Free Service From FreedomPop And Expansion Efforts

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Interview With Co-founder Of MVNO FreedomPop

A mobile virtual network operator or MVNO that is based on the principle that phone service should be free for everyone was recently interview by RCR Wireless. The video interview segment called Carrier Wrap is a compelling and informative piece that RCR Wireless produces on a weekly basis in order to inform people about changes in the phone services that we all use. They report on new trends, major scandals from phone companies, and new companies to watch. This segment brought to light some of the newer developments that are happening with FreedomPop’s expansion efforts.

The CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, was interviewed in part of the Carrier Wrap segment. He gave a lot of information about the current expansion efforts by FreedomPop to gain international recognition as a premier wireless services. In the interview, Stokols claims that the company is doing very well internationally. He indicates that the user conversion rate for converting from the free, basic service that FreedomPop offers to one of the paid services went up in the UK from 20 percent to 40 percent within a few short months.

FreedomPop’s basic, free service includes a valuable allotment of data usage (200MB), talk minutes (200) and messages (200). Users can use this free service to supplement their existing wireless plans in order to remain clear of overage charges. Other users decide that paying for a service from FreedomPop would be a good idea. In addition to launching their international campaign, FreedomPop has also added a special program for travelers. People traveling with their service will see uninterrupted services throughout dozens of countries. The rush to join FreedomPop is on! To read the entire article from RCR Wireless and watch their video interview, go to PR Newswire.

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Kyle Bass in Patent Trouble?

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Never one to stay away from media attention, whether on purpose or unexpectedly, Kyle Bass is once again in the news for his business dealings, this time in the world of pharmaceuticals.

Kyle Bass’ company, Coalition for Affordable Drugs is once again challenging patents, this time they’ve gone after the patent for Tecfidera Dimethyl Fumarate, a drug used to treat symptoms of multiple Scelrosis, currently owned by Biogen Inc. Dimethyl Fumarate is used in several druge used to treat this illness, but in the case of the Biogen, the fact that its patent expires in 2028 is a motivator for Bass to challenge the patent now before generics hit the market. This is currently being overseen by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board which has instituted an IPR (inter partes review) petition against the challenge.

This is rather normal, as an IPR is standard procedure when a patent’s validity is challenged in the US and must be presented to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. And for Bass, this is not the first time he’s had to deal with it.

Known primarily for his work through various hedge funds and investment firms, Kyle Bass has used the Coalition for Affordable Drugs to serially challenge patents in the pharmaceutical market that have previously been filed with the US Patent Office. Bass’ Coalition has gone after patents held bu Acora Therapeutics Inc., Celgene Corporation, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals, naming just a few of the dozens of companies.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board is working to determine when art provided by the Coalition is convincing enough as evidence to instruct patients as to how they are to take dosages to treat their conditions. While this evidence may seem lacking for a challenge, the Coalition has applied similar tactics in the past. By October of last year, the Coalition had filed over 30 petitions for several medications that resulted in 17 decisions that had to be mitigated by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. This resulted in 10 denials of Coalition’s petitions, and seven granted decisions, giving Coalition and Bass a decent chance at winning this challenge and owning the patent.

UsefulStooges reports that Kyle Bass is the Founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund that operates out of Dallas, Texas. Bass role to media prominence in 2008 after predicting the subprime mortgage crises. He also profited from this financial crisis through credit default swaps on subprime securities through several investment banks. Bass was also able to predict the European sovereign-debt crisis that has led to an economic recession in the European Union.

Though Bass has become something of a media darling due to his predictions of several global markets, he has also been a magnet for criticism concerning his business practices and ethical decisions that led to his prominence in finance.


Sumner Redstone to Step Down as CBS Executive Chairman

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According to BBC news Sumner Redstone has elected to step down from his position as the executive chairman of the CBS board of directors. Leslie Moonves, who is the president of CBS, has reportedly stepped in to replace him.

Speculation abounds that Redstone will also step down from leadership with Viacom, which owns a number of media assets including Nickelodeon and MTV.

The 92 year-old Redstone has been coming under increased scrutiny because many are questioning his ability to make the necessary decisions in order to effectively manage a multi-national media company.

Starting last year, a legal battle was waged by Redstone’s former partner where she alleges he is mentally incapable of making the necessary decisions for such a high-profile leadership position. Mr. Redstone agreed to undergo a mental examination as a result of that legal battle. The results have not been made public as of yet.

Sumner Redstone currently holds a voting stake of 80% in CBS and Viacom.
His replacement, Les Moonves, has been president of CBS since 2006 when it split off from Viacom. Moonves has been seen for many years as Redstone’s heir-apparent to take over the helm.

