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Lori Senecal’s Exclusive Career

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Lori Senecal has been the Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B since March 2015. She had been the CEO and president of MDC Partners Network which she did not drop even after her new position. Chuck Porter, Co-founder and Chairman of CP+B, stated that Lori had assisted the foundation to become a flexible global agency with an exemplary entrepreneurial foundation. She made a remarkable achievement in October 2015, when she landed American Airlines. Chuck continued to say that Lori has highly contributed to the agency through her smart and effective leadership skills. They are both aiming to develop a leadership team for the next generation. More details can be found on Forbes.

Recently, Danielle Aldrich has been promoted to the position of President of CP+ West. Aldrich was one of the managing directors at CP+B Boulder, alongside the other director. The entrepreneurs who lead the ten offices of this industry are individuals who are passionate about developing the company. This has enabled resources to be well distributed in each region, and this has enabled creative and strategic talent to grow among their client partners. Senegal stated that appointing Danielle to that position was as a result of her ambition to solve business challenges in the boldest, toughest, and most inventive methods.

Lori Senecal is commonly associated with a great personality, alongside her marketing and advertising knowledge. When it comes to the creative advertising methods, she is identified as a pioneer. She solves entrepreneur challenges using innovative technology based solutions. Formerly, she held a position at the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal as the Global Executive Chairperson. A great trait about her is that she never settles at her comfort zone and she is always seeking to do more. This is one of the factors that result in her success and achievements. When she was the Chairperson of KBS, her skills highly contributed to the company’s growth as she broadened the global vision of the corporation.

Lori Senecal grew up in Montreal and was a last born in a family of four girls. This resulted in much of her parent’s attention being focused on her, as well as from her elder sisters. She later obtained her degree from McGill University. Her exemplary style, unrelenting ability to solve challenges and creative talents are few of her many potentials.

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The Research and Experience of Sujit Choudhry in Comparative Law.

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Comparative law is a study that is done to analyze particular fields of law. Its primary aim is to compare the similarities and differences between legal systems that are used across the globe. The discipline mainly focuses on analyzing how various existing legal environments relate to each other. The types of law that it studies include common law, Hindu law, Chinese law, Canon Law, Islamic law, civil law, Jewish Law, and socialist law. Comparative law is made up of various sections that analyze laws that deal with administration, business organizations, constitution, criminal activity, and commercial procedures. The study of this field is crucial in the current dynamic world since there is a lot of interaction and communication involved between countries.

Internationalism, democratization and economic globalization have made the field to be given a lot of attention. The main reason why scholars specialize in comparative law is to change the effectiveness of the of the current legal system and make it perfect. The discipline is also focused on to ensure uniformity of all the legal environments in the best way possible. Comparative law can significantly benefit businesses and interactions. Companies they will be able to understand the laws of various nations, and therefore, the can operate without legal glitches. The study of the field will also reduce misunderstandings between people of different countries since legal systems will be able to function uniformly.   Check this law blog about Sujit on

Sujit Choudhry is a leading comparative law expert who has been recognized internationally. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law and later attended the University of Toronto for his Bachelor of Laws degree. Choudhry further enrolled at the Harvard Law School and graduated with a Master of Laws. One of his major accomplishments is being designated as a ‘Rhodes Scholar’ at the University of Oxford. He currently serves as I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the law school of the University of California. Sujit is the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and he is a Faculty Director at the institution.  For Sujit contact info, visit

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According to, Choudhry has been recognized for compiling various research journals and books. Most of the research that he has conducted is based in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He is focused on creating a legal method that can change furious political engagements into diplomatic democratic forums that can unify communities that have been separated due to various reasons. Click on for extensive reading.

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Capital Group Following the Right Path to Success

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According to a MSNBC article, Warren Buffett has put $1 million dollars on the line, saying he could make better investment returns by only investing in a S&P 500 passive index fund, instead of following the status quo, which many hedge fund managers do. The gamble is expected to be decided this year, and Warren Buffett looks to be the winner. Warren Buffet believes that expensive funds end up costing investors in the long run. Warren Buffett and Tim Armour favor low cost and simple investments and to hold them for a long time.


