Success Stories

Your support of Jacob’s Journey House goes directly to helping us tend to those in desperate need.  Here are just a few of the hundreds of people who have come to Jacob’s Journey House to seek a safe place to stay off of the streets that have been impacted by our ministry efforts.


Paul & Jasmin

Paul and Jasmin came to Jacob’s Journey House with their two small children and very little of anything else.  Over the next 12 months, both Paul and Jasmin have become devoted followers of Jesus Christ and are actively serving their community through Jacob’s Journey House’s outreach events as well as working on several projects in their community.  Paul is completing his GED courses and plans to go to college and Jasmin continues to raise their three beautiful children.  They are moving into a new home with another family next month.




Ray Randall -  Ray arrived at Jacob’s Journey House in 2009 and began his journey of helping others. Ray or “Brother Ray” as he is known, immersed himself in God’s Word and helping out as part of the landscaping work crew.  As time went on Ray demonstrated an ability to befriend and help mentor some of the newcomers to Jacob’s Journey House.  Ray has a deep love for the Bible and was soon offered some opportunities to speak to others about the love of Jesus in local churches and at community events as well as lead some Bible studies at Jacob’s Journey House.  We are blessed to say that Ray is now moving on starting his own ministry efforts as he has partnered with someone to open a new house that will offer a safe place for men struggling with addiction in need of recovery.  Jacob’s Journey House was blessed to be able to assist in remodeling this house to be ready in August 2011.