All interested parties agreed that Sumner Redstone will now be known as the chairman emeritus of the company and for now will remain as Viacom’s executive chairman.
Redstone’s daughter, Shari Redstone, also serves on the board at CBS.
Seems like Redstone could stand to read “They Can’t Eat You” by Marc Sparks to help him navigate his way through his next career move.

Investment Advisor

CCMP Capital: Choosing A Trusted Private Equity Investment Firm

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Are you looking for profitable investment opportunities that generate significant returns? Ever considered investing in private equity? Perhaps you are familiar with private equity investment and are wondering why CCMP Capital is considered a highly reliable investment firm?

CCMP Capital is a a New York-based private equity investment firm and is highly regarded in the industry. The company has actually been around for many years, and many entrepreneurs, investors and businesses have actually relied on their expert advice to accomplish impressive outcomes.

If you are looking for a reliable investment firm, look no further than CCMP Capital. When it comes to choosing a great company to deal with, it’s extremely important to choose wisely. There are a large number of investment advisors and private equity specialists out there but it’s always a good idea to do your home work before making a choice.

CCMP Capital is a great company to deal with and has a team of highly dedicated professionals. The professionals at CCMP Capital are knowledgeable, experienced and they pay attention to clients’ concerns and expectations. These professionals have access to top quality resources and industry connections, which enable them to render excellent financial solutions to their clients.

CCMP Capital has numerous clients across the world, and they keep on raving about the outstanding services they have received from CCMP Capital and their team of experts. CCMP Capital encourages honesty, integrity and transparency in all of their dealings with clients. You can rest assured that when you deal with CCMP Capital you are dealing with a highly trusted investment firm.

When you consult with CCMP Capital, their professionals will want to assess your current financial situation as well as your expectations, to determine the best way to help you. So make sure you gather your documents and be ready to ask any questions you many have or present any issues you want to discuss.

With this information, their private equity investment experts will be able to review your situation, and decide how to help you reach your investment goal.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a highly respected professional in the private equity investment arena. Stephen had clients from all walks of life and he made sure that he delivered the best possible service to them. His clients were extremely satisfied with the quality of service rendered to them, and the level of success they achieved. Mr Stephen Murray worked hard to ensure that CCMP Capital attained tremendous growth and success. Stephen Murray was president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, and he earned a great reputation. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, 2015, at age 52 according to Wall Street.

Refugee Crisis

Soros Reveals EU Asylum Plan

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Liberal political commentator, philanthropist and hedge fund manager, Open Society founder George Soros has, for some time now, been very critical of the European Union’s refugee asylum plan. He has publicly stated on nybooks, many times now, that the European Union desperately needs to consolidate their various plans and centralize them into one, unified asylum initiative. To further this goal Mr. George Soros has publicly released a comprehensive plan via the financial and political website, Market Watch, directly aimed at the EU.
The first point he makes is that the EU must first and foremost take in at least one million foreign refugees and continue to do so every year, on a annual basis. Understanding that this can not be done without a sharing of the load, the budget for such asylum grants is going to be shared between member states. Secondly, there must be proper funding for the housing areas, healthcare and education costs associated with such a large influx of new asylum seekers. The EU, Mr. George Soros believes, should cover these costs via the use of long term bonds which they could issue with the utilization of their AAA borrowing abilities.

Thirdly, the EU must begin a series and much larger scale financing campaign to the states that the majority of refugees are emerging from. States such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Mr. Soros believes that in doing so the EU will gain a great deal of goodwill from their neighbors as well as the financed countries in addition to generating jobs to help refugees. The EU should also be, according to Mr. George Soros, financially assisting other “front line” countries so that they will be able to properly train, employ and integrate their migrants by creating a roughly 8 to 10 billion dollar finance plan and by partnering with it’s member states and allies, such as the United States of America, to complete this goal.

Fourthly, the EU should consolidate and centralize all of the disparate asylum and migration agencies currently in effect, of which there are now 28. To streamline all of these different agencies into one, overseeing central agency would greatly reduce the cost and efficiency of the current module which has proved scatter shot, slow and extremely expensive.

Cosmetics Makers

Lime Crime Rocks The Cosmetic World!

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Although many people know that they could enhance their appearance and cultivate a unique look through the use of cosmetics, they oftentimes cannot locate a make-up company that enables them to realize this objective. If this is your challenge, you should definitely give Lime Crime a try, or check out what people are doing on Pinterest with their different products. Read on to see what they’re all about:

What Is Lime Crime All About?