Warren Buffett has attributed his success to “bottom-up” investing, which works by analyzing companies and compiling a strong portfolio. Warren Buffett is becoming concerned with Americans who are not saving enough for retirement. He’s also encouraged Americans to invest and to continue to stay invested. Warren Buffett does not support the “active versus passive” debate, telling shareholders that it hurts more than it helps investors. Warren Buffett does not invest in mutual funds because they offer poor returns because of high management fees and are traded too much and learn more about Timothy.


Warren Buffett can produce positive investment returns, which creates a positive retirement. Buffett can filter out the strong investors from the weak investors by analyzing those with low expenses and those who use a large amount of their own funds and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


Timothy Armour is Capital Group’s chief executive officer and in 2015 became chairman of the Capital Group Management Company. He has been at Capital Group for over 34 years and has gained extensive knowledge of investing. Tim Armour started his time with Capital Group as a proud participant in The Associates Program. Tim Armour started his investment work with Capital Group as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group, where he covered global telecommunications and American service companies.


Tim Armour calls Los Angeles, California home. He earned his economics bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. While at Capital Group, he has managed to appear on CNBC and MSNBC. He’s also been featured in numerous magazines including Bloomberg and the Financial Times and resume him.


Tim Armour has been part of some of the major corporate mergers of the last decade. Tim Armour has been successfully guiding Capital Group through turbulent times in the market. He continues to help those who need to invest and read full article.


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EOS Lip Balms do More Than Nourish Your Lips

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EOS lip balms are not your average lip care items. From their unique orb shape to all the available favors and types of balms, EOS lip balms are just fun from start to finish. They are also natural, so your van feel good about putting them on your body.

EOS lip balms come in Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, and Organic Smooth Sticks.

EOS Organic Smooth Sticks are perfect for you if you prefer the more traditional lip balm in a tube and come in Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, and pomegranate Raspberry flavors. They are 100 percent natural, 95 percent organic and are even petrolatum and paraben free. They are packed with shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E and will work hard to keep your lips nice and soft. They smooth on clear and will keep your lips nourished for hours.  Check this very exciting article about EOS on

EOS offers many flavors in their Organic Smooth Spheres collection such as Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet Mint. They also come in Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. They are gluten-free, 95 percent organic and even 100 percent natural. These orbs are infused with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil and will make your lips feel kissably soft.  To read more about EOS, head over to

EOS Shimmer Smooth Spheres come in Pearl and Sheer Pink and will tint your lips slightly pink with a touch of shimmer. It glides on lips smoothly and will enrich your lips with jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E.

The Visibly Soft Spheres come in Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, and Blackberry Nectar and will condition your lips with shea butter and vitamins C and E.

EOS lip balms are not only meant to nourish your lips but will also add a little pizazz into your day-they are really fun.  Follow EOS here.

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Market America Products

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Market America Products uses science formulas to improve your body. They understand the benefits from using vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. Market America Products offers a complete array of products designed to fit your needs. It is imperative to give your body the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to promote long-term health and optimal nutrition. Nutraceutical supplements are delivered quickly with superior results. Products are made with high quality ingredients and the customers are satisfied with the results they are seeing.

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The Outstanding Eric Lefkofsky

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Born on September 2, 1969 in Detroit, Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and CEO of Tempus, co-founder of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean and Uptake. He supports several charities by creating, buying and selling companies then giving a portion of that money back to the communities such as health, education, human rights, arts and culture. He graduated from University of Michigan and went to law school where he sold carpets to make money during his freshman year. His views on how to make people`s lives easier has come to life in these amazing companies. Lately, his startup to cure cancer has influenced many to join his vision and learn more about Eric.


