exactly why I always leave the pet store with a big bag of Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. My little princess loves the dry dog food that Beneful makes because it probably tastes better than anything else she has tried. I have seen her turn her nose up at the other brands, but she devours Beneful every time I put it in her bowl. I usually get her Beneful Wet Dog Food in the beef flavor. Actually it is made with real beef ingredients. I like that Beneful uses high quality ingredients in their foods. This makes me feel like I am making a good decision in feeding her the right foods. After all, she doesn’t get to say what she wants, so I have to watch her eating habits and listen to my instincts. Beneful prints their ingredients on the packaging, and they are a premium brand that is made by Purina, so I trust the products that they make for dogs. I recommend taking a look at the article by going here:

Charitable Businesses/Inmate Communication Technology

Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions Provider Raises Record Amount for United Way

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Technology reaches all corners of our lives, but how often does it give back?

Civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider, Securus Technologies has engaged their workforce to raise an astonishing $345,763 in 2015 for United Way. Considering as recently as seven years ago, employees had committed to helping United Way but only managed to raise $32,995, the turn-around in employee engagement is a point of pride with CEO Richard (Rick) A. Smith.

Dallas-based, Securus provides an extensive array of patented technology solutions focused on public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies. By harnessing technology to better serve prison populations, Securus provides inmates with options beyond a simple inmate phone calls or voicemail options. Securus even offers video visitation complete with an app that works with Apple or Android products. This eliminates the hassle of travel when connecting with incarcerated friends or family.

Securus is committed to providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services. Since 1986, Securus has used used technology to make our world a safer place. This commitment extends into the broader corporate community as evidenced by their commitment to United Way.
Securus uses the tagline “connecting what matters” in many of their corporate communications. Their company commitment to the United Way campaign certainly bears that philosophy out. For the 2015 United Way campaign, Securus offered incentives to employees to participate in the fundraising efforts, including: extra vacation days, prizes, meal events with United Way mission discussions. Although Securus has prospered creating a company serving technology to inmates, as a company they haven’t forgotten the human element. They know that the United Way focuses funding on community building activities like education and healthcare. 

That’s kind of cultural company commitment is what I call making a real difference! Kudos to Securus for making the United Way part of their efforts to improve our world.

Health News

Rise of Zika Virus in Brazil

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Zika virus has been around since the 1940’s but has had limited health impact on humans. That is, until now, where it is reaching epidemic proportions in Brazil. Since the middle of 2015, there have been some 1200 incidences of Zika virus where two adults and once baby have died.

Zika according to National Public Radio is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a species that also transmits the dreaded dengue fever and chikungunya fever. Like most viral illnesses, there is no cure. There are only symptomatic treatments, which, as the name implies, treats the symptoms of the disease to help keep the patient comfortable as possible during recovery.

The Zika virus often causes few symptoms or they are subclinical, meaning they do not necessarily display a particularly worrisome set of symptoms. The symptoms may include fatigue, fever and rash. Often, it disappears untreated in 3-7 days, according to Dr. Sergio Cortes, who has been studying the disease in Brazil. An uninfected mosquito can even pick up the Zika virus from an infected person allowing it to transfer the virus with the next bite of a human.

The only way to definitively diagnosis Zika virus is through a series of complex blood tests for specific antibodies to the virus. This type of testing is not easily available in Brazil, is costly and time consuming. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the only real identifier of Zika is by symptoms and history of where patients have been.

Like other mosquito borne illnesses, the best way to avoid infection is to avoid places where mosquitoes breed. This would include standing water of any type such as natural ponds or lakes. People also need to be reminded to keep yards clear of debris that may pool rainwater such as birdbaths, pet dishes, tires and even bottle caps, as even small amounts of water can attract mosquitoes for breeding purposes.

Dr. Cortes is particularly concerned about the health risks of pregnant women and the Zika virus. The virus can cause babies to be born with microcephaly, a condition in which the baby’s head is abnormally small. Children born with this condition due to exposure to Zika virus in utero also can exhibit inconsolable fussiness, failure to thrive due to poor suckling and even early death.

The Ministry of Health in Brazil has warned women who are pregnant or planning to, along with Dr. Cortes, to avoid going outside at certain times of the day when mosquitoes are most active. They also suggest covering any exposed skin with clothing and using insect repellents.

Dr. Cortes is conducting research to find out more about how the virus infects humans and, particularly how it affects the fetus of pregnant women infected by the illness. More of this type of study is needed to develop a vaccination. Much of Dr. Cortes’ research and findings are available online. You can follow him on Twitter at

Men's Fashion

Why Have New York Designers Cut Out The Middle Man

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New York shoe designers for men have made a change to their traditional business models. The majority of shoe designers want their italian shoes on paulevansny in department stores, and the department store is not the typical stomping ground of the business New York businessman. Men’s designers like Paul Evans have turn to selling their shoes online exclusively. Online shopping was not seen as the way to go for shoe shoppers, but men have softened their stance to allow room for massive shoe sales online. This article explains how designers like Paul Evans took to the Internet to sell their shoes.