Founded in 2008, Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that remains firmly committed to the customer. CEO Doe Deere is all about developing products that will enable her customers to cultivate a distinct look that makes them feel beautiful. Deere loves her customers and refers to them as “unicorns.” The word “unicorns” references an individual who is highly individualistic and interested in moving beyond the sphere of conformance to cultivate their own unique aesthetic. Additionally, founder Doe Deere is happy to have made her company a vegan line. This means that all of her products are cruelty-free.

Access Lime Crime Via Internet

One of the great things about this cosmetics line is that it can be easily accessed via Internet. The highly functionally, visually engaging website enables the reader to quickly log on and locate a wide range of awesome make-up products. Additionally, Deere’s site features the Twitter feed and a blog which offers readers the opportunity to remain up to date and in the know regarding industry trends.

Some Basics About Doe Deere

Ever since adolescence, Doe Deere has been fascinated with the aesthetic world. As such, she spent much time experimenting with make-up colors and fashion products to ensure that she could cultivate a visually appealing look that enabled her to stand out from everyone else. As a rule breaker, Deere is also passionate about developing an aesthetic that transcends the regime of the normal in order to represent and replicate an ideology of transgression and originality. Deere’s entrepreneurial inclinations have led her to commercial success with her cosmetic line, and she wants to inspire other women to realize their professional aspirations as well.  Follow Lime Crime on Facebook for updates, otherwise Tumblr is a cool place to see what people are doing wit these looks.

Campaign Strategy

George Soros And Others Fighting For Immigrant Votes

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One of the most divisive issues that has been touched on during the presidential debates, and the campaign season as a whole, is the immigration issue. Many republicans want to deport all illegal immigrants. Donald Trump is famous for saying that he wants to build a wall. These sentiments have been cause for a lot of concern from the democratic party and, in particular, for liberal donors like George Soros. The New York Times wrote a piece about the liberal donors finally joining forces in an effort to make some big changes with the presidential and senate elections coming in November.

The article explained that George Soros and several other donors had raised 15 million dollars to give to grass roots organizations in Nevada, Florida and Colorado who were trying to raise the immigrant voting record. But the plan is not just to encourage voting but to instead actively campaign for the democratic candidates, both senate and executive. These three states have gone both right and left in recent years and they all have a high growth rate of immigrants. These are also immigrants that have been neglected in the past and it could mean millions of votes for several very crucial elections that could help win the president’s seat and a majority in the senate for the democrats.

Visit to know more about George.

The donors are net setting up an organization themselves but they are giving the money to various organizations that are on the ground in these locations. This is beneficial in several ways. The first way it is beneficial is that since it is individuals that are raising the money, and not a foundation, they can be very partisan with how they use the money. They even have plans to name names when it comes to campaigning. The second way it is beneficial is that since they are giving the money to organizations that already have a strong infrastructure and a strong influence in the community, they do not have to worry about setting that up and making mistakes. These organizations that are in the communities know how to best utilize the money and who exactly they should be approaching. The organizations also understand the various needs that they will need to address with the immigrant voters in their area.

This type of work is not foreign to George Soros. Soros has been fighting for these ideals for decades. His charity, the Open Society Foundations, fights for these principles all over the world. Their goal is to keep the freedoms that people have while also giving them the help that they need in order to succeed, which is the government’s main official duty.

Long Term Wealth

Vital Information On Solo Capital And Its Owner, Sanjay Shah.

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If you have been closely following the world business news, then you probably have heard of Solo Capital and its owner Sanjay Shah. Solo Capital is a high profile worldwide investment firm. It offers a wide variety of investment solutions such as business consultation. They give their clients businesses and financial advice on matters dealing with investments such as investment performance analysis, human capital acquisition, and probable market behavior. They provide proprietary trading services to their clients. This includes the trade of equities, derivatives and commodities. On top of this, Solo Capital also offers professional sports management. Under the professional sports management, Solo Capital helps its clients in talent acquisition, representation of the sports outfits in business meetings and general sports management.

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of Solo Capital, even though he recently retired from active business, he is the one who brought success to the firm. Before he moved on to the business industry, Sanjay Shah was a medical student chasing after a medical career. One day after a session of careful thinking, he decided to quit medicine. He says that medicine was not his passion. He then moved onto the business scene where he pursued a career in accounting. In accounting, Sanjay Shah was very prosperous. He got an opportunity to work famous commercial and investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. After the financial crisis that ended in 2009, Sanjay Shah decided to launch into private practice. This was when he formed Solo Capital.