One of his widely-known areas of expertise is his co-foundation of Tempus. Tempus is a health-technology company dedicated to providing cancer care. The company`s motto is to improve positive outcomes for their patients. CEO Lefkofsky`s investments provide successful continuance of genomic sequencing data so that every patient`s tumor is deliberately evaluated. Tempus provides physicians a robotic technological lab to optimize sequencing for an unlimited number of patients. This laboratory provides fast results of patient RNA sequencing within two to three weeks of receiving patients` samples. Many providers such as Dr. David Agus as chairman of The Scientific Advisory Board, University of Michigan collaborates in pancreatic cancer research, the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Gary Palmer as Chief Medical Officer of Tempus, and essentially the University Hospitals: Seidman Cancer Center wholeheartedly believe in this startup and strive to achieve patient satisfaction.

Accelerated Disruption

Business Deals. Altruistic ideas. Investments. These are the main parts of Accelerated Disruption in which Lefkofsky has subserviently invested $1,000,000 into. This disrupted into Groupon and Groupon is currently accelerating into a business deal with Google. Per Lefkofsky, accelerated disruption must be succeeded by 18 laws (in which he wrote a book for those interested in becoming an entrepreneur) to deliver creative businesses one after another and turn them into startup ventures. As disruption increases, acceleration of profits, business relationships, and quick release products improve immensely-there is no doubt that Eric Lefkofsky`s empire will continue to prosper and read full article.

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Rick Smith Praises Happy Customers At Securus

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Securus is one of the largest communications companies in the world, and Rick Smith runs the company with a focus on customer service. He wishes to help customers reach out to those that they love, and he will continue to improve the company with the technology they are working on. He has helped law enforcement with voice recognition, but the majority of his business is helping families reach inmates. This article explains how the company is providing better communications services to all.

#1: Customers Write In Often

Rick has spoken many times about how the emails he receives make a difference in the way he runs the company. He is glad to see that his customers are pleased, and he wants them to continue writing because that helps him measure how the company is performing. He wants his company to help families stick together, and he will continue to grow the company to help more people.

#2: How Are Calls Made?

Rick and his Securus team have created technology that will help families ensure they may reach out to their incarcerated loved ones. The love ones who are concerned about someone may call at any time, and they will reach the jails that Securus has contracted with. The calls are often quite simple, and they allow a higher call quality that is completely secure. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

#3: The Video Calls

There are many video calls that may be made to inmates around the country, and each of these calls is made using a camera that was installed by Securus. The company makes each call easy to complete, and people who cannot do visitation in-person may use the video calls to see the people they love.

#4: Rick Knows His Company Makes A Difference

Rick knows that the work Securus does makes a difference, and he wants his customers to have the many call options that are required for their family needs. A family that is making calls for the first time may use the app or their computer, and the customers who are calling for the first time will see high video and audio quality. Rick has ensured that the company is improving every day, and he will continue to expand the network of video cameras that his company uses.

The company will continue to serve as many people as possible, and Rick Smith will lead Securus in ensuring that it is helping people who cannot see their loved ones. Someone who is trying to make a call to a jail must make a secure call with a company like Securus, and they may see the people they love over the video cameras that were installed by the dedicated Securus Technologies team.

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Dick DeVos Released $139 Million In Statement On Giving

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Dick DeVos just released a statement this last January that had the Washington D.C. media and the business community’s attention. He decided to let them know he had given $139 million over his lifetime to charity and other non-business activities. While the statement on philanthropy was released right before his wife Betsy had her confirmation hearing for Secretary of Education, Dick DeVos said he had planned to release it regardless. The amounts that were contained showed the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundations focus being prioritizing education at the top, but also making contributions to hospitals, museums, churches and aviation and political think tank groups.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have been some of the nation’s biggest advocates of private schools and school of choice laws, and in 1990 Dick was elected to the Michigan State Board of Education where he sought to help private schools through policy. He only held the post for 2 years since he had to go back to being a business executive, but in 1993 he and Betsy went further by establishing the Education Freedom Fund through their foundation in order to help the Children’s Scholarship fund support Grand Rapids Christian Schools and help lower income families meet tuition costs. About 10 years later they got involved with charter schools and formed the Great Lakes Education Project, and they even started their own at the Gerald Ford Airport known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