#1: Buying Shoes On The Internet Is Not Difficult

A designer like Paul Evans presents a full range of shoes online, and the products lines cover every and style imaginable in just a few shoes. The line from Paul Evans runs from black to stone, suede to leather and everything in between. The sizing chart is published on the website, and men may request widths when needed. Shopping for shoes takes quite a long time in the store, but men may make their decisions in just a few moments online.

#2: Online Shopping Is Cheaper

Men who are shopping for shoes in department stores are paying very high prices because of store markups. A pair of shoes that would be several hundreds dollars in the department store is far less in an online store. Paul Evans charges moderate prices for his shoes, but the quality much higher than some designer brands that may be found in the store. Men avoid the tedious task of sitting in the store, and money is saved on every shoe at the same time.

#3: Online Stores Offer Convenience

A man who discovers he must find a formal pair of black shoes for an upcoming party may shop for his at the office. The shoes may be delivered to his office if he is going from the office directly to the party, or he may have the shoes delivered to his current location. There are gorgeous shoes to be had, but these shoes will arrive at a gentleman’s door.

Every man who loves shoes may shop with designers like Paul Evans who create modern styles for men. Every shoe has a modern toe, a modern twist and a rich color that complements every wardrobe choice. Men who are shopping online with the likes of Paul Evans are saving money, but each man looks much better when he slips his new shoes on.

Charitable Leaders/Conflict/Russia

Russia’s Actions Against George Soros’ Charities Sign of Potential New Recession

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Although no longer a communist country, Russia is not welcoming democracy with open arms. In fact, many officials within the Russian government consider pro-democracy efforts inside the country’s borders as subversive tactics and acts of aggression by Western nations.

Last year, on Monday, November 30, Russia revealed more about how it would deal with pro-democracy efforts. Russian officials released a statement that Russia was banning two charities founded by multi-billionaire George Soros. The Russian Federation government considers the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation threats to the Federation’s security and “constitutional system.” On Thursday, January 15, CNBC and other news outlets reported that they recently learned from Russian news sources that Russian officials went a step further in December and actively destroyed books previously given to the Vorkuta Minding and Economic College and other colleges in the Komi republic by the charities. Officials publicly burned 53 books and later shredded 427 more. They claimed that the destruction was necessary to prevent changes to perceptions about Russian history and ideologies.

Russian officials, especially President Vladimir Putin, have claimed that sanctions pushed onto the country are the reason for its current economic hardship problems. They have further claimed that Russia’s many financial and social problems are the result of Western efforts to undermine the country’s current political and social systems. George Soros has publicly expressed for some time his belief that it is the government’s political system and aggressiveness against its neighbor nations that has been the reason for the sanctions. The book shredding and burning supports Soros’ claims.

Why are these actions the potential sign of a new recession?

Last week, after trading stopped twice after announcements about a slowdown in economic growth and the devaluation of the yuan in China as the country switches to a different type of economy, George Soros stated that these events and others seemed very similar to the ones that caused stock market woes in 2008. As many historians and financial experts have noted in the past, countries with emerging economies often go through periods of financial difficulty. China is a communist nation and Russia is a former one with strong communist ties. Both countries are transitioning to more advanced political, social and financial systems. Their changing norms, and attempts against these changes like book destruction, can often have a severe impact on not only local economies but also on global economies.

Women in Business

Helane Morrison: Taking on the Compliance Challenge

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The term compliance speaks of meeting certain regulations and guidelines. In the world of business, regulations have to be set and a body mandated to make sure they’re followed. Compliance allows organizations in an industry to streamline their business practices.

Failure to harmonize practices in business leads to the emergence of unfair or illegal competition. In a way, compliance also protects the consumer as well as other firms in the market. It involves internal controls established by a company relating to the education, audit, investigation, and mitigation of risks. A compliance officer’s duty, therefore, lies in implementing programs mean to find, fix and prevent ethical imbalance and regulatory issues.

Therefore, every company needs a compliance department to makes sure it’s internal and external practices and culture remains healthy. The profession of conformity started about two decades ago. The field has grown massively over the years and become an integral part of every industry.

For instance, most firms in the U.S are multinationals. They possess a need for compliance since their penetration into international markets relies on their adherence to local cultures, government regulation, and ethics. According to the CEO of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Roy Snell, the rules are there, but somebody must make sure they’re followed to the letter.

Indeed, some compliance professionals start their purebred careers after training in college. However, some stem out of the practice of law such as Helane Morrison. She attended the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California. Before her career in legal studies, she graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Her Journalism and Legal skills served her well during her studies as well as her work experience. For instance, she was once the Chief Editor of the California Law Review.

She has practiced law extensively as well as exercising her skills in media through every organization she has worked. In 1999, she received an appointment as the first female Regional Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Here, she handled regulatory obligations, litigation, securities enforcement and internal investigations. While receiving her appointment, she vowed to keep investors on their toes. Click here to read more

Today, she works with a Bay Area, San Francisco-based asset management firm named Hall Capital. She doubles up as a member of executive committee, Company Lawyer, Managing Director and the senior officer in charge of compliance. The company makes use of her diverse skills and expertise.

Keep up with Helane’s work and news about her advances in the field on her Crunchbase profile.