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Meet Jason Hope, a Renowned Investor, Philanthropist, Futurist And Entrepreneur From Scottsdale, AZ

Posted by JacobT on

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Jason Hope has earned himself a name as a celebrated investor, philanthropist, futurist and entrepreneur. Giving back to the society is his passion, and the use of technology to run businesses and transactions is his stance. Mr. Hope is concerned with the affairs of the society to the extent that he tries to influence the politics and policies made by politicians. So far he has had a substantial input in both national and state politics.

Using technology, Jason Hope has been able to predict the future with an unprecedented accuracy. By combining his technological knowledge and passion, he is able to analyze the current occurrence and then juxtapose them against the likely changes to be able to determine how the future is likely to look like. Recently, Hope vehemently stated that Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in the world of technology. Jason Hope categorically stated that IoT is most likely going to be at the center of the success of businesses in the near future.

Jason Hope has to this day played various commentary roles and also widely written on matters to do with the contemporary technological trends. The latest of his publications is that which he detailed his assertions about the Internet of Things. He is of the view that any industry that will not comply with this imminent change in technology is destined to fail and has no place in the modern society. Going by the look of things, people are taking his sentiments with utmost seriousness because almost everything that he says comes to pass.

At the commencement of his career, Mr. Hope founded a mobile communications company. His career path has been that of nurturing startups by use of technology as well as helping the society by giving out donations. He is currently involved in mentoring high school students in various schools across Scottsdale. Hope’s success in his undertakings can also be attributed to his proper education. He holds a degree in finance that he acquired from the Arizona State University. He supplemented this degree by an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business.