The DeVos’s have also donated to Grand Rapids development groups through the Grand Action Committee. Dick has been the longtime Chairman of that committee and he helped bring in theaters, shopping centers, museums, libraries and sports complexes to downtown Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos is involved on the boards of Spectrum Health Foundation where his generous contribution in 2006 made him the recipient of the Art of Giving award. Dick and Betsy also donated a $22 million fund to complete construction of the Kennedy Center’s Art Institute in Washington D.C., and it was renamed the Dick & Betsy DeVos Institute for Arts Management.


Dick DeVos grew up in Grand Rapids and spent his childhood and early adulthood working with his father Richard DeVos Sr. and brothers Daniel and Douglas at the family company, Amway Corporation. Richard DeVos Sr. is also the owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and when he bought the ownership stake in the team in 1991, Dick joined him to serve as president of the NBA franchise. When his father stepped down from Amway in 1993, Dick filled in his shoes as CEO and ran the company for 10 years. He also founded the Windquest Group in 1989 and since leaving Amway has made this company the focal point of his career. Dick is also a former gubernatorial candidate and one of the leading funders of the 2012 Michigan right-to-work law.



How NuoDB Can Change The Face Of Databases

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Over the past few years, NoSQL databases have being reigning supreme. Picking up steam right behind it is NewSQL, which is a great choice for anyone new to the scene. The NuoDB is part of a new wave, one that was founded by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris. In its current 2.6 version as of January 2017, it can be argued that the NuoDB is also useful for old-time database users. More than just a compatibility update, this new version improves on their pluggable language model in ways that has never been seen in the industry. Organizations that are still tied to SQL database will find that the NuoDB satisfies all of the traditional requirements of old and new cloud databases. So whatever systems need to be transitioned, they can be done in a much more efficient way than past iterations. The only thing that companies need to figure out is what version they’re going to put their trust in. Currently the NuoDB is available in pay-as-you-scale, free open source and an Amazon Cloud Edition. Starting out with the free open source edition should provide a nice testing ground for interested parties. And from there they can decide if the NuoDB will be the solution that leads their databases into the future.


Along With France, Avaaz Celebrates The French Election

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Avaaz creates online global movements which are created to make the world we live in closer to the world that people want to have. Avaaz, which means “voice”‘ in a number of different languages, had a hand in the recent French election results. Activists celebrated the results on May 8 which is also an important date from World War 2 which was when, in 1945, the Allied forces achieved victory. The activists met at the Eiffel Tower and celebrated along with Elie Buzyn, an 88-year-old man who as a Jewish person was put into the Auschwitz concentration camp by the Nazi’s.
At the event, Elie Buzyn recalled his life during World War 2. He was 15 when he and his family were sent to Auschwitz. His parents died soon after entering the camp and he had to perform stone masonry work. Before Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz, Buzyn had been forced to march to another concentration camp, Buchenwald. He was finally freed three months later and after living in Israel for a few years he moved to France and became a doctor. Throughout his life, he has fought against tyranny and fascism.
The French election pitted an extreme right candidate, Marine Le Pen, who was one of the final two contestants for President of France. Her opponent was a moderate named Emmanuel Macron. There was a very real fear the Le Pen would win the presidency and ratchet up hatred of Jewish people and other minorities. Fortunately, Macron won with a commanding 66% of the vote.
Avaaz is based in the city of New York. It was established in the mid-2000’s and organizes activist campaigns around the globe. The types of issues the organization tackles includes climate change, poverty, human and animal rights, and armed conflicts. It uses online activism as well as supporting in-person protests.

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