Solo Capital was incorporated in 2011 under the laws and legislation governing business operations of United Kingdom. The firm has its headquarters in London, England and other managerial offices in Dubai. Its is legally recognized as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. Since Solo Capital laughed into the business industry, the firm has managed to acquire a net worth of £15.45 million. The firm also has assets totaling to £67.45 million on top of a cash flow of £30.26 million. Thus, firms operations are controlled by Solo Group Holdings. Sanjay Shah, on the other hand, owns Aesa S.a.r.l., a firm which controls the operations of Solo Group Holdings.

Sanjay Shah according to Global Citizen also owns other three dozen of companies that are located in London, The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta and The Cayman Islands. This firms managed to earn Sanjay Shah over £19 million per year before the formation of Solo Capital. Recently, Sanjay Shah’s firm Solo Capital purchased Old Park Lane Capital. This is a stock broker firm that serves invitation only institutional clients in the natural resources industry. By the beginning of the year, Sanjay Shah was listed to be having a wealth of over US$280 million. He is one of the growing success stories in the business industry.


Uloop Publishes Article About Skout’s Kindness Survey

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Have you ever tried meeting friends online? The online community of Skout is eagerly awaiting you to come out and try their platform. There are plenty of friendly and interesting people on Skout, so you will surely meet some extraordinary individuals who you can talk to online. You might even find someone that you want to talk to in real life. That is the best thing about Skout. They have dedicated their platform to providing users with the unique opportunity of discovering a network of other friendly people in an easy and safe environment. There is never any pressure to meet people offline. In fact, you can keep talking to people on the Skout message service as long as you would like without meeting anyone online if that is your priority.

Skout is free to download, and it is completely free to use. There are plenty of great features that await you when you decide to give Skout a try. The feature called Shake is a new and interesting way to meet people at random. It allows the user to simply shake their device in order to meet a random person on Skout. It gives you a fun and exciting new experience when you want to meet a new friend. They also have a feature called Feature Me. This feature allows the user to stand in the spotlight on Skout by featuring their profile to people all over the world who use Skout.

Celebrating Kindness With Skout And Your Community

Did you know that Random Acts Of Kindness Week is celebrated every February? Skout promoted this week to its users by polling them on what activities they view as meaningful out of a list of several kind acts. The idea of this week of celebrating kindness is to remind us that the world is a loving place, and we can the begin to show kindness to everyone that we meet.

Meeting people can be tough, but Skout and Random Acts Of Kindness Week are both here to show us how easy it is to find a new friend. You will likely make a bunch of new friends when you start being kind to others. Show people what kind of person you are by letting them see the loving and kind parts of your heart. It’s easy, and it really changes the world. Here’s the original article from Uloop.

Survival of EU

The European Union’s Missteps Could Produce A Global Recession According To George Soros

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France is being influenced by a xenophobic group called the National Front. The radicals in Spain are creating an economic mess. Britain is considering a break from the European Union, and Greece is headed toward another financial catastrophe. When nationalistic Scotland, and debt ridden Ireland, and Portugal are added to the mix, the result is a picture of chaos that the Europeans call a “Political Union.”

But not all Europeans are happy with that Union. Most Europeans are tired of the bickering and the economic slump that happens daily in countries that signed the agreement to join the European Union.

George Soros, the billionaire humanitarian and economic genius, thinks the European Union is showing signs of a cataclysmic meltdown. Some people say let it burn in the flames of its own narcissistic fire. But those people aren’t economists and investors like George Soros. Soros and other Bloomberg analysts know that the demise of the European Union will set off an economic chain reaction around the world. The collapse of the EU will be disastrous, and Soros thinks that event could begin to take place in 2016.

Mr. Soros had a lot to say to a German magazine about the European Union and what could be done to prevent a meltdown. Soros thinks more fiscal rules should have been put in place in 1986, but he also said it’s hard to tell different governments how to spend money and he’s right. The concept of bringing European nations together to mimic the states in the U.S. sounded like the right economic thing to do, but there are too many opinions and political personalities that have the power to do what they want in spite of signing the EU agreement.

The euro was a good idea at first, but just like drunken sailors on leave, some EU members went on a spending spree at the expense of the more conservative members and the result isn’t pretty. The euro is in crisis mode, and the forecast for growth is stagnant to slow, according to Soros.

Soros posted the German magazine article on his website. What he said in the interview made sense to a number of people. But the challenge, as he mentioned, is changing the internal structure of the EU. There is no cohesiveness or support for change within the group and there is certainly no clear leader. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has the political clout to lead, but she has a mess to deal with at home. The Middle Eastern migration crisis, and the way Merkel handled it has turned many Germans away from Merkel.

What happens to the European Union remains to be seen, but Soros thinks there are too many negative moving parts to produce positive results.